15 Best Movies About Teen Pregnancy That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Teen Pregnancy

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It’s a major issue when a teen gets pregnant. To be sure, the government and media are not shy about holding forums and summits to discuss the problem. In its own unique manner, Hollywood has contributed to the movement. In order to increase awareness for the next generation of teens, production companies produce a teen pregnancy movie every few years

Momjunction has put together a list of the 15 finest teen pregnancy movies that also teach us something. You may find everything from hard-hitting drama to lighthearted comedy in this collection. They’re all here.

15 Most Popular Teenage Pregnancy Movies To Watch

1. Juno


Films like “Juno” are a joy to watch about teenage pregnancy. Bleaker, Juno’s best friend, and the two have sex and Juno gets pregnant. To avoid an abortion, Juno resolves to have the baby and then give it up for adoption rather than undergoing the procedure. That’s how she met Mark and Vanessa Loring, a young and affluent couple who badly want a child but haven’t been able to conceive in the past three years.

Several high-profile stars make cameo appearances in this heartwarming film. However, the humour of “Juno” is what makes it so engaging and entertaining. This isn’t a raunchy or over-the-top comedy. As a result, it provides humorous and honest conversation that is sure to make you laugh and grin. Finally, Ellen Page’s stunning performance elevates “Juno” to new heights.

2. For Keeps

Randall Batinkoff and Molly Ringwald star as Stan and Darcy in “For Keeps,” a coming-of-age film. This is the moment Darcy and Stan’s high school romance was put on hold when Darcy discovered that her girlfriend was pregnant. Parents worry about their children’s futures and urge them to abort, but the adolescents opt to retain the kid nevertheless because of their strong religious beliefs. Despite their best efforts, the couple is unable to salvage their relationship. Couples are able to get back together after realizing that their parents are affecting them. Everything comes together in the end, including marriage, love, parenthood, family acceptance, college aspirations, and, of course, a scholarship.

Additionally, “For Keeps” is known for being Ringwald’s penultimate teen pregnancy film. Darcy’s postpartum depression scene is hailed as one of his best performances by critics.

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3. Coal Miner’s Daughter

Coal Miner’s Daughter

Sissy Spacek portrays Loretta Lynn in “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” a biopic of the singer. As a young woman, Loretta Lynn weds, has four children, and becomes a grandmother at the age of 29.

Shy and Naive Loretta’s husband Doolittle encouraged her to pursue a career in music by giving her a guitar as a wedding gift instead of a diamond ring. At the age of 34, she released her first single and went on to become one of country music’s greatest legends. Many singles were created because she had a strong ability, but her frailty led to some of the most enduring tunes. While working, Loretta kept an eye on her relationship with her husband, which was a love-hate one. We learn from the film not to give up on our aspirations. Perseverance is the key to success in even the most difficult situations.

In the singing part, all the actors used their own voices, which we believe is fantastic. In the film, Sissy Spacek earned an Academy Award for her performance. She sounded quite close to Lynn’s voice. If you enjoy country music and Ernest Tub’s great cameo, this movie is for you!

4. Precious

An inspirational film about the human capacity to develop and overcome, Precious is based on Sapphire’s novel “Push.”

In the film Precious (Gabourey Sidibe), an overweight, African American abused 16-year-old, is depicted as a mother to a mentally challenged child. In the film, she becomes pregnant for the second time because her father is nowhere to be found, and her enraged mother abuses her physically and mentally in the process. Precious’s school is a chaotic environment for her. With a secret, she is unable to read or write at the 9th grade level.

A curious, young woman with a strong sense that alternative options exist for her lurks beneath the emotionless child. Precious has a constant fantasy of escaping to a beautiful land. Precious has an opportunity to move to an alternative school after being threatened with expulsion. Even though Precious doesn’t know what the term “alternative” means, her intuition says it’s the best option for her. In a literacy workshop, Ms. Rain begins to teach her. In this way, she begins her life’s journey from a place of darkness and powerlessness to a place of light and love.

Precious is reunited with her first kid after a long process, which offers her hope for a solid future with both her children. Later, she is able to complete her schooling without her mother’s influence. Note: Be prepared with a box of tissues, as this film is sure to elicit a wide range of feelings from you.

