10 Best Anime Like Vinland Saga That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a standout among the best anime to come out in recent years. It’s not just Wit Studio’s Viking anime that viewers should check out.

Vinland Saga’s release shook the world. Wit Studio, the team behindAttack on Titan, is behind the revenge narrative. There’s nothing negative to say about this show. I think it’s one of the greatest animes ever made.

Thorfinn’s saga is for those who prefer coming-of-age stories with historical elements. In Vinland Saga, he’s the vengeful protagonist out to avenge the death of his father, Askeladd. Thorfinn’s character growth and painful past are hallmarks of the show. The attention to detail in the artwork, action sequences, and depiction of a historical event are all given due credit. Vinland Saga isn’t the only similar anime out there.

As previously stated, the design is stunning, which is saying a lot when it comes to anime.

In addition, the characters have a great deal of depth. A more succinct description would be that it’s not just a battle show. Why do people keep looking for more anime like this? Because they enjoy it so much.

1. SPICE AND WOLF (2008)


Because Spice and Wolf is historical fiction like Vinland Saga, it is included in the list. Spice & Wolf tells the story of Kraft Lawrence, a trader who sells spices. He meets the wolf-goddess Holo on one of his trips in Pasloe. Because of Holo’s pledge to accompany Kraft to Yoitsu, her northern home, he’ll support Kraft in his business endeavors.

As the two set out on their journey, we learn about many of the economic problems that ordinary people confront on a daily basis. Vinland Saga’s characters understand the difficulties of ordinary life.

2. GOLDEN KAMUY (2018)

It is through the eyes of Sugimoto that Golden Kamuy tells the tale of his life as a survivor during World War II. Sugimoto the Immortal, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War, earned the title of “war veteran.”

In order to support Toraji’s widow, Sugimoto has embarked on a search for a treasure. In the wilderness, an Ainu girl named Asirpa finds him and rescues him. Their mutual symbiotic relationship is more complex than you might expect. The historical accuracy of Ainu culture, as depicted in Golden Kamuy, is particularly commended. An accurate historical animation has never been done better than this.

3. ARSLAN SENKI (2015)


As a young prince, Arslan, Arslan Senki records his life. Due to a betrayal by his father’s trusted general, the prince must flee. In order to retake his realm, Arslan will have to find friends and destroy the invaders. While traveling, Daryun is accompanied by Arslan.

As with many of the books on this list, Arslan Senki deals with political conflict, intrigue, and historical fantasy.

4. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (2008/2019)

Immortality has been cursed upon a warrior named Manji in Blade of the Immortal.

This is because of the heinous murders he has performed in the past. He can only break this curse by killing a further thousand men. The fact that he currently chooses to live an amoral lifestyle does not excuse him from regaining morality.

By eliminating the perpetrators of her parents’ murder, Manji swears to revenge her family. Manji finds himself in the middle of a brutal struggle as a result of a chain reaction. Unlike Blade of the Immortal, Vinland Saga is a historical drama that features protagonists who are trying to avenge their wrongdoing. That there is an overarching violent conflict is another another similarity.

5. DRIFTERS (2016)


In Drifters, a Seinen historical drama, Toyohisa Shimazu’s story is told in the context of the Battle of Sekigahara. Toyohisa finds himself in a white corridor with a quaint man sitting at a desk right before he dies. Through one of the portals, Toyohisa is taken to a new world. He discovers that he is a wanderer, a military hero who has passed away, and not the only wanderer in the area.

Drifters, like any historical anime, is brutal and savage. Characters have depth, and there’s a good deal of levity sprinkled throughout.

6. YONA OF THE DAWN (2014)

As Princess Yona tries to recover the throne from her evil cousin, Su-won, in Yona of the Dawn, her story is told. First, Yona is a princess who has never set foot outside of her palace. That is, until she loses something she treasures. When she finally meets the real world, she realizes how important poverty, strife, and corruption are to her kingdom’s well-being. Together with her childhood friend Son Hak, Yona must not only reclaim what is rightfully hers, but also bring dignity and honor back to her nation.

Akatsuki no Yona by Mizuho Kusanagi is the inspiration for Yona of the Dawn. Political revenge, betrayal, and warfare abound in this story. In addition, the anime’s soundtrack is always awe-inspiring.

7. KINGDOM (2012)

KINGDOM (2012)

Kingdom follows a similar narrative path to Vinland Saga, but the underlying assumptions are different. It’s based on China’s Warring States era, which inspired it. The biggest difference is that a raging dragon has razed all of the cities. There are kingdoms rising and falling in this chaos and confusion. The Kingdom of Qin triumphed in the succession struggle in the end.

Li Xin and Piao, two childhood best friends, were orphaned by the war. Xin enters the picture as a result of Piao’s conscription into the king’s army and eventual death. Xin learns about himself as he strives to fulfill his destiny as China’s greatest general.

8. BERSERK (1997)

‘Berserk’ tells the narrative of Guts, the Black Swordsman, whose foster father, Gambino, has subjected him to horrible injustices throughout his life. In his attempt to abandon his former life, Guts is apprehended by Band of the Hawk commander Griffith, the leader of a mercenary group. In the process, Guts and Griffith’s mercs become unstoppable. Griffith’s dark secrets and power desire are revealed as they take on the globe.

To date, Kentaro Miura’s Berserk (1997) remains the only film version of Kenpuu Denki Berserk. As Guts’ story arc unfolds, the anime raises fundamental concerns about humanity, existence, ambition, and love.



An action-packed fantasy plot is a perfect match for Attack on Titan’s action-packed sequences. The tale revolves around a man’s fight for survival against Titans, monsters that have wiped out most of humanity. A three-tiered wall separates the stragglers of that population. Eren, a survivor, joins elite warriors in an attempt to keep the Titans at bay as the safeguards are breached.

Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan

remember that survival and terror are the most important factors in our lives

Thorfinn and Eren are each burdened with a great deal of responsibilities. Is it possible that they will survive until the end?


During Japan’s Meiji Restoration, the mythical slayer Battousai, also known as Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantani, played a key role in the story. Despite the fact that he later vanished, his identity and acts live on in the minds of many. The man, reborn as Kenshin Himura, is now on a mission of atonement. However, Kenshin’s voyage is rife with obstacles, such as the ghosts of his past, which he sees as a sign of his long-overdue atonement.

Rurouni Kenshin’s Kenshin and Thorfinn’s Thorfinn both have a tough task ahead of them. Kenshin, in the past, and Thorfinn, currently, have both been embroiled in terrible wars.