10 Best Power Systems In Anime That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Best Power Systems In Anime

Fight scenes are a common theme in the Shonen anime genre, making it a popular source of entertainment.

There are a plethora of powers to be found throughout the various series’ hundreds of thousands of universes.

If you’re a fan of Shonen anime, you’ve probably noticed that they like to incorporate some fantasy elements into their stories.

These require a power system to be built and developed. Chakra from Naruto and “Ki” from Dragon Ball are two instances of such systems.

These systems provide an explanation for the characters’ remarkable abilities and follow a set of well stated criteria.

A good power system has certain agreed-upon qualities, such as inventiveness, strength, downsides, and limits…. The top ten power systems in Shonen anime will be discussed in this article.

10. Ki – Dragon Ball

Ki – Dragon Ball

The original source of power in the Dragon Ball franchise is Ki, a concept that was almost completely forgotten by the time of the release of Dragon Ball Super.

It’s essentially the characters’ life force. An individual can manipulate and utilise this energy outside of the body by drawing it out of the body.

To boost one’s combat abilities, one can use Ki to generate plasma from one’s own body in the form of beams, swords, explosions, and other forms of plasma.

Ki comes in a slew of flavors, all of which pack a powerful punch.

Because it is the most fundamental and significant aspect in Dragon Ball’s power system, Dragon Ball appears to have done its best to make the public forget it.

9. Reiatsu – Bleach

There is some Reiryoku in everyone’s soul in Bleach. The foundation of some people’s strength is built on their bigger reserves. The raw material from which Bleach’s powers are formed is called Reiryoku.

Physical force/pressure created when Reiryoku is released is known as Reiatsu, on the other hand.

Basically, this is what powers Bleach. Using this approach, you’ll be able to employ more powerful skills because your reserves will be better maintained and improved over time.

As more and more systems, such as Zanpakuto, Bankai, and others were introduced and built on top of one another in the anime, it fell farther and further down this ranking list.

Like with Naruto, where the central concept of Chakra is frequently overwhelmed by absurdly overblown abilities, so it is with Bleach.

8. Quirks – My Hero Academia

Quirks – My Hero Academia

In contrast to other anime where the protagonist is the hero, the term “hero” is used quite loosely in My Hero Academia.

Anyone can become a hero in this series, despite the fact that most characters are born with special abilities or “quirks.”

However, what precisely are quirks? At some point in the latter part of the twenty-first century, people began to demonstrate unusual abilities, such as telekinesis or flight.

Later, about 80% of the human population was born with powers known as “quirks,” which were referred to as such.

While some eccentricities, like superhuman strength, are well-known, others, like the ability to fly, are a bit more unusual.

While it’s not pleasant to watch, there’s a character in the show who can turn flesh into meatballs.

Because of their evident flaws, Quirks are ranked 8th on this list.

Despite the fact that they are superpowers, it could take years of practice to master them. This establishes a boundary and, in keeping with the slogan, necessitates significant effort on the part of the user to overcome it.

7. Bending – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Putting aside the debate over whether or not it should be included in anime, Bending is a power structure unlike any other.

In contrast to other games, where one element has an advantage over another, all elements are equal in Bending. The only way to improve one’s strength is to put up the effort and learn the necessary techniques.

It’s important to keep in mind that the characters don’t possess any elemental power. It is instead bent and manipulated to their will through the use of martial arts.

In addition, each of the four aspects represents a particular personality, culture, and philosophy.

Bending has a distinct place in the world of power systems because of both its theological rationale and the expertise and training necessary.

6. Stands – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Stands – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo relies heavily on stands for power. In essence, they are the outward manifestations of an individual’s inner life force.

As a result, each stand has its own distinct powers and conflicts.

Because of the enormous number and variety of Stands, this power system has earned a spot in the top ten. It is possible to move quickly, but it is also possible to sabotage your chances of success.

If your ability is powerful enough to destroy one person but there are many others with abilities that counter yours, then you don’t have any actual power scaling.

Even though Stands has numerous limitations, the enormous creative freedom it provides its users puts it in sixth place.

5. Alchemy – Fullmetal Alchemist

The “Equivalent Exchange.” As a result of this rigid regulation, Fullmetal Alchemist’s power system, Alchemy, is one of the best. The characters in this series know better than anyone that nothing is free.

