10 Best Heist Movies Netflix That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Heist Movies Netflix

Ariane Cruz is the author. Afternoon of the 17th August 2021 at 3:37 pm.

You can get a taste of what’s to come in the fifth season of Netflix’s Money Heist by watching a few comparable movies while you wait for the new episodes to air.

It can take months or even years to come up with an elaborate scheme, plan it out, then carry it through. Despite this, movies and television shows make it look like a piece of cake. Even though heists are not recommended, it may be fun to think of a fake master plan. Here are some of our favorite heist movies that you may learn from.

1. Ocean’s 11

Ocean’s 11

A successful theft requires a well-thought-out strategy that is both feasible and adaptable. Because no one knows what will happen, there must be a Plan B to Z. Breaking in for Ocean’s 11 is a cinch. To survive, the only thing that matters is how.

In every robbery, improvisation is essential. There will always be ways to get caught, no matter how well thought out the strategy is. Also, don’t forget to see the other Ocean’s films.

2. Ocean’s 8

The Toussant, one of the world’s most valuable and guarded jewels, is the target of a group of extremely talented women. They had a plan to steal it and cut it up during a party so that they could each take home a piece. It’s a fun movie with a decent balance of action and humor.

Ocean’s 8 features a stellar cast, including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway. As a bonus, some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry will appear in cameo roles in the Met Gala-themed episode.

3. Baby Driver

Baby Driver

Baby Driver isn’t just a typical heist movie; it’s also a musical. You won’t find anything like that before. Ansel Elgort’s role, Baby, is a hired driver for a gang of robbers. With a face like that, no one would accuse the boy of being a criminal because of his innocent appearance. In addition, he is well-versed in the ways of the city.

When the two major characters created a chemistry that no one expected, it was quite the surprise. Music lovers will find themselves humming along as they watch the movie thanks to the appealing soundtracks.

4. Now You See Me

In the past, have you ever wondered how you could rob a bank without making it obvious? Until the Four Horsemen do it, it looks impossible. In front of an audience, these well-trained criminals do heists and make it appear false, yet they are genuinely robbing people in public.

It was Morgan Freeman who provided the narration for both films, and he explained how the heists were accomplished. In his own show, he refuted their mysteries and exposed how they planned, organized, and executed the heists.

5. Fast Five

Fast Five

As a long-running film series, Fast & Furious always offers unexpected twists and turns. Fast Five is apart from the other Fast films in that it is primarily concerned with a heist. Even though this is a movie, there were still plenty of vehicle chases and gunfights.

Fans seem to be insatiable, regardless of how many films are released. It’s easy to see why fans keep returning: the thrills and mind-blowing stunts just keep getting better and better.

6. Inception

Those who enjoy Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi heist films will appreciate this. When you see the mind-boggling Inception movie, you’ll be dazzled by the convoluted timelines and fusion of science and fantasy.

By infiltrating the minds of his prey, a talented thief named Dom steals valuable information. Their subjects’ sensitive information is extracted utilizing powerful military technology that permits them to enter a shared dream world. Their victims’ memories are also altered since they implant concepts into their minds.

7. 21


This isn’t your typical heist movie, as it’s all about card counting. Viewers who recognize the name Blackjack will have a good idea of what this video is about. The object of the game is to collect cards with a face value of exactly 21. If a player is adept at counting cards, they have a better chance of winning.

The mysteries are hidden in deception and cunning. As in a heist, the conman must know how to play the system. Those who win the jackpot get to take home large sums of money. Isn’t this still a robbery?

8. Ronin

A gang of mercenaries teamed together to rob a bank and snatch an important briefcase. When they accept the robbery job, Robert DeNiro and his gang are forced to deal with the dangers. The twist is in finding out which of the people they’ve just met are trustworthy after getting to know them.

Netflix’sMoney Heist has a similar rule in which members aren’t permitted to reveal private information about themselves. This is to ensure that the plan and its participants are protected in the event of a calamity.

9. Inside Man

Inside Man

As is usual in heist films, Inside Man stars Kevin Costner as a police investigator who is tasked with investigating the robbery. Although the film’s conclusion a foregone conclusion, it is nonetheless entertaining to see.

The film is not as difficult as the ones listed above. Moviegoers who just want to unwind and not worry about the plot will like this film. If you don’t mind some action and suspense in your movies, then this one is for you!

10. The Italian Job

There is an unsaid rule that no one should trust a fellow thief. At least one member of a robbery gang is going to blow the scheme and avoid prison time. That is the premise of The Italian Job.

Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, and Jason Statham feature in the American adaptation of the 1969 British film. When these three stars take to the big screen, fans know exactly what to anticipate. There will be a lot of fighting, automobile chases, and action scenes.