9 Best Venom Comics That You Should Reading Update 07/2024

Best Venom Comics

Venom: Let There Be Carnage isn’t out yet, but it’s possible that the movie will use some of the best Venom comic book story arcs from Marvel to make it. A lot of good stories have been told since Venom first came out in the late 1980s, and some of them could be made into movies.

Venom is a unique character in comic books because of how he started out and how he ended up in world-wide cosmic wars. His best story arcs helped him go from villain to complex anti-hero, which led to his popularity in comics and movies.

1. Origin Of Venom

Origin Of Venom

During 1985’s Secret Wars crossover event, Venom was first shown in The Amazing Spider-Man #298-300.

These stories are important because they show Venom as the intimidating bad guy and serious threat to Spider-Man that he is. Venom was a major new enemy for Spider-Man in this first storyline. He wasn’t able to sense Peter Parker’s Spider-Sense, had many of Spider-powers, Man’s and knew a lot about his life.

2. Ultimate Venom

Venom’s origin is changed in the Ultimate Comics universe of Earth-1610, and it’s just as important for comic book fans as it was for the movies.

As a fan of comic books, some people thought the 2019 Venom movie did a good job of making Venom look like an alien symbiote, not just a scientific experiment that came from outside. When the storyline comes to Earth-616, the relationship between Eddie Brock and Peter Parker was even more complicated than on Earth-616.

3. Bride Of Venom

Bride Of Venom

She was one of the most brave hosts of the Venom symbiote, and comic book fans will likely remember her. “The Bride Of Venom” story arc from The Amazing Spider-Man #374 and 375 is great because it adds much more complexity to Eddie Brock through the introduction of his ex-wife Anne.

Eddie had been a little one-note up until that point. Anne shows that Eddie has had a difficult past and a good heart, even though he hasn’t always been happy. One of the best Venom variants is called She-Venom because it bonds with her to save her life.

4. Spider-Island

“Spider Island” is one of the major points in Venom’s journey from pure bad guy to hero. At the time of this huge story arc, Venom and Flash Thompson have become friends. It looks like he’s in full hero mode as he leads the fight against the hordes of people turned into spiders by the Spider Queen.

This story is also important because it’s where Flash, a long-time enemy of Peter Parker, learns that he is in fact Spider-Man, and he is shocked. To stop the Spider Queen and save the world from her evil plan, he also gives up his life.

5. Planet Of The Symbiotes

Planet Of The Symbiotes

Almost all of the world was taken over in another great Venom story arc called “Planet of the Symbiotes.” It was in the mid-1990s when this comic book story took place. After Eddie Brock sent Venom away, other symbiotes invaded Earth.

As a story arc for Venom, the development of alien symbiote mythology for the first time makes this one of the best ones. This arc really shows how the symbiotes are a threat to the universe, which led to the King In Black mega event in the comics.

6. Amazing Spider-Man #298-#300 

This is where it all starts. He wears a goth version of his old uniform when he comes back to Earth after the Secret Wars crossover event. In fact, he doesn’t know that the costume is Venom! During the movie, we learn that Venom is a creature from another world that takes over the host’s abilities and mind. Peter hates Venom so much that he doesn’t want the symbiote. On the other hand, Eddie has just been fired from his job at the Daily Bugle because his prize-winning story was proven to be false by Parker. When Venom was rejected by the Daily Bugle, Eddie was angry. The two of them decide to get rid of our favorite arachnid once and for all, even though we still love him.

In the past, Todd McFarlane has always been good at making characters that make us think about them even after they’re gone. Venom isn’t the only one! There are a lot of things about Venom that we don’t like about him when we first meet him. There’s a good chance that Peter won’t be happy with that kind of thing, but when he meets Brock, it’s like they were made for each other. There is a lot of truth to the comparison between Brock and Venom. Even though Brock has a bad attitude, he isn’t a bad person. Symbiote and Eddie have no choice but to work together to stay alive in the real world. With his sarcasm and wit, Venom’s appearance has made him a mainstay in the Marvel universe. He changes his personality with each person he takes under his spell.

7. Venom #1 – #29 (2018 – present) 

Venom #1 – #29 (2018 – present)

It’s a new version of Venom’s origin story written by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman in 2018. This comic also includes the Miles Morales Spider-man arc, which is a lovely and new way to look at the relationship between Spider-Man and Venom. This comic also includes the Miles Morales Spider-man arc. It’s clear that Venom and Eddie aren’t happy with Peter Parker. They’re excited when Morales shows up to fight KNULL.

First, Eddie and Venom are in a bad situation and we learn about them. Eddie has had to take pharmaceutical pills to stop Venom from talking in a way that isn’t clear or consistent. In the last few days, Venom has talked a lot about death and murder, which is a little scary. When Eddie hears about a crime in the city, he runs off with his pen in hand to get the best story. Instead, Venom goes on a rampage and attacks policemen and criminals, which makes the movie even more scary. Venom’s hunger has become more vicious, and Eddie is having a hard time controlling him. The two were taken by a vet named Rex Strickland, who asked Brock to help him find his former friends who had been kidnapped. They were former soldiers who had been used in a S.H.I.E.L.D. experiment that used “samples” of symbiote particles to see how they worked. This leads us to a mission Eddie is made to do by other people. Symbiotes who have lost their sense of control and speak in another language try to get rid of Venom as well as Eddie.

People who are new to Venom should start here because it gives a lot of good background information about Eddie and Venom. It also answers the questions that have been bothering Venom since its inception: Who is Klyntar and who is the most metal God in the universe, Knull?

When Eddie faces his own demons without the distraction of his partner, it will be interesting to see how he does.

8. Venom: Separation Anxiety (1994) #1-#4

Separation Anxiety is a four-part story about four people who used to work for the Life Foundation and their symbiotes. Eddie has been separated from Venom in order to “test” his ability to be a good carrier. When Donna, Leslie, Ramon, Trevor, and Carl break into the facility where Eddie is being held, they free him. People who have symbiotes want to save Eddie and talk with him so they can figure out how to get rid of them. Eddie can’t function without his “other.” This story is another example of that. Eddie still has the same strength and grit that he did when he and Venom were joined together. He wants to be left alone and freed so that he can find his friend. It’s at this point that we get the full picture of Venom as a bad guy. In the end, Eddie isn’t a superhero by any means, but he isn’t as bad as some people make him out to be. Trying to change Eddie doesn’t make sense to the people who are trying to do that. The symbiotes have their own will and minds, and the only way to live with them is to agree to each other in writing. Their relationship is strong because they have come to accept each other for who they are. Love is the reason.

9. Spider-Man: The Venom Agenda  (1998) #1

Spider-Man The Venom Agenda  (1998)

They are back at it again in this one-shot. Parker has a sinus infection, so he can’t fight Brock and his clever friend. Brock wants to get even with Spidey. Agent Smith gives him a chance to do so. Bastion is being investigated by J. Jonah Jameson, and Smith wants to make him equal. X-Men use Brock to get rid of Jameson and let Bastion keep his goal to “represent” mutants all over the world on his own.

In the city, Venom had just come back from the island Spider-Man took him to. Besides not liking Jameson because he fired him from the Bugle, Brock doesn’t like him because he did that to him. This story is so funny because we get a lot of Jameson’s “editor-in-chief” witticisms that make you laugh (especially in regards to his comments on healthcare). Cynical word play makes the relationship between Eddie and Peter seem more like a friendship than an arch nemesis. A one-shot story made me want more with the same panache and wit.