5. Saved

Saved” is a mixture of satire, humor and teen pregnancy in a one film. Her best friend, Hilary Faye, joins her for the new school year at American Eagle Christian High School. When her lover confessed that he might be gay, everything was wonderful. “Do everything you can to aid your boyfriend,” Jesus says in a dream she has soon after. Mary gives up her virginity in order to save her partner, Dean, from homosexuality. However, to her horror, she becomes pregnant. –

After that, Mary begins to doubt everything she had previously taken for granted. It’s even her best friend who’s on her side now. She is left to fend for herself until she is befriended by other school outcasts. These students form a coalition to combat injustice, and their efforts pay off when they make it to graduation. Pharisees learn about themselves during this journey, discovering faith in places they never expected, as well as realizing what it it means to be saved.

6. Where The Heart Is

Where The Heart Is

Natalie Portman, Stockard Channing, Joan Cusack, and Ashley Judd feature in “Where the Heart Is.” Billie Letts’ novel is the inspiration for this film. Having a kid may be an uplifting experience for women, according to this charming film.

At 17 years old and seven months pregnant, Novalee is abandoned by her boyfriend in Wal-Mart as they make their way to California. As a result, she decides to stay in Oklahoma and raise her child alone. As a result, she hides out in the Wal-Mart. Her birth even draws the attention of the media to Wal-Mart. Novalee begins a new life in Oklahoma with the support of her new friends. Novalee seduces an intellectually and academically gifted man. Novalee is now faced with a life-altering decision, assisted by a source she didn’t expect.

7. Riding In Cars With Boys

Beverly Donofrio’s memoirs, “Riding in Cars with Boys,” is the basis for Drew Barrymore’s film “Riding in Cars with Boys.” The story takes place in the 1950s and centers on a young girl named Beverly, whose life takes an unexpected turn.

As a teenager, Beverly was her father’s favorite. She hoped that her love of writing would eventually lead her to leave the little area where she currently lives. Beverly, too, has a soft spot for men, but she understands when to stop. If she doesn’t know the boy, she has a rule that she won’t go below the waist. When she meets Ray, a sweet-natured young man, she is swept off her feet. She gets pregnant soon after meeting the boy. Beverly agrees to marry Ray after being pushed into it by her father.

As time goes on, Beverly is forced to live in a squalid house with a drug-using husband and a baby to raise. To her credit, she persists in forging ahead with her plans for a better future despite the odds stacked against her.

Regardless of how hard the situation, Drew Barrymore’s portrayal of an American-Italian mother is credible. However, Steve Zahn steals the show with his portrayal of a young boy who was unable to find his way to adulthood. ” The film’s subject matter, which focuses on teenage pregnancy in a period when it was taboo, is what sets it distinct.

8. How To Deal

Based on two Sarah Dessen novels, “Someone Like You” and “That Summer,” “How To Deal” is a romantic comedy film. Disillusioned with love, Halley, a young, hip high school student, is fed up with seeing other people’s broken relationships. Her father is getting married to a lady she can’t stand, her mother is remaining at home, her school pals are obsessed with football and cheerleading, and her sister’s wedding plans are slowly taking over her life. Finally, her best buddy is expecting.

When she meets a boy who teaches her what love is all about, everything changes. Her life became even more difficult after she fell in love. But as time goes on, she comes to realize that true love may be found in the most unexpected places.

9. Unexpected


A uplifting film, “Unexpected” focuses on pregnancy as its central theme. A Chicago schoolteacher unexpectedly becomes pregnant. Soon after, she discovers that one of her most promising students is pregnant as well! During their pregnancies, a teacher and a student form an odd connection.

It is a thought-provoking film that is well-acted and well-written. It’s a beautiful film, despite a few bleak scenes.

10. Sugar And Spice

‘Sugar & Spice’ is a light-hearted film that deals with the issue of teenage pregnancies. She has an airheaded squad of cheerleaders who obey her every whim. Her boyfriend, Jack, is the quarterback of the football team. To get rid of the children, Diane gets pregnant with Jack’s child.