Alchemy necessitates the sacrifice of something in order to be performed.

Because Alchemy is founded on science, the players will have to put in a lot of time and effort to understand the underlying principles and processes.

The majority of characters use transmutation rings as a technique of channeling this power.

Alchemy, despite its constraints, provides enough room for its users to express themselves and unleash their abilities.

4. Magic / Grimoire – Black Clover

Magic-Grimoire – Black Clover

While many people dislike Black Clover for its usage of traditional Shonen tropes, it is often overlooked for its originality.

The Grimoire serves as a conduit for the characters’ magical abilities in the show. It’s the fact that everybody in the kingdom, regardless of rank, can receive one that makes it fantastic.

So, let’s talk about what a grimoire actually is. At the age of 15, each magician is given a grimoire, a book of magical knowledge. It’s a collection of spells tailored to each character’s unique characteristics.

There are a limited number of pages, or spells, that are included, but the player can unlock additional ones based on their luck and talent.

As a result, regardless of the difference in Mana levels, a grimoire’s user has the potential to become an extraordinarily powerful character.

Although it sounds ridiculous, the anime’s central premise of pushing yourself past your comfort zone actually makes sense.

It’s possible to awaken new spells in Black Clover by attempting to push one’s personal boundaries in the face of extreme difficulty, thanks to the system’s focus on character personality and emotional state.

Despite the fact that this system isn’t perfect, and there are a few areas that need improvement, it has the potential to be one of the best on the market.

3. Devil Fruits & Haki – One Piece

One Piece’s devil fruit system is one of the most innovative and well-developed power systems in anime, and it’s one of my personal favorites.

You don’t have to rely on chance to find the power you desire; instead, you can actively seek it out.

The drawback is that you run the risk of obtaining a power that is either completely pointless or outrageously powerful.

In One Piece’s power system, the one thing that makes it powerful is also its greatest flaw. A person who eats a devil fruit will never be able to swim again.

In fact, if enough of their body is submerged in water, they become catatonic. Given that the vast majority of the anime’s cast is made up of pirates, this is a significant find.

While this limits the crazy capabilities of devil fruits, it also allows for a great deal of inventiveness.

Luffy’s utilization of the Gomu Gomu fruit, which at first looked pointless, has surprised both the characters and the audience.

One Piece has a second system, named Haki, in addition to this one.

As a counterweight to devil fruits, people can train their brains and bodies to use Haki, which not only bridges the difference between stronger and lesser fruits, but also rewards combatants who make innovative use of their abilities.

As a counterbalance to one another, both systems offer opportunities for growth while remaining constrained by preexisting bounds and restrictions.

2. Chakra – Naruto

Chakra – Naruto

Naruto has had the most time to develop a power system among the anime on our list, which is why it’s so thoroughly defined.

‘Chakra’ is an aggregation of physical and spiritual energy that Shinobi in the Naruto-verse can use to their advantage. It’s possible to do so by using three main Jutsu’s: Taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu, each of which has its own unique style.

Chakra is also comprised of a variety of elements. The user can perform a variety of jutsu techniques by determining which elements are affinitive.

This approach is fantastic because there are limits on the amount of Chakra a person can have. Even Naruto, who has a massive amount, has a clear rationale and a limit to it.

The use of Chakra in Naruto Shippuden was nearly non-existent, but it is still a very powerful system of power.

1. Nen – Hunter x Hunter

Unofficially, Nen is the best power system in all of Shonen anime. Creativity and power are emphasized, as are boundaries, in this efficient and effective method of working.

The Hunter X However, even if it provides its users with enormous power, Hunter’s Nen system typically has downsides or limitations tied to it.

Even while Nen has clear restrictions and an upper limit, it’s still fascinating to discover how one might use them to obtain more power.

In the battlefield, Nen reflects the user’s agility and adaptability. For the sake of not making the concept too obscure, characters can be brought back to life in this manner.

Instead of dismissing it, fans were enthralled by the Bungee Gum’s mechanism and Togashi’s brilliance when Hisoka used it to re-awaken him. In and of itself, this is evidence of an advanced power system.

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