20 Best Yuri Anime That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Yuri Anime

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of either Shounen or Shoujo. However, did you know that anime can be classified in a variety of exciting ways?

Yuri is one of those genres. Yuri?

Yes, Yuri is similar to Shoujo, but it’s a completely different animal. In contrast to the latter, the former focuses on girl-to-girl relationships rather than girl-to-boy relationships.

Because of this, Yuri is a joy to watch. For starters, don’t expect only Shoujo’s haphazard kisses in this relationship.

Yuri’s romance is also very passionate. The atmosphere is thick with feelings. That sounds like a lot of fun, don’t you think?

1. Adachi to Shimamura (Adachi and Shimamura)

Adachi and Shimamura

We’ll begin with a Yuri anime with one of the most in-depth stories ever told. Adachi and Shimamura is unquestionably true to its source material.

Every aspect of this show is based on reality. The story began with two young women. They first became friends when they first met. Two friends grow closer and closer until they are lovers.

2. Kimi no Hikari: Asagao to Kase-san

This is one of the most straightforward Yuri shows ever produced. Even if you’ve never been a fan of Yuri before, this is the book for you. This is why it ranks second on our list of the best television series ever made.

When it comes to visuals, they’re slick and vibrant. In addition, the story has a simple plot. What’s the reason for this?

Two young ladies (named Asagao and Kase-san after the film’s title) fell in love and worked hard to keep it a secret. In addition, there is no overt sexual content.

The only mystery in this Yuri anime was the absence of any prior attraction between Asagao and Kase-san. As a result, you’ll be concerned about whether or not their romance will work out.

3. Canaan


Anime starring Yuri has the potential to be action-packed as well. This genre isn’t limited to love stories.

While in Canaan, you can rest assured that romance and action and adventure await you. That’s why we enjoy it so much.

Maria and Minoru, two reporters, are the focus of this story. Their purpose for being in Shanghai was to report on a summit there.

The summit, unfortunately, was a death trap. Canaan, Maria’s long-lost friend, appeared in the midst of the commotion.

Maria and Canaan’s emotional connection would soon be restored. Canaan, on the other hand, is deeply entangled in the chaos.

What about Maria’s well-being? Since when did she learn about Canaan? When you watch this suspense series, you’ll get all the answers.

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4. Citrus

Most of the time, even when it involves a close family member, it is impossible to control who we fall in love with. Isn’t it odd?

Citrus will give you that strange sensation. This Yuri anime involves two stepsisters who are infatuated with one another.

For the plot to make sense, you have to see the sisters as two halves of the same coin. Unlike her older sister, the younger sister is naive, innocent, and generous. Unlike her lover, her sister is the complete antithesis of her. A sting of formality punctuates her cold, manipulative demeanor.

As a result, it is difficult to assign blame. This Citrus love, though, may not last long.

5. Kannazuki no Miko ( Destiny of the Shrine Maiden )

Kannazuki no Miko

To get the most out of Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, you’ll need to be patient. At first glance, the story seems disjointed.

As the story progresses, the fun grows, making this anime a must-see for Yuri fans alike. Despite this, there’s one problem with the storyline.

At first glance, the plot appears to revolve around a love triangle involving a boy, a girl, and a third party. That wouldn’t be Yuri, would it?

The good news is that the boy fades away as the story progresses. After that, the two girls began their journey to becoming shrine maidens, as per the tradition.

6. Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Are there times in high school when you should let your hair down and go with the flow? It’s not as if anything had been predetermined. You go to school and have fun!

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic will give you that feeling (the reality). Yuri anime follows the mundane lives of two adorable girls.

Spoiler alert: There’s no story in this anime. It’s a lot like a reality show, really. There are, in fact, a few missions scattered throughout the game. In general, however, you’re only interested in the personal stories of the characters.

In any case, hello there! Kiniro Mosaic is a fun anime to watch. If the story doesn’t pique your interest, we’re confident that the animations and jealousy will.

7. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Pets make wonderful, loyal, and devoted friends for people of all ages. Additionally, they plan dates for their owners in addition to their caring nature. Funny, isn’t it?

