11 Best Red Hood Comics That You Should Reading Update 07/2024

Best Red Hood Comics

Being able to read about your favorite characters in stories that you can relate to is a great thing to do. Reading guides can help you learn more about a character by seeing how they have changed over time. The Essential Reading List is a new feature on the Comic Vault that lists the most important stories that a comic character has been in. This list is called The Essential Reading List. It all starts with Red Hood, who is my favorite person. There have been a lot of great Batman stories with Jason Todd at the heart of them.

1. A Death In The Family

A Death In The Family

It was when Dick Grayson became Nightwing that Batman got a new friend. In Crime Alley, Batman found out that Jason Todd had pushed the wheels off of the Batmobile. After that, he made him the second Robin. A lot of people liked Jason, but they didn’t like how he was played by the show. This led to a vote on whether or not Jason Todd should be killed off or not. Fans said that he should be killed, which led to the famous “A Death in the Family” arc.

Jason’s mother was taken hostage by The Joker, and he was taken away from Batman by the Joker. In the end, the Joker’s trap worked, resulting in Jason being hit with a crowbar and killed in a blast. Bruce Wayne was haunted by Robin’s death for a long time. The Dark Knight saw Jason’s death as his biggest mistake.

2. Red Hood: The Lost Days

Jason eventually came back to life, and the story of how he became the Red Hood is told in this comic book. Following his death, Jason became angry and unstable. He vowed to kill Batman because he didn’t avenge his death, but Batman didn’t do it. He became close to Talia Al Ghul, the person who brought back his memories. In order to teach him how to use lethal force, she sent him around the world to killers.

After a long time, Jason came up with his own way to fight crime. He also found out that Talia had been holding him back. He decided to set up a fight between himself, Batman, and the Joker, and he became known as the Red Hood.

3. Batman: Hush

Batman Hush

Years later, a new bad guy in Gotham named Hush came into the city. Trying to figure out who Batman was, he came across Jason, who attacked Tim Drake and said he was Hush. Both of them got into a fight. Batman was able to figure out that Clayface had been disguised as Batman. In fact, Jason was there when Batman and Clayface were fighting, but he switched places with Clayface because he wanted to see Batman fight up close.

4. The Man Behind The Red Hood

The first Red Hood was the Joker. When people tell stories about how he came up with his designs and how he came up with them, this is one of the most common. It shows how he lived when he was a small-time criminal and worked for a gang in the beginning.

He used to hide who he was by wearing a red hood. This way, anyone could play him if they had to. It’s a story that could help explain how Jason Todd came to be in the show, because the Joker has already been seen in Titans. Red Hood’s gang should help him.

5. Under The Hood

Under The Hood

In Under the Hood, the new Red Hood is fully shown. How did you know who was behind that mask? Season 3 is likely to see the Titans try to figure out who the new, violent vigilante is.

As a surprise, the readers found out that Jason Todd was still alive and had taken such a dark path. It’s a story that really sets out what the Red Hood is and is one that will heavily influence how the character is portrayed on screen.

6. Battle For The Cowl

Batman is going to retire in the DC universe soon, and both Jason Todd and Dick Grayson would like to take over the role of Batman. As it is, the two have a pretty big rivalry. Now that both of them have found new identities, they have been split up.

This story might come into play if Batman retires though. Nightwing and Red Hood are both trying to become Batman, but they’re not sure which one to choose. A lot of the show’s already talked about themes would be brought up again by this.

7. One Year Later

One Year Later

He becomes much more dangerous and violent. One Year Later sees Jason Todd take over Nightwing and become a much more dangerous and violent Nightwing. It’s a big change from what he usually wears, and it makes Dick Grayson even more angry.

In a show, this story could very well happen. Probably, the TV version would steal the costume to get under Grayson’s skin and show that not only is he a better Robin, but also that he is now better Nightwing.

8. Red Robin

Red Robin was a title that Jason Todd took on for a short time, but it didn’t last long. The mantle has been passed on to a completely new Robin, since Damian Wayne is now the boy wonder.

Probably, Jason Todd will try a lot of different things with his character before he comes up with the name “Red Hood.” As a nod to the comics and to fans of the character, he could wear the Red Robin suit at some point.

9. The Outlaws

The Outlaws

They are a group that Red Hood is a part of and even leads. With young heroes like Arsenal and old friends like Starfire, it’s a team that could even compete with the Titans.

Red Hood might use this story to show that he is a better leader by setting up his own Outlaws to fight the Titans. It might even have people like Ravager leave and bring in new people.

10. Calling All Robins

Comics and TV shows based on Batman: The Brave and the Bold told stories about how to bring together all of the different Robins when Batman isn’t around. Robins should be in the show more.

This might happen if Batman went missing. If Jason turns into the Red Hood, Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing and Bruce Wayne has another one of the Robins, it could be interesting.

11. Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight was a character made by the game developer Rocksteady for their Arkham games. Fans didn’t know who the Arkham Knight was until Jason Todd was revealed to be the real person behind the mask.

This is another way that Todd has shown how violent and heartless he can be, so this is another one of those. When the Titans show him as Arkham Knight, they show him in the Red Hood costume underneath. It may be a story that Titans use to their advantage.