15 Best Shows Like Stargate Universe That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like Stargate Universe

It’s no secret that science fiction has captivated audiences for decades, and ‘Stargate’ was no exception. An animated television series debuted on the web in 2004, followed by several seasons of TV shows and web series. There have also been video games and comic books in the series. To date, the series has been running for over two decades, creating an entire universe all on its own. It continues because of the passionate support of its audience. So, even if the show’s creators want to end it, the audience won’t let them. The last time the creators decided to end things with the final season, they ended up renewing a prequel web series! The real stars in this show are the people in attendance.

It was difficult to pick just a few shows that have had a lasting impact on science fiction culture over the years. In any case, here are some deserving mentions: Blake’s 7, Dark Matter, Sense 8, Blake’s 7, Firefly: Season 2, Warehouse 13: Season 2, Altered Carbon: Season 1, Farscape: Season 2, To keep you entertained while you await the next episode of ‘Stargate,’ we’ve compiled a list of science fiction shows and films that we think you’ll enjoy.

15. The Fifth Element (1997)

The Fifth Element (1997)

Bruce Wills plays Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element, a science fiction action film from 1997 set in the year 23rd Century. When Leeloo falls into Korben Dallas’ cab in the year 2373, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. When the Great Evil approaches, Leeloo must work with the other four elemental beings to stop it from destroying the world. Assisting Dallas in his battle against the ticking clock and the evil industrialist Zorg are the zany broadcaster Ruby Rhod and the reverend Vito Cornelius.

14. Eureka (2006-2012)

The fictional town of Eureka has a top-secret facility called Eureka. The scientists who live here are responsible for all of the recent major scientific developments. However, no amount of intelligence will be able to stop things from going wrong. The secret of Eureka is revealed to a town sheriff, and he joins forces with scientists to set the record straight. Each episode depicts a different piece of technology gone awry or in the wrong hands. Scientists and sheriffs work together to solve complex problems by fusing their individual genius with their unique quirks. In comparison to the other shows on this list, this one is quite unique. A sci-fi nerd, on the other hand, wants…

13. Falling Skies (2011-2015)

Falling Skies (2011-2015)

Aliens can take complete control of the human population in just six months. 90 percent of the world’s population has been wiped out by a nuclear war that wiped out all of the world’s major cities. By implanting a mind harness in the children’s spinal cords, the aliens can control them from the age of eight to eighteen. However, the human race will not be so easily defeated. A group of humans devises a plan to retake Earth from the aliens who currently rule it and destroy them.

12. Continuum (2012-2015)

Our century has come to a close. Thousands of people have been killed as a result of a terrorist group’s inhumane actions. The terrorists have been found guilty and will be executed, but something strange is happening. They are able to return to the present day and avoid being put to death this time. It’s unintentional for a police officer to be thrown back in time with the fugitives. She works to thwart the terrorists’ plots while remaining anonymous. The themes and plotlines of this show were widely praised. With all of its sci-fi elements, it’s a standout amongst its contemporaries as well.

11. The Expanse (2015- present)

The Expanse (2015- present)

This show takes us more than two hundred years into the future. Humans have colonized the entire solar system, which is now divided into three major groups: Earth, Mars, and the Alliance of Outer Planets. There is a missing person case in the jurisdiction of a police officer born in the asteroid belt. An ice hauler officer is involved in an accident, which sets in motion events that could lead to the breakdown of the current peace in the Solar System. As the plot develops, it becomes clear that both the incident and the disappearance of the woman are connected to a larger conspiracy that threatens to derail everything.

10. The 100 (2014- present)

About a century has passed since the nuclear holocaust wiped out all life on Earth. Approximately 2000 human survivors live aboard the Ark, a space station orbiting the Earth. However, as the Ark ages, problems arise, and the only option left is to abandon ship. One hundred inmates are sent to Earth in an effort to determine whether or not the planet is habitable. There, they discover that three different tribes have staked out territories and are waging war against one another on a daily basis. The 100 must not only outlast these gangs, but also adapt to life on a devastated Earth in the far future.

