10 Best Anime Like Prison School That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Prison School

Despite its final demise, Prison School was a popular anime series with mature humor. Here are ten alternative shows to watch instead of this one.

Ecchi-comedy animation Prison School, directed by Akira Hiramoto, centers on a group of male students who, as a result of policy changes, are now attending an all-female boarding school. Because of their activities, the boys have been imprisoned in the school’s jail, nevertheless

However, Prison School is regarded by many as one of the best comedic anime’ of the last five years, despite its untimely discontinuation. There’s no denying that Prison School is a noteworthy series thanks to its bawdy, adult-like humor. As a result, if you enjoyed the show, here are ten more to check out.

10. GRAND BLUE Focuses On A College Diving Club


In the coastal village of Izu Peninsula, a man named Iori Kitahara lives above his uncle’s scuba-diving business. Iori, on the other hand, falls enamored with the antics of members of the diving club, which results in a lot of people abandoning him. The time has come for Iori to face his demons and discover what his true college aspirations are.

Grand Blue, like Prison School, includes male protagonists that are smitten with women and engage in adult-like actions. As opposed to Prison School, Grand Blue focuses more on the college experience.

9. KAKEGURUI Follows A Young Professional Gambler In School

Jabami Yumeko enrolls in Kakegurui, a school where gambling is the norm, but she’s a professional gambler who the students don’t know. As a result, the anime centers on Yumeko’s quest to assassinate Kirari, the student council president.

The self-aware humor and weird animation moments of Kakegurui are reminiscent of Prison School. The anime adaptation of Kakegurui was also hampered to some extent by the fact that the source material was not properly adapted. Kakegurui, on the other hand, should not disappoint fans of Prison School’s bawdy humor and surreal surroundings.

8. HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Is All About Surviving In A Post-Apocalyptic World


In the post-apocalyptic world of Highschool of the Dead, a boy called Takashi Kimuro must find a way to survive. Takashi has vowed to save people dear to him and find out what triggered this outbreak, even if he has to enlist friends on the road.

If you’re a fan of Japanese animation and you don’t like getting bored, Highschool of the Dead is for you! As a post-apocalyptic series, Highschool of the Dead’s take on it is so intriguing that many say that it merits a revival.

7. SHIMONETA Is About A Boy Who Gets Dragged Into A Criminal Organization

It’s the story of Tanukichi Okuma, who has gone to high school to get close to his crush and help the student council preserve Japan’s anti-foul play policies. However, things take a different turn when Okuma gets dragged into the alleged lewd criminal Blue Snow’s organization SOX because she values his unconventional background. As a result, the anime follows Tanukichi as he assists SOX in the assassination of someone close to his heart.

With a female protagonist who has the ability to fight back and a male protagonist who is forced to engage in provocative behaviors, Shimoneta is reminiscent of Prison School. Shimoneta, although being in a school setting, exhibits the same level of ecchi humor.

6. DETROIT METAL CITY Follows A Rockstar Who Just Wants A Peaceful Life


To make money, Souichi Negishi, a rock star, has to put up with the craziness of his lifestyle, which he wishes he could swap for a more serene existence. Additionally, this animation depicts Negishi’s difficulties to maintain a normal college life while while becoming popular.

Like Prison School, Detroit Metal City contains adult-like humor and vulgar imagery that may not be suitable for young audiences. Both anime have protagonists who want a quiet existence with a woman who is more on the average spectrum than a reckless one.


This is the story of Kintarou Ooe, a man who is looking for a great job. Kintarou has high aspirations for his future because of his passion for ladies and his desire to further his studies.

Golden Boy, like Prison School, makes use of provocative humor while also ensuring that the women that participate in the series have interesting backstories and stand out in the series. The naivety of the male characters’ perception of women is also highlighted in both anime, yet their maturation is also shown in each new episode of the program. A lot of people think that Golden Boy is one of those ’90s shows that many anime lovers haven’t seen and should.

4. GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA Tells The Story Of A Man’s Journey To Become The Best High School Teacher


Eikichi Onizuka, a high school teacher in Japan, aspires of becoming the country’s best. Onizuka, on the other hand, finds out he’s in for a surprise when he meets his new students. Onizuka isn’t a typical teacher worth hurting, and these unhappy children won’t know it for a while.

Great Teacher Onizuka, like Prison School, is set in a school and has a cast of perverse individuals. In this regard, Great Teacher Onizuka is an anime that some claim only needed one season to tell its unique narrative, which may appeal to fans of comedy anime.

3. PUNCH LINE Is About A Boy’s Bizarre Quest To Stop A World-Ending Organization

Yuuta Iridatsu, a little child, has his soul abducted by a magical cat named Chiranosuke in Punch Line. Even though Yuuta realizes that, he soon discovers that a woman’s underpants can give him tremendous power. Because Yuuta and his pals are trying to stop a world-ending organization, as well as prevent Yuuta from seeing more underpants, the anime chronicles their journey.

Punch Line, like Prison School, features a fair amount of sexual humor that may amuse anime enthusiasts. Some anime lovers will be satisfied by both.

2. KILL LA KILL Follows A Girl With A Wearable Weapon Who’s Locating Her Father’s Killer


Satsuki Kiryuin, the leader of Honnoji Academy, defeats Ryuko Matoi and gives her a formidable, wearable weapon called Senketsu. In order to find the person responsible for her father’s death and defeat Satsuki, the anime follows Ryuko.

Similarly to Prison School, the school setting in Kill La Kill is filled with sexual humor and images. Both anime include beautiful animation and a cast of characters that many fans will find memorable.

1. GINTAMA Is An Unorthodox Samurai Comedy

Swords are forbidden in Japan, yet Gintoki Sakata, the protagonist of Gintama, isn’t afraid to display his affection for samurai culture despite the fact that samurai are generally ignored. It’s certain that Gintoki would meet new friends who want to go on all of his travels with him as a yorozuya. Gintoki and his companions have a lot of adventures in the anime, but they are often derailed by the many independents, assassins, and law enforcement officers who show up to destroy their plans.

Prison School and Gintama both have interesting plotlines, but Gintama takes a more unconventional approach to comedy. Fans of the comedic subgenre will be delighted by both of these shows, which are beloved favorites.