10 Best Monster Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Monster Anime Characters

This article contains spoilers and monsters. Unsettling issues are raised on a number of these programs. Select another article to read instead of reading this one at your own peril. Be on the lookout for spoilers, too!

Monster, by Naoki Urasawa, is one of a number of anime dramas and thrillers. As a stand-alone series, this anime has been a monster. The fact that it was launched more than a decade ago doesn’t diminish its popularity. Because it went for so long, there were plenty of personalities, psychological phenomena and terrifying experiments, along with murder and a considerable amount of action.

To the evil side of our nature, then! Whether it was because of their pasts or bad luck, the characters in Monster were constantly being hunted down. Even if we act on our best impulses, we can see that certain decisions have unavoidable repercussions. Several of the characters embody evil in some way. This is a game of life and death, in which only the strongest can live. Who emerged victorious at the end of the competition? Let’s take a look at Monster’s cast.

10. The Baby

The Baby

Don’t be fooled by her innocent and kind appearance. The Baby, despite his diminutive stature, is a pawn in the hands of the villains. And to make matters worse, he appears to be psychotic. The Baby is a member of a Neo-Nazi group that dreams of a superior race and a great leader. This implies that he is complicit in crimes such as torture and rioting.

Despite his xenophobia, the Baby is a resourceful man who can get the job done in the mud. That necessitates the presence of guts. Although he fought for the ultra-nationalists for many years, he was finally defeated by a prostitute he trusted. That’s why his ranking in our Top Ten is so low.

9. Karl Neumann and Lotte Frank

Both Karl and Lotte are studying business management at Munich University. Johan (the main antagonist) and his plan to rule the world entangled them in their everyday lives. Karl’s illegitimate status as the son of Hans Georg Schuwald, who controls Germany’s economy, is to blame for all of this.

Even though Karl wants to show his aging father a more complete picture of himself, he is aware that he is far from flawless. Johan, pretending to be a law student at Munich University, has Schuwald’s full support. Strange things begin to happen to Karl and Lotte. As a result of Lotte’s decision to join Schuwald on his nightly walks, they get more involved with him as well. When the Monster decides to alter course and leave Germany, Karl and her learn the unsettling truth about Johan and decide to stay with him. As a result of her friendship with Nina Fortner, Lotte learned of the previous killings that had been linked to Johan. Finally, Karl and Lotte’s perseverance in the face of adversity is a great testament to their character.

8. Helmut Wolf

Helmut Wolf

In the beginning, there were four soldiers with lofty goals of creating a superior race. Helmut Wolf was one of the soldiers. When Johan and his sister attempted to cross the German-Czech border, he came across them. Johan had full control over Wolf’s life from that moment forward. The most terrifying part is that he didn’t catch on to it right away.

Nonetheless, Wolf’s tenacity and perseverance were on display here. Helmut Wolf lived to be a ripe old age despite the fact that Johan did everything in his power to conceal his existence and eliminate everybody who knew of his existence. That was a tough lesson in self-control, wasn’t it? Wolf was the only one of the four troops who was aware of this, and he was the only one who didn’t want Johan to turn into a new Hitler. Because Johan was going to kill him, he gathered the strength to live long enough to notify Dr. Tenma (our primary protagonist) about it.

7. Wolfgang Grimmer

Take a look at this jovial fellow who has mastered the art of appearing, well, pleasant. However, remember that everyone in Monster has a secret. In Wolfang’s case, he was a member of the Czech secret service and is now a reporter. Kinderheim 511, the place where he eventually admitted he was raised, is the subject of his investigation.

We can tell that Wolfang is tough since he can quickly outsmart everyone and even kill coldly when his life is in danger. Kinderheim 511’s “education” has left him isolated from his emotions; yet, he is able to recognize this and use it to his advantage. He is undergoing therapy to learn how to respond properly and has real care for others, especially youngsters. In spite of his lack of emotional expression until towards the end of his life, he is nevertheless a strong man who accepts responsibility for his deeds, good and bad. That’s a sign of real tenacity, I’d say.

6. Eva Heinemann

Eva Heinemann

At first glance, Eva appears to be the kind of lady you don’t want to get engaged with. Dr. Tenma’s boss, Udo Heinemann, is her father, and she is the daughter of the hospital’s director, who is gorgeous and sophisticated. Eva is also engaged to our protagonist. When Dr. Tenma is on the verge of losing his job, Eva coldly ends their relationship. Dr. Tenma’s fortunes rapidly altered, however, when he was promoted to a higher position and rebuffed her attempts.

Eva decides to exact her vengeance, but after becoming embroiled in Neo-nazi conspiracies, she reconsiders. They discover a kind man who wants to help them escape, but he is slain and she runs across Dr. Tenma again who apologizes for everything that has happened in her life since he was involved. When you think about it, Eva doesn’t appear to be a very powerful character, but that’s because she’s been in dangerous circumstances and survived. As a result of her encounters with some of the most terrible characters in the novel, this woman emerged from her ordeals with a better character.

