15 Best Other Shows Like Orange Is The New Black Update 05/2024

Other Shows Like Orange Is The New Black

The following shows and series will appeal to fans of Orange is the New Black’s blend of grim realism and offbeat humor.

One of Netflix’s most beloved shows, Stranger Things, ended its run this summer to a bereaved audience of millions.

On the 25th of July, 2019, Orange is the New Black’s seven-season run of 91 episodes came to an end. Fans of the show were devastated when it ended, and now they must find something to fill the void. What are the chances that they’ll watch something else after this?

Fortunately, we’re living in what many people refer to as the “Golden Age of Television,” which has just ended. Orange is the New Black has concluded, but there are plenty of great shows to replace it.

Matthew Wilkinson made the following update on May 26th: Despite the fact that Orange is the New Black has been on the air for almost a year, it continues to be a fan favorite. However, because there are so many other shows available now, fans of this series can pick up on a ton of new content.

While they aren’t identical, there are hints of similarity in everything from personalities to the show’s plot that will satisfy the wants of fans. We’ve narrowed it down to 15 shows based on what made Orange is the New Black so successful.

15. Shameless


At first, it appeared that Orange is the New Black would be primarily focused on Piper Chapman. This became more of an ensemble piece as the story progressed because the focus expanded and the characters from various prisons gained more depth. The hit seriesShameless on Showtime also features a large cast of flawed individuals.

OITNB has a much more diverse cast, but Shameless focuses on a predominantly Caucasian family. However, the similarity to the Netflix prison show is how the participants get involved in criminal activities and have to deal with the sometimes terrible consequences of their actions. Fans of OITNB will enjoy the suspenseful and entertaining nature of this episode.

14. Hollywood

Hollywood’s tone and cast are worlds apart from Litchfield’s, but the two shows share many elements. Aside from focusing on old Hollywood glitz and glamour rather than troubled characters with criminal pasts, it touches on many similar themes.

While Hollywood is preoccupied with issues of racial equality, gender equality, and homophobia, OITNB devotes considerable attention to each of these as well. Even though the settings are vastly different, the themes are the same, albeit approached in a unique way.

13. Jessica Jones

Other Shows Like Orange Is The New Black

OITNB isn’t the only Netflix original series to feature strong female characters in leadership roles. Jessica Jones is the strongest woman on Netflix’s juggernaut show. In addition to her enhanced human abilities like super strength and speed, Jessica also has the ability to fly.

Jessica Jones, a Netflix series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe character, aired for a total of three seasons. This wasn’t your typical superhero show, thanks to a stellar performance from Krysten Ritter. A gloomy undertone pervaded Jessica, as the story tackled difficult subjects like alcoholic abuse, rape, and drug addiction.

12. Arrested Development

Arrested Development, like OITNB, is a comedy that features a diverse cast of characters with distinct personalities.. Despite the fact that this show does not place as much emphasis on genuine emotional drama, there are still lessons to be learned and a genuine connection exists between viewers and the characters they are watching.

The show centers on a single family, with several members ending up in prison due to mistakes they made along the way. The humor and delightfully eccentric characters will still entertain fans in a similar way to OITNB, despite its lighter tone.

11. Ozark


Piper Chapman was sentenced to life in prison for her involvement in a drug trafficking ring that was busted. Even something as simple as that was enough to set the wheels in motion for an extensive series. Assume, for a moment, that the show began before she was imprisoned. Another Netflix series, Ozark, has a similar premise.

Ozark tells the story of a financial planner named Marry Byrde who gets sucked into the world of money laundering and must fight her way out. The fact that he’s completely out of his league adds intrigue to the show. Byrde spends the entire series on the run from the police and drug traffickers. For their outstanding work, Jason Bateman and Julia Garner each received Emmy Awards in 2019.

10. Better Call Saul

Don’t be deterred by the fact that this show has Breaking Bad connections; this is actually a prequel to the popular series, so anyone who hasn’t seen Breaking Bad will be perfectly fine jumping right into this one without missing a beat. This show, like OITNB, is about a bad guy who tries to do the right thing in the end.

A good lawyer like Saul Goodman will do everything in his power not to break the law in order to succeed and make money, but he can’t help himself. Inmates at Litchfield Correctional Facility are not all bad people, but they do things for others that land them in jail instead of out on the street. OITNB fans will enjoy the show’s fantastic sense of humour as well.

9. Orphan Black

Orphan Black

You’ll notice a pattern on this list: shows with large ensemble casts of diverse women should appeal to fans of Orange is the New Black.

Orphan Black is based on the same premise, but with a much smaller cast. The reason for this is that the show Orphan Black is about clones, and all of the clones are played by Tatiana Maslany.

