8 Best Erotic Comics That You Should Reading Update 05/2024

Best Erotic Comics

As you can see, there have been comic books about sex in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century. Most of these comics were Tijuana Bibles, which were childish attempts to show popular celebrities and comic characters in sexual situations to appeal to the lowest common denominator. America has been behind Europe and Japan when it comes to good comic books about sex.

Some good comic book erotica has come out in the United States over the years, and that number has been growing steadily in recent years as the taboo element of these stories has lessened. This is because people are less afraid of these kinds of stories (although, again, not to the point where any of these comics would be safe to read at work). Here, then, are 15 great NSFW comic books from American creators and/or American comic book companies that you might enjoy reading (in chronological order).

1. Little Annie Fanny

Little Annie Fanny

Before leaving EC Comics, Harvey Kurtzman made Mad for the company. He then made a magazine for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy line of magazines called Trump. The magazine didn’t last long because Hefner couldn’t pay for it. An apologetic Hefner gave Kurtzman free office space where he tried to start new projects. In addition, Kurtzman kept trying to get Hefner to write features for Playboy. Finally, Hefner agreed to publish a sex parody comic series called Little Orphan Fanny in the pages of Playboy. It was a parody of Harold Gray’s famous comic strip, Little Orphan Annie.

The strip was drawn by Kurtzman’s longtime collaborator, Will Elder. It followed Fanny, who was always optimistic, into funny situations where she always ended up naked. This is because the strip ran from 1962 to 1988. Kurtzman was able to make fun of the whole sexual revolution as it happened. Probably not as sharp as Kurtzman’s first satirical comics, like Mad or Fanny’s direct descendant, Goodman Beaver. Hefner had script approval, which made him push for more titillation, but it was still a great comic by two of the best.


It was a comic book series written and drawn by Phil Foglio that ran from the late 1980s to 1995. It was an anthology of sex stories with a sense of the absurd mixed in. Take the picture at the top of this page, for example. It shows a woman doing “safe sex.” The comics were positive stories about sex, because Foglio said that he didn’t want to write stories about sex that were bad.

A lot of the comics were funny, but one of the best parts was that you could often feel the love in all of the stories, no matter how weird they were. The comics were clearly sexy, but in a cute, sweet way. It was also interesting to see how Foglio himself changed as the series went on. He started out with straight sex and lesbian sex, but then added gay sex, too.



Black Kiss was a controversial comic book series that Howard Chaykin released in the late 1980s. It was a response to the call for warning labels in comics at the time. Dynamite Entertainment was the last company to reprint it in 2010. Chaykin was the writer/artist on the popular American Flagg series, but where that series would just hint at sex and violence, Black Kiss would go out of its way to depict them fully. Chaykin, a well-known artist, came out with this in 1988. This was a big surprise. The comics were put in black bags, like adult magazines.

The story is about a jazz musician who is on the run after being accused of killing his wife and daughter. His deal is that he will find an old pornographic film from the Vatican’s library in exchange for an alibi. Ritual horror and many groups want to get their hands on the movie. Pollack is in the middle.


For Rip Off Press, Chuck Austen made a comic book called Strips in 1989. Strips was written and drawn by Austen. When Zack Mackinerny made comic strips for the college newspaper, it was about the sexual mishaps that he and his friends got into on campus. One of the main characters is Kenna English, a girl who has a big crush on Zack but can’t get him to notice her. Instead, he ends up dating (and having a lot of sex with) her roommate.

A lot of people don’t like Zack because he isn’t paying attention. He is charming enough that you can’t hate him too much, and Kenna is interesting enough for both of them to enjoy each other (plus the other supporting characters are all interesting in their own way). As a sad note, the comic book series ended with a cliffhanger. Kenna is said to be planning on becoming a stripper to pay for her college tuition after the school canceled her financial aid.



In 1990, Fantographics Books started Eros Comix, which sold pornographic comic books and other sexy things. A pornographic comic book series called Birdland was written by one of Fantographics’ most well-known comic book artists of the 1980s, Gilbert Hernandez, who worked on Love and Rockets.

Birdland was about a married lawyer who had an affair with two strippers while his wife was having sex with her patients and hypnotizing him while she was at work. Meanwhile, his wife’s sister is also in love with him, but his brother is in love with his wife. When aliens kidnap the whole crazy group, the whole thing gets even more crazy. The series ends with a series of weird erotic stories (dinosaur sex!). There are some weird things about this comic, but Hernandez is so good that it still works. When he did more comic book work, he used the characters, but in a more grim way.


As part of this comic book series by writer Peter Milligan and artist Leandro Fernandez, Melissa Peake is a married woman living in New York City. She is enticed by a stranger, which leads her to discover the untapped potential that she didn’t know she had. It doesn’t sound like a comic that has a lot of sex in it, but there is a lot of sex in The Discipline, like a lot.



Garth Ennis is the author of this erotic comic, which was first published in 2002. It’s about the world’s first superhero prostitute, and it’s said to be a crazy story.

Among other things, it’s one of the most twisted, disgusting, and disgusting comic books out there, and it’s also known for having a very surprising twist ending. If you read it from cover to cover, you might not even want to stop.


Sticky is a collection of short stories about several men and how they hook up with each other. It’s romantic and sexy as always. So, you have to put together some of the pieces yourself, but thanks to this great art, it shouldn’t be too hard for you figure out what’s going on.