Top 14 Shows Similar To Grimm That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Similar To Grimm

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Are you seeking for a genre of horror and supernatural? Grimm is one of the top selections that this genre recommends. The film is very successful along the way. The film centres around an American fantasy police environment that combines occult detective fiction.

David Greenwalt, Stephen Carpenter and Jim Kouf conceived the TV series. It was broadcast on NBC by Universal TV. It made its premiere on 28 October 2011. The film lasted approximately 6 years, with 123 episodes and 6 seasons, and ended on 31 March 2017. The series was an enormous success that fans could not seem to get enough of.

The series gives the audience both thrill and fear. It was awarded one of the best police dramas in history. The show was so captivating that it’s still fairly tough for viewers to look forward to a season 7.

Now if you’re one of those fans that couldn’t get enough of the show, here are some Grimm related shows. How can your horror and supernatural desire be best supplied than to have all the excitement you want? These are the best films like the Grimm you would like to watch.

1. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow


It presents a universe of supernatural drama, similar to the genre Grimm possesses. It is also a series originally shown in September 2013. The play was set in Sleepy Hollow, a small town. Provides all the exciting genres that are quite addictive to the spectators.

The popularity of grim fairytales, which the fandoms want. It gives mass interest to all viewers, particularly those with fictional affiliation. The beginning of the gloomy fairy tales was a triumph in 1990. People could not get enough fictional flicks into a new universe. Sleepy Hollow is ideal for thrilling aficionados of the genre. The show was a complete achievement.

The story was based on the novel from Washington Irving about the Sleepy Hollow legend. Another Irving story with an almost similar genre was Ichabod Crane, a double spy who led a horseman back in 1781. Ichabod Crane was made a reality in 2013 and tells a scenario in which he learns that Headless Horseman raises devastation silently.

In total, Sleeping Hollow produces a total of 62 episodes in four series. The final segment was unfortunately canceled on 9 May 2017. The best part of the show is that it gives the Grimm-like detective and mystical components.

2. Law and Order

Law and order were more of a show by the police. The show was shown in 1990 and brought 20 amazing episodes. Although the law and order provide a very limited number or episodes, the plot provides the best experience for viewers. Some articles indicated that the film franchised a gold mine for the show. The success of law and order has given birth to other spinoff TV programs that address the same issues as the present protagonists.

The following series includes Criminal Intent, the Special Victims Unit, Jury Trial, LA, True Crime and Hate Crimes. In fact, the film was a big success. In general, the entire show, including the branch, spent over 1000 hours watching them. It’s long enough to keep your Grimm obsession going for months. It best covers all part of the crime investigation, he shows. If you’re more interested in research genres, this show keeps you company for a very long time.

3. Haven


This is another supernatural drama, similar to Grimm, to which you can look. It delivers a TV series film that will keep you company for a long time. The plot was based on Stephen King’s novel The Colorado King. This series examines weird incidents in the city of Haven in Maine.

The series was shown in July 2010 and provided views across 5 years. The show ended in December 2015. The series is a 5-season show with 78 episodes in total. Each episode was prepared with a length of 1 hour.

4. The Listener

This series is another adaptation film from Sleepy Hollow. Michael Amo’s film follows a mystical kind of drama you will certainly enjoy seeing. It was first published in June 2009. The show lasts around 5 years, with 5 seasons and 65 episodes, and ends in August 2004.

The plot flows with a paramedic man, Toby Logan, who has the power of telepathy. His supernatural powers enable him to cooperate with the law enforcement agency and every time he has been sent to help find evil guys.

5. Primeval: New World

Primeval New World


This was originally based on Primeval, a successful British series, and then an American adaptation. With only 1 season and 13 episodes, the tale was short. But the program remains popular with the audience.

The plot goes with a group of Canadian special projects dealing with otherworldly phenomena.

6. iZombie

This series was initially broadcast in March 2015. The plot was based on his original book of comics iZombie. The series lasted 3 years and lasted four seasons. The series ceased being broadcast in 2018 and the news currently is that in May 2019 it will continue.

