15 Best Anime About Sex That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime About Sex

With the rise of the Seinen and Josei subgenres, which deal with more mature themes, anime was able to gain a hitherto unthinkable adult audience. There is no fear of violence, sex, or sexual nudity in any of the aforementioned genres- something that should only be seen by adults 18 and older. Despite the fact that these series include a plethora of appealing aspects, this essay will focus solely on the most memorable anime sex scenes. There is a link at the end of each recommendation if you’re interested in checking them out. Don’t be fooled, by the way. These aren’t sex scenes from hentai or anime porno films. Crunchyroll, Youtube, and even Netflix have several of the best anime sex scenes.

15. Aki Sora (2009 – 2010)


There are only three OVA episodes in “Aki Sora,” yet they are some of the most chaotic and sexually charged stories you’ll ever see. Incest and other forbidden subjects are discussed openly, and there are several climactic sex scenes throughout the film. “Aki Sora” is a wonderful option if you are seeking for an anime with intense lovemaking, despite the fact that the OVAs have no storyline (which is true for a lot of harem anime).

14. Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (2021 -)

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory is a harem anime that follows a young boy who works as a dormitory mother in one of the girls’ hostels. Wrestling encounter between Kiriya and Koushi is one of many semi-naked or nude scenes to be found in this borderline hentai animation. After a body slam, the two are left with a 69-69 draw. This is the first time that Kiriya has been scolded by other females in the dormitory for giving Koushi an oral massage, but she doesn’t stop there. HIDIVE has the anime series.

13. White Album 2 (2013)

White Album 2

“White Album 2” tells the narrative of a teen’s love for music and her desire to perform at the school festival in a slice-of-life romance drama. Ambition draws him closer to Kazusa, but their emotions build up over time because they don’t have an optimal outlet to express themselves It’s a night of furious lovemaking that can easily be termed the sexiest sex scene ever when they finally open up about their repressed feelings in the season finale. On VRV, you may watch the anime.

12. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (2005)

For those who don’t want to read the manga but want to watch the Shoujo anime, the OVA only contains one episode but is long enough to condense Kotomi Aoki’s work. Even though there are numerous sex scenes in “Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru,” the most interesting one occurs in a love hotel between the twins Yori and Iku. At the same time, the sequence allows the characters to let out some of their suppressed feelings and conveys Iku’s growing understanding of the social immorality they are doing.

11. Gantz (2004)


‘Gantz,’ in contrast to typical anime, depicts brutal, violent moments openly and without any censorship. When it comes time to watch, keep in mind that things can get a little rough. Episode 15 of the series has a passionate lovemaking scene that isn’t edited. Despite the fact that the protagonist is only dreaming, the scene is still extremely sensual and has sparked a plethora of opinions on various internet communities. The show can be seen here.

10. Wicked City (1987)

An action-packed fantasy film adaptation of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s “Wicked City” novel is “Wicked City,” the first in a six-book series. The film’s premise is intriguing, but there are many unpleasant situations throughout. ‘Wicked City,’ while having some of the most personal scenes on the list, is an anomaly. Taki had sex with a lovely woman in the beginning of the film. A passionate scene between the couple is interrupted by a woman who transforms into a spider and casually walks out of the window after they have fulfilled their sexual desires. Even though it’s a little strange that she’s Spider-Woman, it’s impossible to deny that this is one of the best sex scenes ever. The film can be viewed here.

9. Baki (2018 – 2020)

The Netflix series ‘Baki,’ not only has an intriguing storyline but also has a passionate love scene that has gained widespread attention and sparked several internet conversations. Because of their mutual development as characters, sex between the title character and Kozue seemed inevitable, but the manner in which it unfolded must have shocked many viewers. Baki’s lack of experience is evident in some of the sequences, despite the fact that the couple appears comfortable. However, there is no doubt that the overall moments are strong and passionate. As soon as Netflix re-releases the series, you can view it.

