9 Best Movies Like 365 Days That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies Like 365 Days

You’ll understand if you want to know if there are any other Netflix films like 365 Days, which is a fiery thriller. We’re all dying to know what happens next after watching this suspenseful flick.

As if 365 Days wasn’t sexy enough, you’ll be glad to know that there are many additional films out there with the same level of over-the-top eroticism. On Netflix, there are many films that are comparable to 365 Days. Massimo, however, is not a feature that can be used by everyone.

1. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey


Fifty Shades of Grey has been likened to the Polish equivalent of 365 Days. In other words, if you haven’t seen them all yet, you should. For the sake of her ill roommate, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) steps in to interview Christian Grey, a prominent businessman (Jamie Dornan). Christian, who is as mysterious as he is wealthy and powerful, finds himself drawn to Ana and she to him despite their differences. As an inexperienced sexual person, Ana takes a risk and embarks on an affair with Christian, who’s known for his extreme sexual preferences.

2. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game


Think of the scene in 365 Days in which Laura is tied up on the bed, but suppose it all goes wrong and the performers are a little older. To a large extent, that’s Gerald’s Quest. During a game of kinky, a lady accidentally kills her husband. She is then chained to her bed with little possibility of rescue. Suddenly, she’s hearing voices and seeing bizarre images, and it becomes a lot more complicated than that.

3. Addicted



The first film adaptation of Zane’s best-selling novel, Addicted, is now in theaters. An obsessive need to have sex with other men is described in the Netflix blurb as “a loving husband, three children and a successful career.”

4. Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth


One night out, a fashion editor meets another woman and has an affair with her. They begin a passionate connection and fall in love.

5. After



After, like 365 Days, is a film adaptation of a hot novel. Tessa Young, a college student, is the focus of the story. In her first week, she meets charming newcomer Hardin, and their romance quickly blossoms to the point where they decide to move in together. The twists and turns she didn’t see coming are just the beginning.

6. Newness



When it comes to “hookup culture,” it’s all about two individuals getting together for the first time. First, they decide to have an open relationship, then they decide to settle down and be faithful to each other. Yes, there is a decent amount of sex in this film.

7. Amar



This is a story of two young people who are searching for their identity, both physically and spiritually, in Amar, a Spanish film. There is a chance that Laura and Carlos will break up because of the intensity of their feelings for each other. According to the Netflix summary, “Young Laura and Carlos experience the intensity and fragility of first love, as actual realities gradually tarnish their idealized conceptions of romance.”

8. White Girl

White Girl


White Girl tells the story of Leah, a newly arrived New Yorker who has just moved in with her best friend. She falls in love with Blue, whom she meets at the event. He’s a drug smuggler, and Leah quickly develops a crush on him. At parties, she begins to follow him about and go to great measures to get her hands on him. According to Netflix’s description, “A college girl romping across New York City in quest of cocaine and other highs finds something real to hold, only to have it potentially slip away.” ”

9. Cam



“Cam” takes place in the virtual world of webcam porn, where an erotic cam girl discovers that her channel has been taken over by an exact copy of herself. She needs to find this individual and reclaim her fan base from him.

Or you could just wait for the sequel

Is based on one of three novels by Polish author Blanka Lipiska.

It has been confirmed by Newsweek that the second film in the 365 Days series will begin filming this summer in the same Sicilian locales as the first film. This has been put on hold by the current world circumstances, although It’s slated to premiere in 2021 at the earliest.

And there’s a lot more to come in the second film. It would be interesting if the following film followed the text as well.