10 Best Movies About Tigers That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Tigers

There is no denying our adoration for felines. Take a look at how much more popular Stranger Things 2 was in its first 10 days on Netflix compared to Tiger King. What was the matter with it? It might have been anything from the mullet-wearing lovers, to the drama, to the speculations. It’s true that they caught our attention with the term “tiger,” but now that it’s gone, here are ten more ways you can appreciate these lovely creatures coexisting with other humans. The majority of them aren’t as ostentatious, but they all display a magnificent tiger in all its glory.

1. A Tiger Walks

A Tiger Walks

1964 Family/Drama

In a little village, a tiger is on the loose. No one, however, wants to see the animal murdered save for Sheriff’s Daughter.

2. The Jungle Book

1967 Animated / 2016 Adventure

This amazing tale, based on the life of Mowgli, was written by Rudyard Kipling. This is the story of how a pack of wolves rescued a little child from an attack by tigers in a jungle in India and raised him as their own. There are many people who fear Shere Kahn (the tiger) as a predator. This is a heartwarming tale of a human-animal bond surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery.

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3. Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle

Siegfried & Roy The Miracle

2004 TV Movie

Siegfried and Roy have been working together since 1960, when they met on a cruise ship. Later, the couple performed in Las Vegas with their large cats as part of their long-running performance. During a performance in Las Vegas on October 3, 2003, the media began reporting that the famed team had been mauled on stage by their tiger.

4. Tiger Queen

2010 Documentary

Tiger Queen was the first tiger to rise to the top. Exclusive footage of India’s most famous tigress, Machli, is shown in this 60-minute Nat Geo documentary.

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5. Life of Pi

Life of Pi

2012 Adventure/Drama

The Patels make the decision to leave their little zoo in Pondicherry, India, and relocate to Canada. In addition to their kid Pi, they bring along several animals they decided to bring along. The boat is sunk by a storm, and Pi is the only member of the Patel family to survive. Richard Parker, a tiger who also survived the shipwreck, is included in the film’s depiction of Pi’s incredible journey in the wide sea.

6. India: Kingdom of the Tiger

2002 Documentary

An Indian community was saved from the wrath of a man-eating tiger by British hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett.

7. Two Brothers

Two Brothers

2004 Family/Adventure

This is a stunning film about the fate of two tiger cubs who were imprisoned after being separated at birth. When they are reunited years later, they are forced to battle and remain adversaries.

8. The Tiger Next Door

2009 Documentary

Dennis Hill, a former tiger breeder in Indiana, is the subject of this documentary, which chronicles the narrative of Hill’s time in the business. Drama, hoarding and beautiful tigers being exploited by their caretakers are all included in this film.

9. Man-eating Tigers of the Sundarbans

Man-eating Tigers of the Sundarbans

2009 Documentary

Up to 50 forest workers per year are eaten by tigers in the Sundarbans forest. Killer cats sneak into a village at night, and this documentary shows the hardships residents face.

10. The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale

2015 Action/Adventure

Old and skilled hunter needs to capture the last tiger when the Kingdom of Korea is under siege by the Japanese.