20 Best Date Movies That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 04/2024

Best Date Movies

A new rom-com is released every year on the big screen. Movies are full of spectacular dating scenes that make us laugh and cry for many different reasons apart from the obvious romance titles. For your watching enjoyment, we present to you our favorite on-screen dates, ranging from meet cutes to breakups to being head over heels for a phone.

1. Before Sunrise – the listening booth

Before Sunrise

We’d be willing to nominate the entire film as a contender for the title of “Best Movie Date,” given that it’s a romantic comedy about a train romance between Céline (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke). Céline and Jesse first begin to develop feelings for each other in a secluded listening booth in a record shop while listening to Ruth Bloom’s “Come Home” in the background. What is left out makes the chemistry much more intense than what is expressed. Wish real-life dates could be as fun as this.

2. Wall-E – silence is golden

“Eeeeeve-aaaah.” Trash Compactor receives the quiet treatment just as the white bot is beginning to notice everyone’s favorite trash compactor. When it comes to chivalry in Pixar characters, Wall-E is the only one who ever put Eve’s well-being ahead of his own. What’s our favorite part of the story? The mucky gondola journey through the murky seas. Even if Wall-dates E’s are a little one-sided, we know they’ll be worth it in the end. They say that patience is a virtue, and it certainly is.

3. Annie Hall – subtitles on the balcony

There are numerous dates between Woody Allen’s Alvy and Diane Keaton’s Annie in Allen’s unequaled, ageless love comedy. (An amusing interaction while waiting for a movie is particularly enjoyable.) The balcony scene, on the other hand, stands out for its razor-sharp wit. On a Manhattan rooftop, Alvy fumbles with pseudo-intellectualism and Annie answers self-deprecatingly; on-screen subtitles indicate their genuine thoughts (“I wonder what she’d look like naked?”) I haven’t seen a more honest depiction of the insecurities and foibles of dating on both sides of the table.

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love. – deconstructing the date

Crazy, Stupid, Love

While at a neighborhood pub, Hannah (Emma Stone) is approached by Jacob (Ryan Gosling) and is initially hesitant to accept his proposal. However, she soon finds herself back at his apartment. In a bid to unravel Jacob’s winning formula, Hannah discovers that his secret weapon is Patrick Swayze. Hannah makes Baby Goose’s tried-and-true strategy sound laughably absurd, but it’s the way she stands up to him that makes this a beautiful date. Why? Hannah has showed Jacob a lady who will make him think, even if she succumbs to the Dirty Dancing gimmick.

5. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Lucas Lee fight

Only a few of movies finish in a fistfight that causes one participant to blow up, but Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is one of them. What begins as a romantic stroll in the park (“chilled as in cold!” exclaims Michael Cera’s dorky hero) quickly turns into a fight against stuntman Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) and his squad. There is no denying that true love has its ups and downs, but a fight to the death is extremely rare in these situations.

6. Once – making sweet music

It’s all one continuous date in John Carney’s 2007 Oscar-winning film, At its core, the guy and lady refuse to admit it. For us, and we believe for them, their first proper musical meeting took place in a Dublin music shop, is where the anonymous couple initially fell in love with each other. Seeing these two artists in action is a treat for us! It is clear to them that they have discovered artistic peace in the midst of their rocky personal journeys. In the case of Glen Hansard, you only have to see his expression when Markéta Irglová begins singing harmony with him.

7. Roman Holiday – the Spanish Steps

Roman Holiday

“Why don’t you take a break for a while?” she asked. Go out on a limb. Take the day off!” It’s impossible to turn down an offer like that from Gregory Peck. You can’t deny the possibility of excitement when a legend like Audrey Hepburn says “I’d like to walk in the rain… maybe some excitement…” As in William Wyler’s Roman comedy, the Eternal City effortlessly creates an eternal connection between a noble princess and a humble journalist in his Roman romcom. Bellissimo!

8. (500) Days Of Summer – living in IKEA

It’s a place we’ve all found ourselves. Taking a tour of IKEA and putting up a show of being a resident of each sector. It’s just that in this movie date, but Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) are dragged back down to earth when the girl of his dreams reminds him she’s not after anything serious. Summer, you totally crushed his flatpack hopes. Instead of focusing on the reality of our two separate kitchens, let’s pretend we’re cooking bald eagle in one of them, as this ultimately mismatched couple does.

9. The Social Network – you don’t mess with Rooney Mara

When it comes to dialogue, it’s nasty and it’s “blink and you’ll miss it,” but it doesn’t diminish the fact that this sequence is one of the best of all time. You can see why David Fincher was interested in Rooney Mara when he was casting his Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because seeing them spar is a lot of fun. Even though Eisenberg and Mara don’t seem to be having much fun, it’s a great showcase for everyone involved. Not to mention Aaron Sorkin, the man in charge of the verbiage these two spout. In the end, being rejected by Erica wasn’t that horrible for Zuckerberg, was it?

