10 Overlord Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Overlord Anime Characters

It’s tough to like any of the characters in Overlord because they don’t fit the usual image of a hero.

Overlord does a great job of defying convention. At times, it manages to make you root for a cast of characters that would normally be seen as villains. They aren’t all insane characters that want to kill everyone and bask in their victims’ blood.

Just look at Ainz, an Overlord who isn’t afraid to exhibit his darker side while yet demonstrating true concern for his companions. We get to meet a diverse cast of charming individuals.

1. Demiurge


In the presence of others, he appears to have two personalities. Those who share his home in Nazarick say he is a nice demon who is patient with those who come to him for assistance. When he comes into contact with a foe, that face vanishes, revealing a sadistic side to him that no one else on the show has displayed. Torture is something he enjoys doing, and he regularly does it in front of their friends. Their anguish and suffering delights him so much he wishes to offer his prisoners hope before suffocating them to death.

2. Narberal Gamma

It’s going to be difficult for a figure with such a deep-seated antipathy toward human beings to be likable. The fact that she despises them so openly and doesn’t even try to hide her feelings about them says a lot about her character. She doesn’t kill them all in a rage, but she harbors a resentment that she can’t let go of. Because of her loyalty to Ainz as well as her ability to exhibit restraint when it comes to her master’s enemies, she’s one of Ainz’s most trusted confidants.

3. Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear’s main positive attributes are her loyalty to Ainz and her honesty to everyone around her… It only applies to Ainz because she has previously slain her subordinates for failing.

It’s her extreme impatience that’s the most frustrating and bad aspect of her personality, as she’s quick to lose her cool when she perceives something as a failure. Too much blood can make a vampire go insane, and she may rip her victims apart as a result.

4. Pandora’s Actor

The simplest way to define Pandora’s Actor is to say he’s a person who doesn’t know how to tone things down; he’s always going all out. To be around someone who can be annoying while still being amusing is always a plus. His willingness to seek for clarification or make his own comments shows he has more of a backbone than some of the other students. However, his exaggerated persona can get on your nerves at times due to his brash demeanor.

5. Albedo


Albedo is one of Ainz’s more likeable NPCs, despite her tendency to cling to him. If she believes someone’s strategy is flawed, she will not hold back while speaking her thoughts. She’s a master at being cool and collected, and her ideas often outshine those of her masters. As a result, anytime she senses that someone is coming near to Ainz, she has a tendency to lash out in anger. As a result, it’s impossible not to identify with her.

6. Mare Bello Fiore

It seems as though Mare is constantly on the edge of collapsing under the weight of her own nerves. Because of this, he stands out in a sea of domineering characters as an intriguing character to watch.

Because of his fear of being scolded by Ainz, his stuttering speech and cowardice are constant reminders of his insecurities. One flaw in his character is that he’s paralyzed by his fear of being alone, therefore he prefers to spend time with his sister whenever possible.

7. Ainz


At times, Ainz is selfish and solely concerned with his own advancement, especially when it comes to experimenting with the powers he’s been given. On the other hand, he’s also quite concerned about the well-being of his NPCs, and wants them to have a good time and not be overworked. Once you’ve gained his regard or trust, his loyalty will be unparalleled. He’s far from the dictator you’d assume based on his appearance, and he’s open to many ideas.

8. Aura Bella Fiora

You can’t help but fall in love with the bright and lively dark elf who brightens up the dismal floor guards. She’s so full of life that at times she feels out of place among the other characters, which is what makes her such a terrific character. While she is devoted to Ainz and would do everything for him, she also has her own ambitions, including a desire to amass a collection of rare and exotic animals. Even though she’s a tad overbearing, she’s also quite protective of her brother.

9. Cocytus


For Cocytus, honor is more important than anything else. He, like Aura, is a breath of fresh air among the floor guardians, some of whom are utterly sociopathic. He’s becoming more self-assured and willing to stand up to Ainz, which is something that very few people are capable of doing. It’s easy to empathize with his feelings of inadequacy and the fact that he believes he can’t help Ainz or anybody else.

10. Sebas Tian

Sebas, the leader of the Pleiades Six Stars, is a battle butler because he is so distinct from the rest of the group. It’s rare to find a character with heroic tendencies outside of the protagonist, Cocytus. Even though it enrages Ainz, he won’t hesitate to go out of his way to help someone. He is empathetic to those who are in a difficult situation, unlike many of his ancestors, who despise humanity. As a result of his belief that the powerful should defend the vulnerable, he is the most likable member of the Nazarick family.