10 Best Anime Side Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Anime Side Characters

Notable heroes can be found in shows such as Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. As a result, there are a few minor characters who demand attention.

From Edward Elric to Tanjiro Kamado, anime’s protagonists have shaped popular culture. Those who work hard and persevere long enough to overcome adversity become heroes to the audience. Watching the characters grow and evolve is frequently the most rewarding aspect of an anime.

Side characters like Near in Death Note’s Near can be just as deserving of that kind of hero’s arc as the main character, despite their minimal screen time.

These minor characters, despite their position in the plot, are deserving of some attention in the anime world.

1. Kenya Kobayashi – Erased

Kenya Kobayashi - Erased

Kenya Kobayashi, despite being only 10 years old for most of the events inErased, manages to appear more mature and level-headed than Satoru, despite the fact that the main character is technically a lot older. Satoru’s new group of friends includes Kenya, who charms everyone with his wit and good nature.

Despite this, Kenya has a strong sense of justice and is always on the lookout for anything that doesn’t seem right. This allows him to be in the middle of things, coming up with plans and getting the best out of those who work with him. A more confident and assertive main character would have been Kenya rather than Satoru.

2. Giyu Tomioka – Demon Slayer

TTanjiro was the best character in Demon Slayer because of his positive outlook, devotion to his friends and family, and unwavering commitment to strengthening himself in order to defeat the demons. In terms of potential as a main hero, though, Giyu is a serious contender. When he meets Tanjiro and Nezuko, he is already a Hashira, having worked hard to achieve the greatest level of demon slayer renown.

He could have shown off his unmatched fighting abilities, but instead he shows charity to the two of them. For him, it’s one of the most significant characteristics that makes him stand out as a main character. However, Giyu, the demon slayer with the most mysterious and dark appearance, is also one of the most empathic and kind of all the other demon killers.

3. Ling Yao – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ling Yao - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Although Yao is simply a supporting character in Fullmetal Alchemist, the similarities between him and the main character, Edward Elric, are undeniable. Despite the fact that they’re both in their mid-20s, these two have a laid-back exterior that belies their fierce inner drive to succeed.

Edward and Yao become close companions, despite Yao’s desire to acquire the philosopher’s stone in order to maintain his position as leader of his home nation. Yao’s good intentions and charisma make him an ideal protagonist for a television drama, even if he does have a sly side.

4. Jibril – No Game No Life

Jibril is one of the series’ most intriguing characters despite having a limited backstory until the events of No Game No Life: Zero. There are many volumes at Elkia’s National Library that Jibril helped acquire, and she spends her time there reading them.

Jibril is naturally pessimistic about the potential of humanity in the face of so many other intelligent and powerful organisms. However, her openness to new experiences and dedication to her ideals are traits of an anime heroine, which contribute to her boundless energy.

5. Reinhard Van Astrea – Re:Zero − Starting Life In Another World

Reinhard Van Astrea - Re Zero − Starting Life In Another World

It is true that Subaru does not quite live up to the expectations of a conventional main character, but this is part of what makes Re:Zero stand apart from other Isekai anime. Reinhard, on the other hand, is a model of what an Isekai protagonist should be: confident, charismatic, powerful, and devoted to his friends and family.

A true friend to Subaru and to his fellow knight Julius, Reinhard remains steadfast even when Subaru is at his lowest point in an episode that has some of the most heartbreaking scenes in Isekai anime history. Reinhard looks like the Isekai hero Subaru aspires to be, and he’d be an excellent choice for the part because of that.

6. Ryota Watari – Your Lie In April

Arima Kousei, a former piano prodigy, was the protagonist of the musical-themed drama anime, but Ryota Watari has significantly more primary character attributes. Ryota often steals the show in situations he appears in with both personas because of his charisma and easygoing demeanor.

Even though they could have easily ended up at odds, Ryota is a close buddy to Kousei who is always prepared to lend a hand and offer insight when the other character needs it most.

7. Xingke Li – Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

Xingke Li - Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion

When it comes to the Chinese Federation and his Empress, Xingke Li proves to be as devoted to them as Lelouch is to overturning the Britannian monarchy. Even though they share a common enemy, Xingke and Lelouch appear to be poles apart when it comes to maturity and willingness to do all it takes for their cause.

Xingke is a fearsome opponent for the Brittanian army because of his strength and willingness to engage in close quarters combat.

Although he’s a formidable opponent, like Lelouch, he could have been an as intriguing protagonist if given a more honest and hardened demeanor.

8. Shunsuke Otosaka – Charlotte

Shunsuke’s background and demeanor show that the main character energy runs in the family because he is the older brother of Charlotte’s genuine protagonist, Yuu. Shunsuke’s vision deteriorates every time he is compelled to use the time-traveling talent, and he is fully blind when the siblings meet.

While Shunsuke’s history is dramatic enough on its own to make for an interesting protagonist, he is also shown to be highly loving and despairs when he cannot defend his friends or his younger brothers. So Shunsuke has the appearance of being a main character.

9. Lancer – Fate/Zero

Lancer - Fate-Zero

Lancer’s origin in Fate/Zero is based on the sad legend of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, an Irish mythology hero revived for the Holy Grail fight. Lancer, on the other hand, is every bit the honorable, fair, and faithful hero figure that would be appropriate for an anime protagonist.

It’s hard not to see Lancer as a key character because of his striking appearance and his unusual dual spears. As a result, his inclusion in the show as a minor supporting character comes as a shock. Emiya Kiritsugu, the cruel protagonist of the novel, is a thorn in his side because of his adherence to fairness.

10. Nate River – Death Note

Nate, known as Near, was a prodigy like Light and L, destined to be the best at what he did from an early age. Even at such a young age, Near has no trouble taking on the case to bring Kira to justice, just like L did. Near, the protagonist of Death Note, isn’t given a lot of attention, which is a shame because he could have been a great L.

While he appears in only a few episodes, Near shows that he’s not afraid to employ unconventional measures to bring Kira to justice. Many Death Note fans opt to disregard the fact that Near’s conflict with Light is underdeveloped because of this. Near’s brilliance and mysteriousness also make him as enjoyable to watch as any main character.