10 Best Movies About Mountains That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Mountains

According to IMDb, there have been many movies set in the mountains, but some are better than others.

The mountains are a great place to take in the scenery. Silence can be held, violence can be deafened, the mind can be cleared, and a challenge can be posed. Nature is a powerful prop waiting to be used in a movie. IMDb users voted for their favorite mountain films, therefore I’ve compiled this list of the top ones from their favorite mountain-themed IMDb lists.

If you’re a nature lover, these movies are sure to make you crave the great outdoors. Prepare to move without lifting a finger. It’s never been easier to go on a hike.

1. Eddie The Eagle (2016) – 7.4

Eddie The Eagle (2016)

Eddie The Eagle (2016), a sports story starring Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton, is a delightful, upbeat picture. This young man, Eddie Edwards, is devoted to skiing and will do all it takes to be selected to compete for Great Britain at the Olympics. Endearment and tenacity seem to follow the every step of the underdog. It doesn’t matter how bad things become; they never give up and always encourage others.

2. Mulan (1998) – 7.6

There isn’t a Disney movie without the soundtrack to Mulan (1998). Legend has it that Mulan, a woman masquerading as a man, served in the Imperial army in lieu of her father when he was summoned by the Emperor. Who says women can’t be strong?

What’s the harm in paying attention to what they have to say? She battled for her country against the threat of the Huns and sexism, and she continued to do so even when the odds were against her. Comedy, grief, and bravery are all present in this film.

3. 127 Hours (2010) – 7.6

127 Hours (2010)

Aron Ralston’s harrowing and remarkable mountain-climbing journey is the inspiration for 127 Hours (2010). A solo hike in Utah for Aron, who hasn’t told anyone about his plans. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but even with his expertise, he slips on a loose rock and ends up to the bottom of the canyon.

Only two strangers he encountered on his travels, both of whom have now vanished, can he turn to for help among the orange cliffs he is surrounded by. There are 127 hours worth of sorrow and hardship on display for one man in this one-man show by James Franco.

4. Where Eagles Dare (1968) – 7.7

In Where Eagles Dare (1968), Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood feature in a thrilling World War II adventure. What more could the audience ask for than bravery and action, chivalry and camaraderie? Because it was produced in the 1960s, this film should not be dismissed. Like any current action film, this one packs a punch and delivers a jolt. Where Eagles Dare is the place to go if you’re seeking for a rescue mission.

5. The Coffin In The Mountain (2014) – 7.7

The Coffin In The Mountain (2014)

There is a Chinese mystery drama film called The Coffin in the Mountain (2014). After the discovery of burnt bodies dumped close to a community. The investigation is hampered by mysteries and secrecy. Confusion, regret, and a person who was a spectator who ended up being an offender. You don’t have to let subtitles get in the way. ‘Once you break the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles,’ filmmaker Bong Joon-ho says, ‘you will be exposed to so many more fantastic films.’

6. Misery (1990) – 7.8

Misery (1990) awarded Kathy Bates the Best Actress Oscar in 1991, and she deserved it. Author Paul Sheldon, who has just written the final book in his series, is a central character in this adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. He is involved in an automobile accident on the way home, on a snowy mountain slope. To his surprise, he awoke to find himself bandaged and in bed.

Only a lunatic nurse can save him; she is both his biggest fan and his only hope. In order to keep him imprisoned, she’ll do anything she can. The author’s biggest fears come true because the last book isn’t what she dreamed it would be.

7. The Revenant (2015) – 8.0

The Revenant (2015)

Sweaty palms and a bloody struggle to make it to the end so you can exact vengeance. Not everyone can handle The Revenant (2015). The stark contrast between man and environment is perfectly captured in the landscape’s blanket of snow. Hugh Glass has been abandoned and left for dead by his own closest buddy, as brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. Will he go all the way to retaliate? What can he bear?

8. The Thing (1982) – 8.1

It’s hard to imagine a better example of the genre than 1982’s The Thing. A group of American scientists is subjected to the most terrifying encounter in the isolated Antarctic, where ice walls and snow floors are the only flooring options. No one can comprehend the monstrosity that is The Thing. There are several ways it can be used. Once they’re all gone, it will keep going until there are none left. In order to get into the base, the creature disguised itself as a dog and enlisted the help of the human population.

9. Into The Wild (2007) – 8.1

Into The Wild (2007)

Chris McCandless’s life is depicted in Into the Wild, a 2007 adventure-drama film. A wealthy man resolves to give up everything he owns and rely solely on nature for his well-being. Taking a chance on a life in the wild without the necessary knowledge. Although he was ridiculed by some for his gullibility, others lauded him for his bravery. McCandless was found dead four months into his Alaska hitchhiking journey. This is a fascinating story.

10. The Shining (1980) – 8.4

Stephen King’s novel, The Shining, was made into a film by Stanley Kubrick in 1980. The Overlook Hotel, a stately manor nestled in the mountains, has been plagued by tragedy throughout its long existence. There’s something evil going on when the Torrance family has no choice but to spend the winter there and keep the building in good repair.

The mountains, meanwhile, are unable to do anything but absorb the commotion and remain silent. This is the kind of environment that makes people feel completely alone and helpless. You can’t help but root for Danny Torrance.