15 Best Anime About Gangs That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Anime About Gangs

There is nothing like having a group of friends to protect you in a battle. 15 anime where gangs are a common part of life!

When gangs are involved, you can expect a lot of high-octane action! Conflicts with gangs are a terrific method to propel characters on a growth path in a novel. In many stories, the protagonist’s archenemy shows up in the form of the leader of an opposing gang. Others may have abandoned their former lives and be seeking a way out of the shadows. Perhaps they’ve been coerced into joining a gang against their choice and are now forced to deal with the difficulties of being a member. Gangs provide us a peek of a life that is very different from that of a typical office worker.

Beyond the conventional bikies and thug groups are a variety of organized crime, competition participants, and other less well-defined groups represented in the following fifteen anime. There will be no spoilers in this article, so feel free to continue reading!

1. Air Gear

Air Gear

Competitions based on a new style of inline skate known as “Air Treks” began to grow up when their popularity exploded. The protagonist, Itsuki “Ikki” Minami, has formed a gang known as the Kogarasumaru with the objective of taking the title of “Wind King” from the east side of town.

2. Black Lagoon

An ex-salaryman named Rokurou Okajima ends up in the Lagoon Company head-first. He is dubbed “Rock” by the group and joins them on their perilous and sometimes wild activities around Roanapur. As a result, he now finds himself in the crosshairs of gruff, gun-toting hoodlums. As a matter of fact, it’s all part of the continuing battle to keep the ship afloat in this fictional East Asian port.

3. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

How would it be if you combined the worlds of Mafia gangs, magic bullets, and the high school experience? That’s what I’m talking about, isn’t it? This is Tsunayoshi Sawada’s first encounter with an Italian hitman, who claims to have the power to transform him into the next Mafia don!

4. Akira

Neo-Tokyo, a post-apocalyptic metropolis, is ruled by gangs. An accident involving Tetsuo, a man with violent psychic powers, causes a battle between the city’s gangs, which results in the destruction of the entire city.

5. Durarara!!

In Ikebukuro, it’s a well-known fact that Color gangs walk the streets. Known as “Yellow Scarves,” “Blue Squares,” and “Yellow Squares,” these gangs compete for attention in an uncommon metropolis. Everything goes to bad when the “Dollars,” an anonymous new gang, begins to encroach on their territory. However, this is merely a little piece of the colossal and complex saga of Durarara!!

6. Tokyo Tribe 2 (Tokyo Tribes)

Tokyo Tribe 2

In a parallel Japan, rival street gangs fight for control of major cities including Tokyo and Osaka. Violence erupts between the Wu-Ronz gang and the Musashino Saru gang when both sides end up killing members of the other.

7. Gangsta

Because of the series’ moniker, “Gangsta,” it’s no surprise that gangs will play a role. Four significant mafia families dominate the city of Ergastulum, where Gangsta is based. Violence, prostitution, and other criminal activity are rampant in this area. Meanwhile, two “Handymen” by the names of Worick and Nic make a career by working for the mafia and law enforcement.

8. K

K, notable for its liberal use of color filters, depicts an alternate modern-day universe in which seven Kings are responsible for preserving and leading mankind. Friendship is the most important thing to the HOMRA gang of criminals. As a result, when one of their own is brutally murdered, they seek vengeance on the person they believe is responsible: a strange young man named Shiro.

9. Baccano


Prohibition-era 1930s America is the setting for Baccano!, a film that combines gang warfare and alchemical fantasy. The plot is heavily influenced by mafia gangs, which have a significant impact on relationships and foment conflict through turf conflicts. It’s like the Godfather and Fullmetal Alchemist mashed up.

10. Darker than Black

Contractors are powerful entities employed by organizations in Darker than Black. Their bosses’ dirty work is done without question by these Contractors, who are ruthless but realistic and self-serving. Mysterious syndicate is the most notable group in this film.

11. Gungrave

The game revolves around guns and gangs, as the name suggests. Gungrave is based on a third-person shooter of the same name, hence the show is centered on it. The Millennion Organisation’s boss must be met by a man named Grave, who has to fight his way through the gang’s thugs.

12. Nisekoi


While Chitoge Kirisaki is the daughter of the Beehive gang’s boss, Raku Ichijou is the son of the Shuei-Gumi gang’s leader. When they are forced to interact, they quickly learn that they have a strong hate for one another. In order to keep the peace between their two gangs, they are compelled to develop a romantic relationship.

13. Beelzebub

During his time in an institution for young offenders, Tatsumi Oga discovers a baby inside the body of one of the inmates. A group of four biggest delinquents known as Touhoushinki confront him as he tries to delegate the care of a child to others in the school.

14. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Ex-Red Dragon Syndicate member Spike Spiegel is the main character in this film.. To bring in gangs of criminals, he and his team board the starship Bebop and travel across the solar system. However, the mishaps they face in the process frequently leave them out of money.

15. Accel World

“The Accelerated World” is an augmented reality game in the future that allows players to go beyond their mental boundaries. Having to fight and win against other players and gangs (legions) all across the world is a price worth paying. Haruyuki Arita, posing as “Silver Crow,” agrees to represent the Black King, “Black Lotus,” in their quest to meet the game’s inventor at the highest level.

Is your favorite show on that list? If you didn’t, don’t get too down on yourself. There are a few others, like Great Teacher Onizuka, that include gangs and feuding groups. Don’t be scared to show your support for any team you’re rooting for!