10 Best Pokemon Anime That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Pokemon Anime

Many battles have been portrayed in the Pokémon anime’s more than 20 years of episodes, but a few stand out as particularly exciting and memorable.

In 1997, the first episode of the Pokémon anime aired, introducing viewers to the enthralling and expansive world of these adorable little monsters. Ash Ketchum’s quest to be the best has captivated fans for more than one thousand and one hundred and eighty-six episodes.

Since the beginning of his trip, Ash’s ability as a Trainer has improved dramatically, thanks in large part to the bouts he’s had with his partner Pokémon. The best bouts in the anime are a select sampling of his many fights. In these battles, the best qualities of the franchise are on display: brilliant animation and nonstop action.

1. Ash Vs. Korrina – “A Festival Reunion!”

A Festival Reunion

Despite the fact that Korrina isn’t actually Ash’s rival, the show treats her as such whenever they come into contact. This time around, Ash and her faced each other in the World Coronation Series, where they competed for promotion to the Great Class.

Lucario handily defeats Ash’s Gengar in the opening exchanges. A Dragonite sent by him easily thrashes Korrina’s Mienshao with its formidable Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. Ending up with Mega Lucario and Dragonite as her two best Pokemon is a resounding success for her. With Mega Evolution making its return, this match is tight yet entertaining, and Ash’s Dragonite is the star.

2. Ash Vs. Lieutenant Surge – “Electric Shock Shockdown”

Throughout Kanto, Ash experienced a wide range of emotions. He became overly reliant on his Pikachu as a result of his lack of expertise in Pokémon combat, which was beautifully depicted in the anime. Ash’s encounter with Lieutenant Surge, the leader of Vermilion City’s Electric-type Gym, taught him a vital lesson.

Using Surge’s primary Pokémon, Raichu, Ash and Pikachu were easily dispatched at the outset of their encounter. In the rematch, Pikachu struggles once more, but the yellow mouse is unfazed. It’s an exciting fight with a memorable moment when Raichu destroys the Gym’s lights and glass with his electricity. Finally, Pikachu is victorious, making all of the fans celebrate with him and his Trainer.

3. Ash Vs. Harrison – “Playing With Fire!”

Ash Vs. Harrison - Playing With Fire

Season after season, Harrison appeared as a character. Ash was mentored by an older, more experienced Trainer from Hoenn. During the Silver Conference, the two had a friendly rivalry that culminated to their encounter.

Ash’s Bayleef defeats Harrison’s Houndoom in a close fight, giving the undervalued Starter a much-needed moment in the spotlight. Blaziken, one of the strongest Fire Starters inPokémon, makes his debut in this game, which is also notable. Despite the fact that Charizard is Ash’s most powerful Pokémon, Blaziken prevails in a tough battle. Even though Ash lost, the fans remained proud of him and his team, and this was a spectacular and unforgettable battle.

4. Ash Vs. Clemont – “The Moment Of Lumiose Truth!”

One of Ash’s most brilliant and clumsy companions, Clemont is a nice and sometimes bashful boy. Audiences may witness him grappling with these challenges throughout the X & Yseason.

Clemont faces Ash in a three-on-three match as the Lumiuose City Gym Leader. Clemont’s Luxray meets Ash’s Goodra in the most unforgettable scene. Despite Luxray’s impressive performance, he can’t hold a candle to Ash’s Pseudo-Legendary. Clemont’s confidence in his abilities is boosted by the combat, which serves as a turning point for him. Even more so, it’s one of Goodra’s finest moments in the anime.

5. Ash Vs. Kukui – “From Z To Shining Z!”

Ash Vs. Kukui - From Z To Shining Z

Alola League exhibition fight versus Professor Kukui is a long and rule-breaking combat for the Pokémon. After five episodes, Ash and the Professor have exhausted every last technique in their arsenal to win.