Viewers are immediately captivated by the show’s crazy hook, and the plot twists keep them interested. The real shocker here is Maslany’s performance. By taking on the roles of five different protagonists, she more than merited her Emmy win. That does not include any of the smaller roles she has played in the past. Maslany’s outstanding performance allows you to differentiate between the women despite the fact that they are all identical.

8. Killing Eve

The tone and plot of Killing Eve are far more intense than those of OITNB, but the show has amassed a large fan base and is a show about female empowerment. One of the reasons OITNB became so popular was the emphasis on strong female lead characters, and this show follows suit.

The story revolves around the intertwining lives of two highly skilled women: an MI6 operative and an assassin. This show has a lot of action, and there are several thrilling and intense scenes that keep viewers engrossed.

7. The L Word

The L Word

OITNB and The L Word both deal with heavy and intense drama, but The L Word has some key elements in common with OITNB. For starters, it’s yet another show with a large female cast. Another, and perhaps the most significant, aspect is that it is heavily concerned with issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community.

The L Word focused on a group of lesbian women friends in Los Angeles. For the first time, a major network show featured openly gay characters. As a result of its success, it’s had a long-lasting impact on pop culture. A female prison was the setting for a previously unaired spin-off of OITNB. The L Word: Generation Q, a follow-up series, will premiere in December 2019, making this a great time to catch up on the original series.

6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, like Orange is the New Black, is primarily a comedy. The cast of characters in this show is fantastic, and the humor is consistently top-notch. The show’s running gags keep audiences in stitches, and it’s no wonder why it’s so popular.

OITNB fans will enjoy seeing the other side of the criminal world in a comedic way like this, even though it follows detectives rather than inmates. OITNB excelled at portraying strong LGBTQ+ characters, and the same can be said for this show.

5. Sense8


Shows like Sense8 have a chance to succeed now that The L Word has done so much for the visibility of LGBTQ+ people. Sense8 was a Netflix original series about an international group of strangers who discover they are emotionally and mentally linked. There was a lot of political commentary in both Orange is the New Black and this show.

Despite its brief run of only two seasons, Sense8 was a huge hit with both critics and viewers.

For its handling of the subject matter, the show was nominated for the Dorian Awards’ LGBTQ TV Show of the Year award. Because of the loss of these well-loved characters, fans took to social media to express their displeasure when Sense8 was canceled.

4. Jailbirds

Even if you loved Orange is the New Black, you might prefer a show that’s a little more grounded in reality. Jailbirds is the ideal show for you if that describes you. Documentary style series on Netflix about women in Sacramento County Jail tells the real story of their incarceration.

Jailbirds has been compared to a real-life version of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. When the audience learns what the women are up to, they are prepared for robbery, assault, and even murder. It’s not all doom and gloom, though; the show also takes a look at the ladies’ daily lives and romantic relationships.

3. Weeds


Previously, Jenji Kohan was a showrunner and writer on two hit TV series. Her most well-known role is onOITNB, but she made her television debut on Showtime’sWeeds in 2005. That show was about a widowed mother of two who turns to selling marijuana to make ends meet. As the show progresses, she realizes she’s in over her head and continues down the rabbit hole of crime.

Jenji Kohan’s style is all over it. Weeds will appeal to fans ofOITNB’s blend of bleak situations, intense drama, and biting black humor. There’s a general consensus among fans that Weeds’ quality has dipped in recent seasons, but the show was at its peak when everything was clicking.


Jenji Kohan is an executive producer on Netflix’sGLOW in addition to co-creatingWeeds and Orange is the New Black on the streaming service. The show is led by a group of strong women who have found themselves in an unusual situation. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s set in the 1980s, and the women on GLOW are all part of a wrestling reality show.

The writing style in GLOW is similar to that of OITNB. There’s a good mix of levity and awkwardness throughout the film. Each character is given a wide range of options to work with, resulting in an impossible-to-manage delicate balancing act. On top of that, they’ve had to deal with a lot of difficult issues like sexual harassment, eating disorders, racism, and homophobia. GLOW has something for everyone, no matter what your interests are.

1. Wentworth


When someone watchesWentworth, they can’t help but be reminded of Orange is the New Black. It’s like the Netflix show’s Australian counterpart. Even the way the show was organized followed a similar pattern. Wentworth began with a single female lead before evolving into a drama starring a large ensemble.

Between the two shows, the main distinction would most likely be the tenor.

OITNB has had its share of dark moments, but the show also has its share of humor.

Simply put, Wentworth has a more sinister vibe to it. As a result, it comes across as a more accurate portrayal of life in prison.

The color orange has replaced the color black as the newest fashion statement.

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