While attending high school, the pair moves into an apartment and takes up a part-time job at a video store. Diane, still struggling to make ends meet, enlists the assistance of a fellow cheerleader to rob a bank. As part of a deal, the hood gives the cheerleader and her band his daughter’s place on the team, which they accept. These criminals watch heist movies to learn how to break into banks. In order to commemorate their successful heist, the group disposes of the loot by setting fire to the masks they’d worn. When Lisa, Diane’s adversary, learns of the robbery, pursued by the FBI, things take a turn for the worst for Diane.

11. 17 Girls

One of France’s most popular films, “17 Girls,” tells the story of the 2008 Gloucester High School pregnancy pact. “The Pregnancy Pact” is a sequel to the first film. It tells the story of Camille, a woman who gets pregnant by accident. At the same time, 16 of her friends decide to get pregnant at the same time.

A house where all the children can grow up together as brothers and sisters is what the girls want. For them, there is no such thing as a moral code that they will adhere to. They’ve gone so far as to construct a “hippie village” to teach their children. After a car accident, Camilla loses her unborn child. The other girls don’t know she’s leaving town. The rest of the 16 girls have the baby, but they don’t form a group of their own. ‘

12. Daddy


Bobby (Dermot Mulroney), a typical adolescent boy, is the focus of “Daddy,” an instructional teen pregnancy film. This attractive young man seduces his girlfriend into having sex with him. He gets the shock of his life when Stacy informs him she is pregnant two months later.

They try to encourage them to have an abortion, but Stacy refuses, and Bobby has to shoulder the blame for his actions because of it. With so many costs to pay and hungry mouths to feed, teen parents quickly realize that becoming parents isn’t as joyful as they thought it would be.

For its period, “Daddy” is an accurate depiction of adolescent sexuality, when parents were afraid to discuss sex with their children. Consequently, there was a lot of naivety in the movie when it came to sex. It is also a powerful depiction of the stress faced by teenagers who aspire to be parents.

13. Fifteen And Pregnant

‘Fifteen and Pregnant’ is yet another film focusing on the teen’s perspective on a pregnancy. That’s where it takes us and shows us how everyone is touched by the circumstance in their own unique way.”

Teenager Tina Spangler’s (Kirsten Dunst) life seemed to be going swimmingly. Then her boyfriend breaks it off once he discovers she slept with him and dumps her. Soon after, she conceives a baby. Tina’s mental state deteriorates as she considers her options: abortion, adoption, or becoming a teen mother. Her parents, Tina’s estranged, come together here to help her out.

14. Freshman Father

Freshman Father is a sweet, funny, and thought-provoking film about being a youthful father. Kathy (Britt Irvin) is worried that her Harvard-bound boyfriend John will move on to a new love interest and leave her behind. That is why she takes a huge chance and becomes pregnant. In keeping with his character, John gets married to Kathy so that she can accompany him to Harvard, where they can raise their child together as a family together.

The glimmer of newlywed bliss quickly fades as John suffers academically and Kathy grows restless. When Kathy’s child is born, things only grow worse for her. Kathy is unable to deal with the situation, so she leaves him and the child alone. You’ll appreciate John’s lighthearted approach to handling situations.

15. Mom At Sixteen

Mom At Sixteen

A 16-year-old girl named Jacey is trying to keep a secret from her classmates at her new school. The truth is that she’s a pregnant adolescent mother who goes to school with her mother Terry after giving birth to her child. The situation becomes more complicated for everyone when Jacey’s guidance counselor, Donna Cooper, finds out the truth about her student after she collapses on the school’s campus and passes out.

When Jacey tells her mother she’s pregnant, their lives are forever altered. As long as her mother agrees to give the kid up for adoption, she’s good to go. When the baby is delivered, she changes her mind, claiming that she can’t give up the child. Terry then determines that they will raise the child and keep it a secret from the rest of the family.

Pregnancy and parenting are the focus of “Mom At Sixteen,” an engaging film with strong performances. It depicts the difficulty of teenage pregnancy, not just from the perspective of a young girl, but also from the perspective of those involved in it.All of the films on this list are enjoyable, but they also all have a message to convey about the dangers of teen pregnancy. Consider renting one of these films for a family movie night that also serves as a learning opportunity by teaching your children about this important subject.

Does anyone else think there should have been an additional teen pregnancy-themed film on here? Of the films listed above, which do you prefer? Please let us know what you think in the space provided below by leaving a comment.