Tapu Koko joins Kukui and Ash in the last battle. Neganadel, the young Trainer’s Ultra Beast, is summoned, and the conflict reaches epic proportions. Ash was forced to send Pikachu as his final Pokémon after Neganadel’s demise. It’s not rare to see the franchise’s mascot face off against a Legendary Pokémon, but this time was particularly noteworthy. This was Pikachu’s chance to show off everything he had learnt up to that time.

6. Ash Vs. Paul – “Battling A Thaw In Relations!”

Pokemon fans like Paul, one of their favorite villains. He also through a lengthy process of personal growth and development, ultimately transforming into a more compassionate Trainer. Ash’s ultimate battle with him at the Lily of the Valley Conference proves that he is Ash’s most formidable foe.

Ash and Paul use a full six-man team to combat each other. In the end, everything comes down to Paul’s Electivire and Ash’s Infernape, the latter of which developed from the Chimchar that Paul had abused and abandoned earlier in the game. Ash is victorious after Infernape defeats Electivire in the last match. Paul, on the other hand, has grown to admire Ash’s abilities as a Trainer, and he isn’t bitter about it. One of anime’s best season-long feuds is coming to a conclusion. Battles between Trainers are always exciting, but this one is particularly memorable because of the backstories of the participants.

7. Ash Vs. Iris – “Thrash Of The Titans!”

Ash Vs. Iris - Thrash Of The Titans

Ex-traveling companion: Iris. Their relationship at Unova was tense at times, yet there was real admiration underlying their acts. Fans understood that if the two ever met again, the fight would be epic. They had a great deal of respect for each other.

It was, after all. During Ash’s challenge to the Champion of Unova for a place in the Ultra Class, the two friends meet. However, the actual confrontation will be between Ash’s Haxorus and Iris’ Dragonite, whose Dracovish Ash defeats. In the end, despite the fact that both dragons give it their all, Dragonite uses Draco Meteor to defeat Haxorus and prove why it is one of Ash’s strongest Pokémon ever. As a result, the fight is a thrilling showdown that shows how far these two Trainers have progressed since their last meeting.

8. Ash Vs. Gladion – “Enter The Champion!”

Ash finally becomes a Pokémon League Champion after 22 years and innumerable bouts. Gladion, his Alola rival, was defeated by him in a grueling and now-iconic match. When it came to the best characters in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Gladion was at the top of the list.

During their fight, the best of each squad is on display, although the respect they have for each other is clear. Both Trainers send out their respective Lycanroc until only one remains standing in the last leg of the contest. In the right place at the right time, Ash won his reward after years of hard effort. It’s a historic moment, and one of the best in the series.

9. Ash Vs. Tobias – “The Semi-Final Frontier!”

Ash Vs. Tobias - The Semi-Final Frontier

Ash’s match versus Tobias at the Lily of the Valley Conference is one of the most unjust in the history ofPokémon. Ash improved tremendously as a Trainer and a person during his time in Sinnoh, and many people expected him to eventually win the League Championship. Sadly, they were wrong.

For Ash, Tobias was a frightening Trainer whose Darkrai was unbeaten to that time in the Conference’s playoffs. Moments like Ash’s Sceptile overcoming the seemingly invincible Darkrai are among the most memorable from this encounter. Tobias, on the other hand, is unfazed and brings out another another Legendary Pokémon, Latios, to secure the victory. Despite Tobias’ team’s overwhelming dominance, many people question the match’s legitimacy. No one can deny, though, that it was a fantastic showdown.

10. Ash Vs. Gary – “Can’t Beat the Heat!”

The animosity between Ash and Gary was palpable right from the start of the series. In order to embarrass Ash as often as possible, Gary made it a point to make fun of him. Over time, their relationship grew into one in which they respected each other’s strengths.

Fans were on the edge of their seats when Ash and Gary finally faced off in the Silver Conference’s Pokédex. While Charizard holds Blastoise, it performs a Seismic Toss, causing the turtle to fall to the ground and allowing Ash to take the victory… While there are more thrilling battles, there are none that matter as much as this one.