5. Heinrich Lunge

Besides the protagonist and antagonist, Lunge is the only other recurring character in the movie Monster. In keeping with his role as a police inspector, this sharp-witted man is adamant that Dr. Tenma murdered the hospital directors who died suddenly shortly after he almost died there. Lunge had to wait ten years for proof to come to him when he was looking into a string of deaths that were ultimately linked to Dr. Tenma and Johan. Lunge feels the murderer is mad, notwithstanding the doctor’s disclosures to the police.

Having lost his family due to his workaholism, Tenma becomes his sole source of income. So while Lunge may appear foolish (and weak) at this point, he eventually uncovered enough proof in Germany to reverse his view and even come out in support of Tenma. For him, stopping Johan’s ambitions at the Hotel Bergbach is worth the danger. As a result, Lunge’s actual strength lies in his will to seek out the truth at any costs.

4. Dieter


Despite his young age, Dieter has had a difficult time in this world. On top of everything else, he’s a lost child. Mr. Hartmann, the boy’s guardian, was mesmerized by Johan’s cunning at Kinderheim 511. As a result, he chose Dieter to be the subject of a similar experiment, and the poor youngster was subjected to unrelenting physical abuse. Fortunately, he runs into Dr. Tenma on his quest to learn more about Johan’s early life. As a result of the Doctor’s convincing, they become traveling companions.

Dieter would be able to assist a wide range of people, including Nina. Despite his insecurities, he chooses to risk his own life to help others. In addition, despite the fact that Dieter is frequently in contact with deranged individuals (such as Martin), he expresses disgust and compassion for the victims of their crimes. He is a strong character because he refuses to succumb to the temptations of the evil side.

3. Johan Liebert

Describe Johan in a nutshell. Because he had no given name as a child, his childhood was stressful and disturbing. Few, if any, would have emerged from such ordeals as uncorrupted as Johan, it has been suggested. When it comes down to raising a new Hitler to lead a superior human race to triumph, you can’t simply undertake psychological training tests.

Most of Johan’s legacy is one of upheaval, devastation, and mental agony for his family and friends. His greatest strength was his capacity to persuade others to commit acts of violence and/or devastation. Remember how he sat and watched when Kinderheim 511 erupted into a mass murder of teachers and students? It’s also worth noting that Johan’s other talents are useful, such as his excellent intelligence as well as his charisma and good fortune. In addition, he was kidnapped and fled every time! One of the most terrifying and powerful antagonists in anime history may be found in this attractive guy.

2. Nina Fortner

Nina Fortner

Anna Liebert was Nina’s previous name. Because she is Johan’s identical twin, she has experienced many of the same hardships as her brother. When they were kids, Johan even begged Anna to shoot him so that “the monster couldn’t reach them.” In the end, they decide to part ways, and Anna is taken in by the Fortner family, where she is given the name Nina.

Nina grew up to be a kind, smart, truth and justice seeker, contrary to what one might assume. In the beginning of the story, she had no idea what had occurred to her in her youth until she received an email from her brother. Nina is unquestionably one of the story’s most resilient characters, able to grasp the gravity of the situation with lightning speed. In their first encounter, she even saved Dr. Tenma’s life and learnt to wield firearms. Although she knows she can never kill him, Nina is one of the few people who truly understands Johan. She even goes so far as to tell her brother that she will always forgive him. She is a powerful young lady because of her great sense of empathy and her tenacity.

1. Kenzou Tenma

Dr. Tenma is Monster’s strongest character, despite the many stories of atonement and forgiveness we’ve seen. It’s not only that he’s the main character. His life spiraled out of control after years of being hunted down and accused of crimes he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Tenma was searching after Johan, who was the real killer.

We can observe this man’s moral qualms across all of his exploits. He continues to save people, operate people, and make the best of the worst situations. It is Tenma’s promise to Nina and Johan that he won’t allow them to turn into monsters. He persuades Dieter not to copy Johan’s behavior. Tenma and Eva, as well as Lunge, are reconciled in the end (both of whom were trying to get him arrested). Despite the fact that he knows he made a mistake, this man is willing to own it and make an effort to right the ship. Tenma, on the other hand, made it out of the ordeal to join Doctors Without Borders. We can fairly state that he is the strongest character in Monster after so many years of striving to discover truth and forgiveness.

Final thoughts

When you think about Monster, two things come to mind: first, the plot was loosely based on actual events and places from Europe during World War II. It’s also because anyone can turn into a monster at any time, which is what gives the story its creepy vibe. It’s just like the tests that were presented to Johan and Nina when they were younger. When people are taught not to feel or express their emotions, they become unable to empathize with others. The good news is that reversing the process is doable, albeit extremely difficult. The Monster’s screams, which were never heard, were a plea for help and resolution. There is no way to know at the conclusion of the story if Johan managed to get it, but there is some ray of optimism. In the presence of such heroic figures, the monster may revert to his human form. te