10 Best Anime Where MC Almost Dies Protecting Girl Update 04/2024

Anime Where MC Almost Dies Protecting Girl

When a series decides to kill off its lead character, it’s always a contentious decision. It’s crucial for creators to understand that a character’s death has to have an impact when they kill them off. That which is designed to improve the plot, but is only included for shock effect or has no other purpose, is a death that is a waste and detracts from it.

Some shows, like Game of Thrones, are known for character deaths, whilst others are more cautious when it comes to death sequences (if they choose to show any at all). Nevertheless, a series’ concept or conclusion might be determined with a well-written character death.

10. Grave Of The Fireflies: Seita & Setsuko Starve To Death While Trying To Survive Post-World War II Japan

Grave Of The Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies, a highly praised war animation by Studio Ghibli, is a harrowing experience to see. Seita and his small sister Setsuko are orphaned following the 1945 firebombing of Kobe, Japan. A similar predicament befell many other young Japanese people who had been orphaned or abandoned as a result of the war. In spite of Seita’s greatest efforts, both youngsters succumb to famine due to a lack of food and nutrients.

9. Death Note: Light Yagami’s God Complex Ultimately Does Him In

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, Death Note is one of the best out there. When Light Yagami, the protagonist-turned-antagonist, was first introduced, he was a well-respected and disciplined genius who wanted to use the Death Note’s power to rid the world of all evil. His major purpose is to keep his grip on power as Kira. Light becomes an evildoer in the process. Light’s death is foreshadowed in the manga by having the Shinigami Ryuk explicitly warn him that Ryuk will write Light’s name in the Death Note when it’s his time to depart.

8. Dragon Ball Z: Goku Dies & Is Revived A Few Times Over The Course Of The Series

Dragon Ball Z

More than a handful of times, Goku dies in the Dragon Ball series. Depending on the chronology, Goku is officially killed three times in Dragon Ball Z. As a last-ditch effort to defeat Raditz, Piccolo kills Goku in the main timeline After Cell concludes that the only way to win is to blow himself up, he dies once more in the Cell Games. King Kai’s planet is demolished by the blast of Cell’s exploding head. When Goku succumbs to a rare heart illness in the other Future Trunks timeline, it’s too late for him to be revived.

7. Devilman Crybaby: Ryo’s Drive For Revenge Ends Up Killing His Best Friend

Original net animation Devilman Crybaby based on the manga series Devilman is a roller coaster ride (pun fully intended). The anime depicts sex and gore in an unabashed manner, and the animation is flawless. Akira Fudo is a typical high school student who reunites with his boyhood friend, Ryo Asuka, after a long absence.

By channeling the power of Amon, Akira is able to assume the demonic form of a Devilman. Ryo is Satan’s reincarnation, and he aims to wipe out the human race while saving Akira, the only person he ever cared about, because she was the only one he ever loved. Despite Ryo’s promise of a new world order, Akira rejects it and their final battle ends with Akira’s death.

6. Zombie Land Saga: The Main Character’s Death Is Actually What Sets The Plot Into Motion

Zombie Land Saga

When Sakura Minamoto gets hit by a delivery vehicle on her way to school, she is swiftly killed off in the first episode like an isekai anime. Sakura is revived through necromancy by Kotaro Tatsumi, who intends to utilize her as a member of an idol group in the hopes of reviving the Saga prefecture of Japan. The premise of this book is entirely dependent on Sakura’s untimely demise, and Kotaro doesn’t reveal how he means to accomplish his aim utilizing a zombie idol group.

5. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Phantom Blood Arc Ends With Jonathan Joestar’s Death

During the first arc of the JoJo’s series, Jonathan Joestar is depicted as having died. To put a halt to Dio’s plans for world dominance, he has spent most of his life at loggerheads with the rock star. In his final moments, Jonathan retains the demeanor of a gentleman while he sacrifices his own life in an attempt to guarantee that Dio is also killed. This means that Dio will return as a threat in the future parts of this series.

4. KonoSuba: A Modern Isekai Parody That Kills Its Main Character Humorously


It’s a far cry from the standard modern isekai scenario, when a plain, well-intentioned young man dies while trying to save someone else. Kazuma’s death, on the other hand, is a hilarious and somewhat unneeded occurrence. That’s what Kazuma thought, but in reality he died of shock because he feared he was about to be ran over by a vehicle that wasn’t driving quickly enough. For a show that savagely parodies the average isekai, this is an appropriate introduction..

3. Attack On Titan: Eren Chose To Sacrifice Himself In Order To Save Humanity

To be honest, this series isn’t afraid of murdering most of its main cast, as well as numerous characters from the supporting cast, and even civilians. So it’s understandable that mangaka Hajime Isayama would feel comfortable killing off his own main character.

In Attack on Titan, Eren’s death is necessary, unavoidable, and foreseeable due to a number of circumstances and story points. It was a relief for some to see him leave.

2. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Escaping Death Is The Goal For The Entire Main Cast

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Even if Rika manages to escape Hinamizawa in 1983, the bulk of the primary cast are doomed to experience cruel, horrific endings. To solve a murder mystery and save the characters from dying prematurely is the sole purpose of this series, hence character deaths are essential. As much as it may appear that each time the main protagonists are killed and the story is reset, they are actually merely occupying a timeline in which they have not yet perished.

1. Cowboy Bebop: Spike’s Past Make His Eventual Death Inevitable

Many fans are divided on the issue of Spike Spiegel’s death, with some believing that Spike should never have died in the first place. However, it is improbable that his competitor Vicious would have allowed Spike to lead a normal life. To emphasize that it’s difficult to escape your history, the events of Cowboy Bebop are used as a metaphor. Once he got the chance to reenact his escape with Julia, that’s exactly what Spike did. Following Spike’s mother’s death, he felt that he had to confront Vicious and make amends… or die trying.