10. Midnight In Paris – a walk in the rain

Midnight In Paris

During this Woody Allen masterpiece, Owen Wilson effectively embarks on three romances: first with his philandering fiancée, Rachel McAdams; next, with a mythical past-dwelling Marion Cotillard; and finally, the present day Léa Seydoux, with whom he shares a love for Cole Porter and Paris in the rain. Wilson’s tripping and fumbling – you’d expect nothing less from a Woody clone – makes the climactic promenade down the banks of the Seine immensely amusing.

11. Carrie – the prom

“It’s like you’re on another planet!” Carrie, everything was going swimmingly. As Prom Queen, you’re invited to the prom by the golden-haired lad of your dreams, and you finally get the courage to tell your mother that you’ll be attending. Unfortunately, Chris managed to muck everything up… But before you are drenched in pig’s blood, let’s look at the bright side, shall we? CARRIE, IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE.

12. Adventureland – Brennan gets a ride

.Greg Mottola’s undervalued adolescent comedy Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg first made on-screen googly-eyes at each other in Greg Mottola’s film. Like many of the most powerful dates, this one is largely silent. While listening to Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely on a car radio, the two friends get to know each other and talk college plans over a drink of vodka.

13. Silver Linings Playbook – Raisin Bran

Silver Linings Playbook

In David O. Russell’s love drama, the first of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence’s award-winning pairings, the couple is thrown together at a pretty problematic point in their lives. Whether it’s Tiffany folding her arms, Pat’s choice of Raisin Bran, or the Halloween atmosphere, this diner rendezvous is scrappy and absolutely unromantic. This is a meeting between two individuals who desperately need each other, as well as the moment we (and they) realize the depths of their unmistakable chemistry.

14. You’ve Got Mail – the coffee shop argument

You’ve Got Mail, by Nora Ephron, is perhaps the best romantic comedy ever made. This iconic cafe exchange between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan features a sprinkling of Belligerent Sexual Tension and a dash of old-school Hollywood splendor. In spite of their sarcasm and sarcasm, it doesn’t take a 56k modem to see that these two are a perfect fit.

15. Like Crazy – wordless infatuation

This crazy-in-love couple’s dream day may include go-karting, beach dates, and a street dance party. Doremus’ romantic drama, starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Though Jake and Anna are separated by hundreds of miles and stretches of ocean throughout the film, the simple and unquestionably lovely moments when they’re not are undoubtedly wonderful.

16. 10 Things I Hate About You – paintball

10 Things I Hate About You

In the late 1990s, few VHS collections were complete without this teen classic, which offered an alternative to the typical high school movie romances. When Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles meet for the first time, it’s a tumultuous affair that finishes with them rolling around in the hay like a couple of Jane Austen lovers. But that’s just how their atypical courtship with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles begins.

17. Pitch Perfect – a movie education

She’s a hoot and a songwriter, but she hasn’t seen The Breakfast Club, a seminal film from the 1980s. Unforgivable? Maybe. In the meantime, Jesse (Skylar Astin) has a chance to expose Beca (Anna Kendrick) to this landmark ’80s classic. As long as Beca’s roommate isn’t around, this low-key date for this laid-back Barden Bella is just what the doctor ordered. When Judd Nelson airpunches them, they’re still only buddies vow.

18. Blue Valentine – ukeleles and tap-dancing

Despite the slick advances Baby Goose makes on Michelle Williams, Derek Cianfrance’s first rodeo with Ryan Gosling is a heartbreaker. When Gosling and Williams went unscripted, they wandered the streets of New York and fell in love and frolicked, the highlight of which has to be this catchy ukelele song. However, the romantic and uplifting parts of Blue Valentine are just as honest and affecting as the segments that chronicle the demise of this couple’s marriage.

19. The Naked Gun – montage

The Naked Gun – montage

The date montage in the first Naked Gun film is one of the best examples of parody romanticism in the series. We learn that Frank and Jane had a day of fun on their first date, which included running in slow motion on the beach, eating candy floss and getting matching tattoos, as well as watching Platoon and having ketchup fights with hotdog vendors — all in the span of a single day. Our intuition tells us that we’re in for a treat right now.

20. Her – the beach

Despite the fact that Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is unable to see her, she brings joy to his life. ‘Samantha’ is Theodore’s operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). To put it another way, despite the fact that this scene is mostly about Theo’s ex-wife, it is because of their openness that this is so intimate. What’s the most swoon-worthy? Samantha wrote Theodore a song, and he let Samantha’s camera peek out of his pocket so she could take in the scenery. Bless.