The story focuses on a woman who has become a zombie. The new existence of becoming an undead has changed her life. She quickly leaves her family, which includes her fiancé for her new life.

7. Lucifer

The top Netflix film is becoming highly popular in the world. The series was initially shown on and continues on January 15, 2016. The TV series follows a detective drama which has not yet been performed. The series is currently on the fourth series and has a total of 67 episodes.

He was a devil, but miserable, who lives in California. He quickly decided to abandon his position in Los Angeles as the Lord of Hell. Until he was embroiled in a murder case, Chloe Decker was shortly to aid a detective resolve the crime.

8. Van Helsing

Van Helsing


If you’re so stuck in Grimm, this is probably the greatest movie you should watch. Van Helsing, like Lucifer, is now in his fourth season. This has a fantasy horror genre on TV shows. It made its debut in September 2016.

It has trouble getting between humanity and vampires and balance them, where vampires tend to rule for both creatures and extinct people. Not far from the Grimm narrative.

Vanessa, Abraham Van Helsing’s descendent, soon found out that her blood might transform vampires into humans. It now has the responsibility of saving humanity and restoring vampires to their former shape. Can she get the vampires to be in peace with the people in no time?

9. Supernatural

Supernatural is considered to be one of the most successful series of fantasies. It is famous for being the biggest in all supernatural films. With a total of 297 episodes, your 14 seasons will undoubtedly keep you company for a long time. The series was so popular that more than 2 million viewers watch it every day.

The story unfolds with two brothers, ghosts, devils and monsters seeking for magical people. The film was highly engrossing, with exciting and unusual episodes and monsters. This is ideal for enthusiasts of the supernatural theme. If you’re a huge fan of Grimm, try and watch it and you’ll be a fan of the Supernatural.

10. Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time


The series was initially broadcast in October 2011. The series finished in 2018 and served for 7 years in supernatural films.

The shows give a little of Alice and several Grimm stories in the Wonderland. The film gives the best series that will make your Grimm a whole new level. The plot is comparable to the fairy tales, such as snow white and sleeping beauty. You will certainly be eager to take part in this film. There’s something exceptional to look at this series.

11. Shadowhunters (2016 – 2019)

This long, three-year series is based on Cassandra Clare’s novels, which establish a wonderful world in which fairies, vampires, wolves and enigmatic shadowhunters coexist, far removed from the human eye, in their own realm. There is action, drama and all manner of magic – together with your standard romances.

Whether you’re in love with Magnus Bane’s connection with Alec Lightwood or cannot get enough of the amazing sequences of action, Shadowhunters will hook you away.

12. Tin Man

Everyone and their dog knows L. Frank Baum’s classic “The Oz Wizard.” And with classics, there are innumerable re-tellings and variants to appease fans worldwide.

This 2007 miniserie is a new picture of Dorothy’s classic story, performed by Zooey Deschanel, and all the amazing small creatures she discovers. The ensemble contains names such as Alan CummingandRichard Dreyfuss, and this is the perfect 3-episode treat for aficionados of the bizarre and adventure.

13. Neverland


Like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Peter Pan is a timeless classic who has seen more versions than you can count. But it is not surprising that when you build a world like Neverland, in which youngsters don’t grow old and sirens swim alongside pirate ships.

Neverlandis one of these adjustments, looking at classics with fresh lenses and putting the audience on a voyage that involves magic and Keira Knightley as Tinkerbell. Overall, here’s lots to adore!

14. Emerald City

Those who liked the Wizard of Oz characters Once upon a time could enjoy Emerald City’s ambitious 2017 production. Essentially, L. Frank Baum’s Oz books are a Game of Thrones, which recounts the journey of a 20-year-old Dorothy ending in Oz.

Its existence, however, sparks a horrible prophecy as the Land of Oz is under the control of the Wizard himself, who has prohibited magic from disappointing his resident witches. However, Emerald City was canceled after one season. Fortunately, it can be freely viewed or streamed on on Amazon Prime.

Hopefully, you have some more insights about what television shows to see next like Grimm on the above list. Of course, if you have any shows such as Grimm that you think you should be listed – then do post them in the comments below and we’ll make sure that they go through.

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