10 Another Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Another Anime Characters

What little-known facts about the main characters did the other fans overlook?

One of the most popular anime series in the mystery/horror category is the animeAnother. Based on the novel, “Yomiyama Middle School,” this anime follows the lives of the kids at this school as they try to uncover a massive mystery.

Many of these students are mysteriously killed in this nasty and deadly series. Despite that, this suspenseful drama would be incomplete without its diverse group of characters, each of them has a wealth of backstory that is revealed over time.

1. Aya Had Multiple Crushes


In another anime, the filler character, Aya Ayano, may have had a crush on two separate characters at the same time; however, this was only hinted at. The fact that she’s an anime-only character is surprising, given that most of the original anime characters were only given minor roles.

By teasing, saving, and saying farewell to Kouichi, Aya may have hinted that she was infatuated with him. Naoya may have had the same problem because of their numerous encounters.

2. Takako Changes In Every Adaptation of Another

It is Takako Sugiura, the only character in theAnother series of adaptations that entirely changes in each one. These changes frequently include her look, name, and even her position in the organization.

Her death is depicted in the anime as a suffocation by smothering herself in electrical wires, however in the manga and original novel she is slain by Keiko Numata. Takako’s name is completely changed in the live-action picture, despite the fact that she is still verified to be Takako and she dies in self-defense.

3. Takako Has Feelings For Junta


Many fans have speculated that Takako has feelings for Junta, another one of her classmates. When he dies, she goes into the downward spiral that has become synonymous with her character throughout the series.

In addition, he is the only character in the show with whom she is consistently friendly.

4. Kazami Only Dies In The Anime

Fans of the anime version of Another may not know that Tomohiko Kazami is the sole character to die in the animated version.

A fall from a high cliff is a simple hospitalization in the original version. After rescuing Takako from Izumi, he also survives in the live-action version, ensuring both of their lives until Takako’s demise.

5. Yuuya Is Classified As A Female


The name classes of characters are a small easter egg that many people may have overlooked. The name Yuuya Mochizuki, a male character, is not highlighted in red when it comes to this classification.

Several members of theAnotherfandom consider Yuuya to be the “best female” because of an inside joke. Kouichi’s initial impression of Yuuya’s feminine appearance stems from the original literature.

6. Kouichi Shares Names With A Real Murderer

Sakakibara’s last name was borrowed from a real-life middle school murderer in Japan, Kouichi Sakakibara, the main protagonist of the series. Because of the similarity of their names, Kouichi had been bullied in his previous school, which inspired the originalAnother novel.

This is particularly ironic, given that he was chosen to be the series’ hero around the time of a school shooting.

7. Kouichi Had a Reason For Joining Cooking Club


Before finally transferring, Kouichi joins the cooking club at his old school in the manga version of the series.

Because his father was unable to cook, and because Kouichi wanted to cook for his family, this was supposed to be the reason.

8. Izumi Had A Much Smaller Role In The Orignal Novel

Izumi played a much smaller role in the first novel of the series. While Izumi was mentioned frequently, he didn’t emerge until hundreds of pages into the story as a whole.

She also didn’t speak a word until the very end of the story, when she finally addressed the protagonist, Mei. It wasn’t until subsequent adaptations came out that the character’s importance grew significantly, as seen in the anime version.

9. Mei Is The Only S Ranked Character

Mei Misaki

With her unusual design and role as a true protagonist in theAnother series, Mei Misaki is a definite breakout character. As a result, she was given the coveted S-Character ranking.

As well as being the most popular character in another anime, this shows that the show’s audience thinks she is also the most attractive.

10. Mei Was Given To Yukiyo Due To Her Name

Mei’s given name is “Mei Fujioka” because of how she was named at birth. Due to issues with her new name, this was changed during the adoption process.

She would have been called Misaki Misaki if she had been adopted by the Fujioka family.