Top 11 Anime Like God Eater That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like God Eater

‘God Eater’ is a popular future anime for dystopians. It occurs in 2071 when monsters quickly whittle the human population away. To survive these beasts on whom traditional weapons are worthless, people have united with oracle cells, allowing them to employ God’s arc weapons. We have covered you if you’re looking for a similar anime with tons of action in a dystopian world. The finest anime like ‘God Eater’ below is a list of our recommendations. Some of these animes may be seen on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu like God Eater.

1. Schwarzesmarken (2016)

Schwarzesmarken (2016)

‘Schwarzesmarken’ is an anime in an alternative chronology (almost all anime on this list do). It’s got plenty of action, science fiction, turns and turns. The series creates a feeling somewhat comparable to ‘God Eater.’ The principle is quite the same, although in this case do characters use enormous technologically advanced mechanisms to combat the threat. The tale of ‘Schwarzesmarken’ also takes place in the past, as opposed to the future of ‘God Eater.’ The anime will be held in 1983. It’s the age of the Cold War. But they are not the threat to themselves this time. It’s the aliens called BETA. The BETA are quite tough and conventional weapons of course fail. Large suits, therefore, are used to attack them, tactical surface fighters. But the human army is slowly being repressed.

The anime is composed of the 666th tactical surface combat squadron, which focuses mostly on Second Lieutenant Theodor Eberbach. The squadron is renowned for its harshness and its missionary achievement in human life. But the latest addition to the squad, Katia Waldheim, appears to bring negative attention from the human sphere even when it comes to the existence of humanity. The anime’s political side is also pretty interesting.

2. World Trigger (2014)

The World Trigger is another action anime featuring many science fiction stuff. The plot is decent enough and the animation is good enough. It contains massive monsters that threaten humanity continuously, and normal arms don’t function on them. New weapons that are efficient against these monsters are devised. So, certainly, there are many similarities between this anime and ‘God Eater.’ Neighbors are deadly creatures, who rush from the strange gate which opens abruptly on Earth. And conventional weaponry are useless against them, as already established.

The Border Defense Agency is an organization that solves this problem. They have invented unique weapons called triggers that can hurt neighbors when deployed by trained people. Even after a few years since the mysterious port was opened, the risk lurks from the neighbors, which is why people are still educated to use the Trigger. They cannot use their firearms outside the school, however. But Osamu Mikumo has no option but to wield his firearm when a new pupil is brought to a forbidden place by bullies and neighbors. The new student will easily beat the aliens before he can employ them. He turns out to be a half-human, half-neighbor and Yuuma Kuga is named.

3. Owari no Seraph (2015)

Owari no Seraph (2015)

‘Owari no Seraph’ is another anime based on a bleak future. The anima includes a lot of supernatural action and bears several characteristics with ‘God Eater.’ Monsters or frightening animals come in both series and force people into the corner. Unique organizations using special weapons are fighting these beasts. The two involve military strategization and opponent defeat tactics.

The social systems of the Earth start to crumble and the vampires are rising. The vampires offer to protect the survivors but seek blood as donations in return. Two of the many orphans survivors are Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya. They are tired of being treated as vampire food and are formulating an escape plot. Your scheme fails, though, and only Yuuichirou can flee. He takes revenge on the vampires and joins the Imperial Demon Army to train these bloodsick creatures once and for all. But vengeance always comes at a price, isn’t it?

4. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi, Kaku Tatakeri (2015)

‘Gate: Kanochi Jieitai, Tatakeri Kaku’ is an activity, an adventure animation. It’s a terrific complot and it’s quite fun. The anime is quite like ‘God Eater.’ It has beings that represent a threat to mankind. If people wish to protect themselves against these enigmatic and frightening adversaries, they need to organize and strategize. This anime contains military things in it like ‘God Eater.’

One day, in Tokyo unexpectedly a curious doorway appears. It seems like a giant door connecting another dimension. Supernatural monsters and warriors clad in armor rushed through this gate. They wrecked everything and killed many people on their way. When this happened, Youji Itami, the Japan Self-Defense Force officer, was nearby. He tries his best to save as many lives as possible while other forces make every effort to stop the attack. Now, three months after the incident, the Japan Self Defense Force sends a tiny staff outside the gate. Their aim is to gather knowledge about the place and attempt to establish some kind of cordial relationship with the residents so that peace can be reached. The work is vital and error will lead to an unavoidable war.

5. Black Bullet (2014)

Black Bullet (2014)

‘Black Bullet’ is quite interesting if your future and things are dystopian. The series is quite active. The plot and the premise are nice enough to try this. It is included in this list because it shares a few similarities with ‘God Eater.’ Obviously, the environment is the obvious comparison. Both the anime are placed in a dystopian environment where monsters steadily force humans to the edge. We then have people struggling to keep these creatures at bay with special weaponry.

