19 Best Shows Like Ravenswood That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Ravenswood

1. Rose Red (2002)

Rose Red (2002)

Stephen King’s horror novelist has written the script for the television miniseries Rose Red. On January 27, 2002, ABC in the United States aired the series’ pilot episode. Dr. Joyce Reardon, a parapsychologist, and a group of psychics investigate a vast Seattle mansion called Rose Red for signs of paranormal activity.

2. The new one (2020)

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3. I Am Not Okay with This (2020)

With newfound superpowers, an adolescent deals with the pressures of high school, family, and sexuality. An adaptation of the graphic novel by Charles Forsman.

4. Smallville (2001)

Smallville (2001)

writers/producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar created the television series Smallville, an original scripted drama in the United States. It’s based on Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s Superman character from DC Comics. The show focuses on Clark Kent’s early years as Superman as they unfold in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas. The first four seasons are centered on Clark’s time in high school with his peers. Eventually, after season five, the show moved into more mature settings, focusing on the character’s work at the Daily Planet and introducing other DC comic book heroes and villains.

5. Stargirl (2020)

When Courtney Whitmore, a gifted athlete with a big heart, learns that her stepfather has a secret, she is shocked. It turns out that her stepfather was once a superhero’s sidekick. Using the cosmic wand of a long-forgotten hero, she inspires a whole new generation of superheroes.

6. Scream (2015)

Lakewood’s troubled past is revealed through the lens of a viral YouTube video that begins as a source of amusement for the town’s young people. Everyone is hiding something. Everyone is guilty of telling lies from time to time. Anyone can be a target.

7. The Secret Circle (2011)

The Secret Circle (2011)

Cassie Blake lives with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, after her mother dies in a fire. Strange and frightening things begin to happen as Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana and her boyfriend Adam, brooding loner Nick, mean-girl Faye and her sidekick Melissa. Since they’re all descended from ancient witches, the Secret Circle has been waiting for Cassie to join them. It’s still a mystery to Cassie and the others what’s really going on. Darker forces may be at work, forces that could be linked to the town’s adults.

8. Nancy Drew (2019)

After graduating from high school, young Nancy Drew intends to leave her hometown and attend college, but she becomes entangled in a paranormal murder mystery.

9. Castle Rock (2018)

The series is based on Stephen King’s stories and features characters and storylines from the town of Castle Rock as a backdrop.

10. Twisted (2013)

Twisted (2013)

Danny Desai, a charming 16-year-old with a troubled past who returns to his hometown after five years in juvenile detention, is the focus of this suspenseful one-hour mystery full of surprises. Danny, who was expelled from school almost immediately, makes an effort to reestablish contact with his two childhood friends, Jo and Lacey. The town goes into a frenzy of suspicion and mystery when a fellow student is found dead in her house and Danny is immediately made the prime suspect. To find out if their childhood friend can be forgiven, Jo and Lacey have to decide whether or not he’s truly a victim of his own twisted secrets.

11. The Mist (2017)

A brutal crime decimates a small town’s family. Their world is suddenly cut off as they deal with the aftermath, and in some cases they are cut off from each other.

12. Evil (2019)

While investigating supposed miracles, demonic possession and other extraordinary events, Kristen Benoist, an atheist female clinical psychologist, joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor to see if there is an explanation or something truly supernatural at work.

13. Looking for Alaska (2019)

Looking for Alaska (2019)

New student at boarding school falls in love with a seductive female classmate who seduces him.

14. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Following the lives of Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily, the series is based on Sara Shepard’s young adult novel series Pretty Little Liars. The clique breaks up after Alison, the clique’s queen bee, disappears. When they return from vacation a year later, they find themselves bombarded with messages from someone going by the name “A” and threatening to reveal all of their secrets, including some that they believed only Alison knew about.

15. Cruel Summer (2021)

The story spans three summers (1993-1995) in a small Texas town where a beautiful popular teen, Kate, is kidnapped, and a girl named Jeanette goes from being an awkward outlier to the most popular girl in town and the most despised person in America by the year 1995.

16. The Returned (2015)

The Returned (2015)

There are both positive and negative consequences to the sudden reappearance of several long-presumed dead residents in a small town. The lives of those who were left behind are being tested both physically and emotionally as families are reunited.

17. Ghosted (2017)

To investigate unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles, a skeptic is forced to team up with a believer in the supernatural.

18. American Horror Stories (2021)

Horror myths, legends, and lore will be explored in this anthology series.

19. Dallas (2012)

Dallas (2012)

There are plenty of secrets, schemes, and betrayals in store for J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen Ewing when they return to Southfork. A new generation of Ewings has arrived, one that takes ambition and deception to new heights.