What happened in Nekoyama to Inugami-san was exactly the same. This Yuri anime is a joy to watch from beginning to end, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Two girls are the focus of the story. Inugami, the first girl, is a cat lover and a bit of a tomboy.

Nekoyama, the second girl, is completely different from Inugami. She’s apprehensive to begin with. In addition, Nekoyama is a dog person.

Nekoyama and Inugami had a strange attraction to one other. In contrast to the former, the latter is a little more reserved.

As a whole, this short 3-minute per episode Yuri anime is sure to keep you entertained and eager for more! That’s how engrossing the stories are!

8. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! School Idol Project

You should watch Love Live! School Idol Project if you want an engaging, all-encompassing anime. There are a lot of episodes in this Yuri series, making it one of the longer ones.

As a result, your eyes will be occupied for some time.

Otonokizaka High School is the focus of the series, which deals with the school’s declining student population. An unusually low number of people showed up.

Unfortunately, if this trend continues, the school will have to close its doors. In order to avoid this from happening, Honoka Kousaka (a sophomore) decided to save her school. But, how?

Creating an idol group and competing in a “love live” competition was the only way to get out of this jam. Is Honoka the victor? Was she successful in repairing the school’s image? Love Live! School Idol Project has all the answers you’ve been looking for.

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9. Mai-Hime

Action and magic combine in this Yuri-themed anime. So, relax and take in all the romance and excitement.

‘Mai Tohika’ is the protagonist of the manga and anime series ‘Mai-Hime.’ Mai isn’t your average high school girl, so keep that in mind. The “mark” was there in her.

An insignia with magical abilities, the Hime mark, is worn by those who wear it. Mai’s destiny begins to take shape as a result of her recent empowerment. Saving humanity will require a battle against monstrous foes.

Mai isn’t the only one battling monsters, though. She had a total of twelfths of Hime-marked daughters. How did Mai feel about the others?

10. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi

Does a full-blown romance and explicit content sound appealing to you? Consider using Mnemosyne.

Be forewarned: this Yuri anime is loaded with graphic sexual content and gore. It’s time to get your thoughts in order!

Rin Asogi, a detective, is the focus of the story. In order to save humanity, Rin gathers up hellish creatures with magical powers.

Rin, on the other hand, is a mysterious figure. Let us begin by mentioning their relationship as lovers. However, in order to gather information, she goes to bed with her informants.

11. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

The short length of the Netsuzou Trap was one of the first things that drew us in. You’ll be done with the entire series in a matter of hours.

Despite its length, Netsuzou Trap’s tale is one of originality and hilarity. Hotaru and Yuma were best friends since childhood.

It wasn’t until high school that Yuma found herself with a boyfriend. Now she turns to Hotaru, a dependable confidante, for guidance in her dating life.

Hotaru chose to kiss Yuma instead of offering words of wisdom on dating.

The question now is whether Yuma will break up with her boyfriend. Despite the betrayal, will she continue to cheat? The solutions lie within the Netsuzou Trap!

12. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Instant hit for Yuri anime because of the revolutionary theme. When it comes to “challenging the established quo,” Utena lives up to her moniker of Revolutionary Girl.

There is never a dull moment in this Yuri series. Every time you view Revolutionary Girl Utena, you learn something new about politics, gender identity, and sexual connections.

Utena is the narrator of this tale. Her decision to become a prince instead of a princess defied all chances. Utena chooses to make some alterations to her new school uniform in order to better represent her beliefs. She opted for a more feminine aesthetic than the typical male design.

The story will later revolve around Utena’s dreams and everyday life. This Yuri will have a slew of subplots. You should expect a lot of romance and a lot of scheming in this series.

13. Riddle Story of the Devil

For those looking for something more upbeat, this anime isn’t for you. As a result, the story and adventure will be of the highest caliber.

Haru Ichinose, the protagonist of Riddle’s Story of the Devil, is a beautiful and easygoing girl. The motives of those who sought Haru’s death are unknown.