In ‘Owari no Seraph’ a virus called Gastrea begins to infect people and turn them into monsters who subsequently become havocful. The survivors are now forced to reside in huge Varanium barriers. Then there are unique women who have the virus, in little amounts, but enough to give them superpower to combat the monsters. They are known as initiators. Each initiator is coupled with a promoter who guides and ensures that the initiator is safe. The anime chronicles the story of Enju Aihara as she fights the Gasterea monsters with her enforcer Satomi Rentarou.

6. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (2016)

“Koutetsujou no Kabaneri” is a popular, action-packed horror anime. The series is very similar to ‘God Eater.’ Both shows are carried out in a dystopian environment in which monsters cause mayhem. The presence of people is vital and they have to barricade behind walls. Both animas reveal a principal character that wants to stop all this difficulty because of the trauma of the past.

During the industrial revolution, the anime takes place. A pestilence produced by a mystery virus makes people horrible beasts that feed on people. These beasts have an endless appetite. They can only be killed if their hearts are destroyed. But if one of these creatures bit another human, they ascend to join their ranks. Human beings have cornered inside fortified towns whose only entrance point is through blinded trains. Ikoma is one of the many people who constructed the train. He believes he created a weapon that can pierce monsters’ hearts easily and tries it. The story follows him and other people trying to bring this apocalypse to an end.

7. Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ is a popular animation out there. It’s pretty great and has plenty of action, drama and turns. ‘God Eater’ looks pretty much like ‘Shingeki no Kyojin.’ However, the distinction is that while in the past ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ is taking place, ‘God Eater’ will happen in the future. Both shows depict gigantic monsters trying to extinguish people. Humans now reside in fortified towns and as conventional weapons against monsters are worthless, they use innovative technology to destroy them.

The narrative “Shingeki no Kyojin” takes place in the past, where people are confronted with terrifying enemies in the shape of the great humanoid creatures they dub, Titans. Titans appetite for people and leave the path of death and ruin. To guard against these 3D monster gears, it is quite useful to enable its users various degrees of freedom. Eren Yeager is seeing Titan’s death of his mother and promises to kill them all. He enters the army and trains hard to do that. But he knows little that in the firewalls of his city are many secrets buried that can influence human thinking.

8. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

Anyone older than 13 years is annihilated because of a mystery illness that invaded the populace. With only surviving children, vampires emerge suddenly and enslave everyone, treating them as cattle. Hyakuya Yuuichirou, who has been enslaved with his orphanage pals, dreams of fleeing the vampires and, most all, of killing every last one.

The biggest threat for Seraph of the End are the vampires and those who are not enslaved live inside towns fortified by walls. A specific section is responsible for fighting vampires and you’ll probably like this show if you love blood and horror! Again, you’re immersed in the post-apocalyptic environment like in God Eater.

9. Terra Formars

Terra Formars

Scientists have utilized cockroaches as an experiment to inhabit Mars. Long after, the mission, Bugs 1, was dispatched to Mars in 2577 to remove the cockroaches, however these roaches mutated and every member on the mission was killed. In 2619 the mission, Annex 1, was despatched to Mars with much more members than the previous mission to remove the humanoid monsters.

A strange crew is sent in a space and horror environment to combat these mutant monsters that prevent Mars from populating. God Eater can be a little different in the genre with a supernatural and fantastic component, the principle is almost the same and both events are serious and exciting.

10. Neon Genesis Evangelion

In 2015 for the second time some extraterrestrial machines appeared in Tokyo and only robots named Evangelion were produced by the NERV organisation. But only a handful of youths born on Earth when the first alien machine emerged 14 years ago are able to utilize the Evangelion. One of them is Ikari Shinji, who is pushed into fight against his will.

Neon Genesis Evangelion should be an open decision, and many of us should have seen it already, but do it right now if you haven’t. Even while Evangelion is based on science-fiction and thriller, the apocalyptic backdrop is similar to God Eater, you should be looking at similarities with God Eater!

11. Nobunagun


Ogura Shio is an ordinary high school student, a little timid and a lonely. On a school vacation to Taiwan, suddenly monsters are appearing and attacking everyone, including Shio’s sole friend. Mysterious individuals are also coming out and fighting the beasts.

As she wishes to fight for her friend, Shio discovers that she’s a holder of e-genes, one of the humans who can fight the monsters. The soul of Oda Nobunaga lives in her and she is recruited by DOGOO to fight with it to exterminate any monster.

This one could be less serious than God Eater, but it’s the same concept, with creatures threatening humanity. Furthermore, just a handful of people can combat them thanks to the soul of a historic character that lives in them.