10 Best Movies About Black Magic That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Black Magic

Double, double, toil and trouble—read this list of terrifying movie witches on the double.

Witches have been at the core of human imagination for a long time, notably in evil roles— though they havealso been the good guys in stuff likeSabrina the Teenage WitchandHarry Potter.

All all, witches of today’s pop culture pieces are more diverse than ever.

Still, witches as fearsome antagonists remain the most popular trope, in both classic filmsas well as some lesser known hidden gems. While they all are frightening in their own way,the witches on this listhave varied reasons for being so. Some are visual horrors, while others are scary particularly because we never truly get to see them at all. Whether they are scary to look at or scary for other reasons, these witches will have you sleeping with the lights on once you see the movies they are featured in.

1. The Blair Witch

The Blair Witch

The secret behind what makes the Blair Witch so horrifying is that the audience never even gets to see her. Sometimes seeing a character makes them less scary, and what’s left to the viewers of The Blair Witch Project is simply their imagination— and that is a potent fear technique.

In far of what is genuinely known about the Blair Witch, there are primarily simply theories— but arguably the truest thing about her is that she has scared off countless moviegoers from ever wanting to go camping again.

2. The Woodland Witch (The VVitch)

This witch was only shown briefly in the film The VVitch, yet she lingered in the imaginations of those that saw her. She first appears as a beautiful woman deep in the wilderness, but the instant her hands touch the small child who approached her, her actual, older form is revealed.

Beyond this scene, little is known about this witch. She appears to be partly at fault for the family being cursed, and her powers are rather scary in that regard. Throughout the video, we see herbewitch, spy, produce illusions, and even make tiny boys puke up apples.

3. Margaret Morgan (The Lords Of Salem)

Margaret Morgan (The Lords Of Salem)

This 2012 horrorthriller earned mixed reviews, but gained the hearts of certain horror lovers. It had a rather remarkable witch— Margaret Morgan, the leader of the witch coven. Most of what we see of her and what she is capable of are through the visions of the characterHeidi, but it doesn’t make the witch herself any less terrible.

Margaret cursed the protagonist in a way where her own life is beyond her control. Not only is that power terrible, but the witch also does not appear to care about personal cleanliness which is terrifying in its own way.

4. The Witch (Sleepy Hollow, 1999)

The legend of Sleepy Hollowis one that is told again and over with varying elements, most recently adapted for a Fox TV series. In the 1999 filmadaptation starringJohnny Depp, there wasa rather terrifying witch, but some found her morehumorous than scary. It depends on whetheraudiences regard her actions as dark or darkly hilarious.

Herscariest moment is when her face is truly revealed from under her veil. Her skin looks lifeless and cracked, her eye sockets are empty, and her teeth as sharp as nails.

5. Nancy (The Craft)

The Craft is a fantasy horror film from 1996. It centres around teenage girl outcasts who decide to practice witchcraft in order to acquire what they want.

Nancy is fairly far off from other witches on this list. She is quite humanized in comparison, yet she lets the power get to her head and becomes the main enemy of the film. She isn’t afraid to make any sacrifice to acquire what she wants. By delving into witchcraft, she goes from disturbed and defiant to psychologically insane.

6. Haggis (Pumpkinhead)

Haggis from Pumpkinheadteaches an old lesson, and that is to never make agreements with witches. This 1988 film is a monster/horror movie with a cult following. The witch isn’t the movie’s main monster, but rather she makes it for a bereaved man who seeks revenge. He originally goes to her with the hopes of bringing someone close to him back from the grave, but instead she installs revenge into his head. As it does with witch deals,it ends up costing the man considerably.

7. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter Series)

Harry Potter

Not all scary witches come from horror movies, nor do they all reject basic hygiene standards. Sometimes they like the color pink and take on the duty of instructing children.

Harry Potter is a series that transformed the way people see witches, but it doesn’t imply wicked witches do not exist inside that universe. Dolores is a nightmare concealed under abright, colorfuldisguise. She isn’t afraid to make children bleed as punishment for trivial things, and will commit the most unjust crimes with a charming tone and perfected grin.

8. Helena Markos (Suspiria)

This 2018 supernatural horror film was inspired on an Italian film of the same name from 1977. The movie focuses on an American woman who goes to a prominent dancing school in Berlin but is actually controlled by a witch coven. It’s a highly artistic picture with a focus on subjects like parenthood and abuse of authority.

Helena is an abnormal appearing figure due to her magically-induced ancient age. Her voice itself looks decaying and is disturbing. On the inside though, she is even more hideous, prepared to do anything to gain a younger body for herself andnot caring for her dedicated followers.

9. Bathsheba (The Conjuring)

The Conjuring

Bathsheba is a witch as well as a ghost from the film The Conjuring. She haunts her land and possesses the matriarch of families that settle in, driving them to murder their own childrenand then offing themselves. While there are numerous spirits in the picture, Bathsheba is the most dangerous. Other spirits are tormented from guilt whereas her spirit is bloodthirsty and uncaring.

10. The Pit Witch (Army Of Darkness)

Army of Darknessis a great horror and comedy genre film from 1992. The witch is from a famous scene where Ash is fighting in a pit as people watch from above. The witch design is terrifying and is producing a perpetual scream as it swipes at him.

The witch may not have startled viewers as much as it scared Ash, but the creature has a significant amount of followers. It even has its own action figure!