As a result, the “bad guys” dispatched a team of 12 assassins to hunt down Haru. Anyone who gets to murder Haru will be rewarded with whatever she desires.

When one of the assassins, Tokaku Azuma, grew infatuated with Haru, the assassination turned sour. Tokaku then stepped in to rescue her new friend’s life by any means necessary.

14. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

In a relationship, we all seek reassurances. Even if the flames are extinguished, there should be some indication that the fire continues to burn as hotly as ever.

Sakura Trick’s characters, like everyone else, yearn for that sense of security. But when was it going to arrive?

As with most Yuri anime, Sakura Trick centers on two high school girls. The two were a match made in heaven in their junior year.

After high school, the two females had to meet new people and form new friendships. During their time apart, they must make certain that their feelings for one another remain a constant source of passion.

Haruka and Yuu (the two girls) kissed for the sake of securing their relationship. Look just how upset she was!

15. Sasameki Koto

Unrequited love is a pitfall in romantic relationships. It has the power to arouse feelings of ugliness and desolation in the human soul.

Sasameki Koto is a place where you’ll be confronted with feelings of despair and the realization that not everyone will love you the way you love them.

Murasame Sumika and Kazama Ushio are the protagonists of this Yuri anime. The former is adored by her peers at school for her adorable demeanor. In spite of everything, she has a weight on her shoulders. Huh?

Murasame is infatuated with Kazama, her best friend. The fact that she knew Kazama preferred short girls meant she was unable to express her affections to him.

Murasame’s hilarious sadness will be the focus of the rest of the story. This is such a heartfelt show!

16. Shōjo Sect: Innocent Lovers

A break from high school may be just what you need. For a change, how about a more mature Yuri anime? Yes?

Try Shjo Sect: Innocent Lovers if you’re looking for something a little different. Shinobu Handa and Momoko Nait are the two protagonists in this story.

In fact, the two women had been friends since they were very young. Despite Shinobu’s intensity, they had a mutual admiration for each other at that time.

Having moved on with her life, Momoko had completely forgotten about her ex-boyfriend. Shinobu, on the other hand, still has a soft spot for Momoko, as she has for the past few years. Will they ever get back together?

17. Simoun


Let us introduce you to something new. Simoun is a science fiction-infused Yuri anime. Geek fans will delight in this specific series.

The story takes place in a society where people are born with a gender preference for women. When they reach magical spring, the offspring of this mystical land must pick their gender.

Choosing a gender for Simoun isn’t even the most exciting part of the storyline. What makes this show so engaging is watching the default-gendered characters form romantic connections with one another as they fly their “Simoun.”

18. Sweet Blue Flowers

Sweet Blue Flowers is an adorable Yuri series, much like the name suggests. Love stories, reunions, and fate are all themes you’ll like in this anime.

The story focuses on the relationship between two girls. They were childhood buddies who became close throughout the years. In the same way that flowers blossom, so do their emotions.

A friend of mine had to move away, which was a bummer. It would seem that the love had faded forever. However, as fate would have it, the two companions reunited in high school. This is such a beautiful love tale!

19. Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us)

If you’re searching for a big-budget Yuri story with a lot of laughs, then Maria Watches Over Us is the one for you. Even the name of the book is a little amusing.

In this case, there is no single protagonist. The anime highlights numerous emotional relationships simultaneously. The plot revolves around the lives of several students at a prestigious Catholic high school. Our senior citizens look after our junior citizens. Relationships, on the other hand, are typically punctuated by emotional explosions.

20. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid stands out among the other Yuri anime on this list. For a start, the plot is dark and brimming with exploitation.

Funnily enough, such exploitation is one of the harsh realities of relationships. And Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid follows that same pattern.

The story follows a kidnapped girl. She found herself on a stranded island and met a stranger that would soon steal her heart away.

Unfortunately, the new girl only wants to exploit the “lover girl.” How? The conniving castaway girl would tease the other innocent lover. By doing so, the former stirs enough arousal to send the latter into an almost hypnotic state.