10 Cool Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Cool Anime Characters

You can either be cool or you can’t be cool. Anime has a plethora of characters that demand your attention at all times. What are their names?

Most anime characters put themselves through grueling training in order to increase their ability and strength, allowing them to surpass their limits and overcome any adversary.. It’s a difficult task, but those who persevere see their success skyrocket.

However, coolness is not a trait that can’t be taught. You can either have it or you can’t have it. There’s no between ground. If a character is cool it can be a variety of things but the most popular characters are calm in the face of any challenge. When they’re on the screen, they grab your attention because of their individuality. They’re popular with a large and devoted following.

1. Levi Ackerman Never Loses His Composure (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Captain Levi, despite living in a planet where humans are hounded by Titans, is unfazed. In Levi’s role as the human scout, he frequently encounters Titans and comes dangerously close to death. However, he appears to be unfazed by the fact that he is outnumbered and appears to be in a losing position.

A large part of his calm demeanor can be credited to the Captain’s immense physical power, which places him at the top of the strength rankings. When you can easily take on tens of titans by yourself in Attack On Titan, it’s easy to relax.

2. Killua Zoldyck Is An Assassin Prodigy And Nen Genius (Hunter X Hunter)

In Hunter X Hunter, Killua Zoldyck is one of the show’s most popular characters. Zoldyck assassin Killua was born into the Zoldyck clan, and is known as a person with infinite potential. While traveling alongside Gon, Killua has excelled in mastering Nen and honing his profession to an art form. His teacher, Wing, told him that he was one of just one in ten million people who possessed his gift.

Killua’s demeanor defies his years, with a level of composure that belies his years. He is a practical thinker who tends to put emotion aside when coming up with new ideas. With both hands still in his pockets, Killua has won many of his battles with little effort required.

3. Nothing Ever Phased Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Naruto’s Itachi Uchiha was unlike any other shinobi before him. However, the confrontations between him and Itachi were less about combat and more about the exchange of words between the two characters. Itachi, a young man with exceptional insight, forced his opponents to examine their own motives and left the audience wondering who the true enemy was.

Most of Uchiha’s combat occurred in the head because of his mastery of Genjutsu, a talent he mastered at an early age. His duel with Sasuke had an absolutely fantastic scene when his younger brother thought he had slain Itachi only to see the real Itachi sitting on his throne and showing that Sasuke had been deceived.

4. Sukuna Doesn’t Care About Sorcerers Or Cursed Spirits (Jujutsu Kaisen)

It is the personification of evil, and Jujustu Kaisen’sSukuna is willing to slay everyone, including children. To accept that the King of Curses has a nice air that makes him an endearing character is difficult to do. Sukuna’s erratic nature is what makes him so fascinating, even more so than his supreme strength.

Sukuna, despite being cursed, does not join them. This untrustworthy mystery commands the attention of the audience everytime he appears on film since all he seems to care about is having a good time and creating mayhem. Sukuna is so awesome since he doesn’t listen to anyone.

5. 15 Year Old Mikey Is The Leader Of A Gang And Undisputed Strongest Character (Tokyo Revengers)

Mikey (Tokyo Revengers)

The Tokyo Manji Gang’s terrifying leader, Mikey, is known as “Iron Mikey” because of his intimidating persona. Mikey’s combat skills have helped him rise through the ranks in Tokyo’s multiple gangs, and he is well-respected among them. However, it is his charismatic leadership and distinct character traits that have earned him a cult-like following of hundreds of devout devotees.

In contrast to the other gang leaders in Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is a kind and caring young man who is strongly loyal to the people he cares about most in the city. The fact that he is friends with Draken and Baji shows that even in a world of violence, a gang boss may be kind.

6. Giyu Tomioka Is One Of The Few Open-Minded Demon Slayers (Demon Slayer)

Powerful, calm, secretive and stoic, Giyu is the archetypal anime cool-guy. Like other characters in the series, Giyure stays open-minded despite his work’s black and white nature. Demons have wreaked havoc on the globe for millennia, and those who fight them regard them as the ultimate source of evil. In the end, no Demon will be spared or compromised with.

After observing Nezuko’s devotion for her brother in her demon form, Giyu decides to spare her, keeping in mind that not all Demons are wicked. The more he trusted Nezuko, the more willing he became to take his own life if Nezuko ever did harm to another human being.

7. Shanks Is A Charismatic Pacifist And One Of The Four Emperors (One Piece)

Shanks (One Piece)

Shanks stands out among the One Pieceworld’s gang of vicious and power-hungry pirates as a singular personality. The red-haired pirate is a pacifist at heart, shown by his intervention during Marineford where he stopped the conflict and demanded no more blood needed to be spilt.

The fact that Kaido refrained from attacking Marineford thanks to Shanks’ persuasive tactics undoubtedly saved numerous lives. Even the most stoic men can’t resist joining in the fun because of his captivating demeanor. Despite his position as one of the four strongest pirates, Shanks is well-liked throughoutOne Piece.

8. Vegeta Is Known For His Epic Speeches (Dragon Ball Z)

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Everyone pays attention when Dragon Ball Z’sVegeta talks. Epic speeches and passionate monologues are the bread and butter of the Saiyan Prince’s public speaking repertoire. Before he beats his opponent, he explains them why they lost and why he is better than their opponent.

Even in the midst of a defeat, Vegeta tells his adversary how foolish it is to underestimate the power of Saiyans. His serious and thoughtful demeanor stands in direct contrast to Goku’s carefree and silly demeanor, which is one of the reasons he is so beloved by fans. It’s hard to deny that Vegeta is more charismatic than Goku.

9. Yami Sukehiro Appreciates The Magical Outcasts Of The Clover Kingdom (Black Clover)

Yami Sukehiro exudes an air of sophistication and cool. One of the rare methods of dealing with devils that works is his dark magic. To become a Captain of the Magic Knights was a dream come true for Yami, who possessed a natural knack for magic and quickly ascended through the ranks.

His most endearing characteristic, however, is his willingness to accept other mages who have been shunned by society. The Black Bulls are a bunch of misfits and outcasts with distinct yet formidable abilities. Yami’s leadership has transformed them into a family and one of the Kingdom’s most powerful squads.

10. Makishsima Retained His Individualism Within A Society That Enforced Conformity (Psycho-Pass)

Makishsima (Psycho-Pass)

Psycho-first Pass’s season’s main villain, Makishima, was one of the most memorable villains in anime history. It wasn’t possible for the Sibyl System to identify criminal intent in him, therefore his crimes went unpunished on a regular basis. In spite of being convicted of murder, Makishima’s comments resonated with fans and characters alike, making him sympathetic and well-liked.

The complicated criminal merely wanted a society of free-thinking individuals instead of the conforming and unquestioning robots the Sibyl System generated. Despite the fact that his goal was comprehensible, his techniques were shaky at best.