8. The Testament of Sister New Devil (2015)

The Testament of Sister New Devil (2015)

Naked/semi-naked scenes have made “The Testament of Sister New Devil” one of the most popular films ever. Even though the show has plenty of mature themes, the most sensual scene occurs in the season finale when Basara begins kissing Mio. One of the most iconic anime sex scenes ensues as a result of this brief foreplay between the two characters. On Crunchyroll, you may watch the show.

7. Wolf Children (2012)

This short, suggestive, and playful lovemaking scene between the werewolf and Hana helps to further strengthen the deep bond between the two characters. There is a strong sense of devotion between the two, even at the risk of being shunned by society. Even if it isn’t as explicit as some of the others on the list, the sex scene is nevertheless memorable and significant. On Funimation, you may watch Wolf Children.

6. Koi Kaze (2004)

For a long time, Koshiro has been drawn to Nanako, his sister, but he can’t bring himself to confront his feelings or talk about them with anyone else. While the plot of ‘Koi Kaze’ centers on this internal struggle, the protagonist’s confession of his affections in the penultimate episode leads to coitus between the two siblings. Despite its briefness and mild suggestiveness, the film’s sex scene has garnered both ire and admiration over the years.

5. Redo of Healer (2021)

Redo of Healer (2021)

“Redo of Healer” is a rare anime in which sex is an integral part of the story, so there are many scenes that are rated 18 or higher. However, episode 4’s between Setsuna and Keyaru jumps out the most. A Sword Saint’s skills have piqued the interest of the former, so she pledges to do everything in order to become more powerful. In order to have sexual relations with the female Demi-human he used to be a slave with, Keyaru first had oral sex with her. One of anime’s most memorable love moments is probably this one between the two characters. HIDIVE offers on-demand access to the show’s episodes.

4. Nana (2006 – 2007)

Shoujo series produced by Madhouse touches on many sensitive topics and tells a heartfelt story that will leave you in tears. There is no shortage of fan service and mild nude scenes because the series is aimed at a more mature audience. While many of them are memorable, the one in which Takemi forces himself upon Hachi and the two end up making love is truly immortalized by anime fans. In contrast to most of the other sex scenes on the list, this one has had a significant impact on the story’s overall narrative. The show can be seen here.

3. Domestic Girlfriend (2019)

Domestic Girlfriend (2019)

Domestic Girlfriend tells the tale of an unusual love connection between two young adults who are dealing with the pain of unrequited love and the insecurities that come with being unattractive to other men. Coital sex develops between the two of them as they bond over their shared adolescent troubles (episode 1). However, an unexpected turn of events makes them regret their actions and further complicates their predicament. You should definitely watch the romantic drama series, which has a unique premise and sexually explicit scenes. The movie “Domestic Girlfriend” is available on VRV.

2. Scum’s Wish (2017)

Hanabi and Mubi appear to be the most contented couple, but the people they genuinely care about do not want to pursue a relationship with them. They have created a symbiotic sexual relationship as a way to cope with the anguish of witnessing someone they care about with someone else. The most intense and sexually charged lovemaking takes place in the first episode of the series, which features a number of steamy moments. Even better, the scene serves as a reminder of their internal problems. Amazon has a streaming option for ‘Scum’s Wish.’

1. Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude Where We are Least Alone (2010)

Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora is one of those rare animes where sex scenes genuinely drive the plot and lead to surprising twists. They are twins who have lost their parents at a young age and must rely on each other for emotional support, which is the subject of the romantic drama. Haruka and Nao, a childhood friend who abused him as a youngster, have a lot of sexual encounters as they grow older. Sadly, Sora has also grown fond of her own brother, who despite her suggestive confessions shows no interest in her. In the course of the novel, the two siblings do, in fact, engage in incestuous relations. The show delves into taboo subjects like sibling love and features some of the most intense and sensual scenes in anime history. In the penultimate episode, Haruka finally gives in to her advances and the two have coitus over and over again. That scene will stick with me forever. The anime can be seen on this page if you’re interested.