9. Agents of SHIELD (2013- present)

Agents of SHIELD

So, before you slam me for calling it a sci-fi show, tell me why you disagree. It has gadgets, technology, spaceships, aliens, galaxies, and other such things. So, yes, it is a science fiction show. All Marvel devotees, please assemble at this time. The premise of this show doesn’t require an introduction. There’s no way you haven’t heard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Avengers, and all of its various spin-offs and sequels. In this episode, we learn about Phil Coulson, a former member of the Avengers who is now working for S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘Agents of SHIELD’ has its own niche and fandoms despite sharing its plot and universe with the film franchise. It’s been getting nothing but rave reviews and adoration from the public lately. Do you want to give up on life? as in a social setting! Then I suggest you watch it all at once.

8. Black Mirror (2011- present)

‘Black Mirror,’ a show that is rapidly gaining in popularity, stands out from others of its kind. Aliens, time travel, and the universe are all common themes in sci-fi shows. However, this one focuses on the things that are relevant and real right now. An episode of this follows the same anthology format as Lost, with a different story each time around. Showing how technology can change us, it takes place mostly in the “not so distant” future. In lieu of thrilling action sequences, the film focuses on a complex plot that probes the depths of the human psyche.

7. The Outer Limits (1995-2002)

An earlier show from the 1960s was revived for this episode. ‘The Outer Limits,’ unlike other shows in the genre, used an anthology style of storytelling. Every episode had a unique plot and always ended with a surprise. If you enjoy watching shows that make you scratch your head in confusion, this is a good pick for you. Both critics and viewers adored the show.

6. Andromeda (2000-2005)

Andromeda (2000-2005)

‘Andromeda,’ another show beloved by fans and with its own universe and theories of its own, took place in the distant future. In an uprising led by a species that believes it is superior to others and is angry at having been exiled from its home planet, the captain of a Commonwealth ship is caught off guard. It is discovered that the captain has been frozen in time due to an event horizon and must be evacuated. A salvage ship’s crew discovers him and brings him home more than 300 years later. He puts together a team to restore the Commonwealth’s constitutional system after learning of its demise.

5. Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009)

This show, like ‘Stargate,’ has branched out into a number of spinoffs, TV movies, and web series. ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ a critically acclaimed sci-fi show that has won numerous awards and garnered a devoted following, is a cultural touchstone. Twelve Colonies is a collection of planets in a star system where humans live. When a human-created android race turns nefarious, people are forced to flee their home planets in search of a more secure location. Only one of the military ships makes it to Earth, the thirteenth colony, with the other civilian ships.

4. Babylon 5 (1993- 1998)

Babylon 5 (1993- 1998)

One of sci-best fi’s shows, “Babylon 5,” took place in the year 2345. The Earth now has a unified government and alliances with other extraterrestrial species. The space station Babylon 5 serves as a hub for commerce and diplomacy between various civilizations. In addition to being scientifically accurate, ‘Babylon 5’ also provided a critique on political, racial, and other social issues, making it one of the more complex shows.

3. The X-Files (1993- 2002, 2016- present)

Because of the enduring popularity of this show, it was brought back for a second season due to popular demand. Unsolved cases often involve paranormal elements, and two FBI agents join forces to look into them. Mulder is a believer, while Scully holds the opposite view. Mulder is working to prove his theories, while Scully is working to disprove them. They have no idea that a larger conflict has erupted, and they find themselves in the middle of it. Only one of them can be trusted.

2. Doctor Who (1963- present)

Doctor Who (1963- present)

‘Doctor Who,’ which has been on the air for over 50 years and is still going strong, is a must-see for any and all geeks. People of all ages have grown up watching various Doctors travel around in the TARDIS, a blue British police box. If you haven’t seen it yet, make a big batch of popcorn and prepare to say goodbye to your social life until you do. Because, my friend, you’ve got a long way to go!

1. Star Trek (1966- present)

This one should go without saying. The sheer size of the ‘Star Trek’ universe is impressive enough. There are now numerous shows, movies (including the cult classics Original, Next Generation, and Reboot! ), animated series, and video games based on the franchise, as well as theme parks and exhibits. As well-known characters as Captain Kirk, Spock, and Uhura inhabit this vast universe. Another franchise that will destroy your social life is one that has its own science, theories, and a large and dedicated following.