10 Best Movies About Hockey That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Hockey

I’m looking for the greatest hockey movies ever made. According to IMDb ratings, these 10 movies are the best of the best.

Many individuals like watching the National Hockey League games on television.

It can be difficult to find ice hockey content when their favorite teams aren’t playing when the league is in its summer.

You’re in luck, because there are no end of fantastic hockey movies to watch, many of which are currently available to stream for free on the Internet. There’s a movie out there for every type of hockey fan, and these are the top 10.

Jake Koran updated this page on October 27th, 2021: The NHL is back in action, and despite the fact that the playoffs are still a long way off, clubs are giving it their all in an effort to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. Even when their favorite team isn’t playing, hockey fans may still enjoy the game by watching one of the best movies on the sport. Inspiring storylines abound in hockey movies, and the best ones are sure to enthuse fans to cheer on their favorite teams!

1. Les Boys II (1998) – 6.2

Les Boys II (1998)

Much of the cast from the 1997 original Les Boys is back for the sequel. When a hockey team travels abroad to compete in a competition, there are certain to be some mishaps. The comedy in the film is mostly due to the team members’ inexperience, and the wide range of characters in the picture adds interest.

The sports segments in Les Boys II are equally beautifully done and entertaining to watch, despite the film being primarily a comedy.

2. The Mighty Ducks (1992) – 6.6

Emilio Estevez (The Breakfast Club) starred in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks as Gordon Bombay, a self-centered Minnesota lawyer who is sentenced to community service in the form of coaching a young hockey team after he is convicted for drunk driving. The film introduced ice hockey to many millennials.

For starters, Joshua Jackson, Marguerite Moreau and Elden Henson all had roles in the film. It generated two sequels (both currently on HBO), an animated series and an NHL expansion team based out of Anaheim. The Mighty Ducks is one of the best sports movies for both kids and adults, and the heart of the picture is what makes it so appealing to all groups.

3. Les Boys (1997) – 6.7

Les Boys (1997)

The 1997 film Les Boys depicts the lives of the men on an amateur hockey team. A large chunk of the film’s humor is due to the immaturity of the aging actors. Subplots concerning the players’ juvenile actions are numerous.

Twenty-four years after its release, the film has become a beloved classic among many admirers, despite including some humor that would be considered inappropriate today. It’s even been compared to some of the more well-known, but no less amusing, sports comedy.

4. Mystery, Alaska (1999) – 6.7

This is not an Alaskan noir, despite the title’s insinuation, but rather a novel about an amateur hockey club in Mystery, a fictional Alaskan hamlet where residents are devoted to their monthly pond hockey game.

Town sheriff and team veteran John Biebe (Russell Crowe) must decide if he is still fit to play hockey or if it is time to retire and take up coaching. The opportunity of a lifetime comes when the town’s team is selected to play an exhibition game against the NHL’s New York Rangers.

5. Goon (2011) – 6.8

Goon (2011)

Goon depicts the story of Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott), an uneducated but kind-hearted bar bouncer from a well-educated family in an overly funny hockey movie. To his surprise, while at a minor-league hockey game, one of his opponents gets into a fight with him and he easily wins.

After the incident, the local team’s coach (Kim Coates) asks Doug to join the team as an enforcer to defend their talented but troubled young star, despite the fact that he has no prior skating or hockey expertise (Marc-Andre Grondin). The humor is lighthearted and amusing, but it also has a strong emotional underpinning, which adds to the film’s emotional core.

6. Slap Shot (1977) – 7.3

Slap Shot, one of the best comedies of the 1970s, is considered a classic. Slap Shot A fictional minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs, is followed by player-coach Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman). Dunlop unleashes a new weapon on the league when he learns that his failing squad will be disbanded at the end of the season.

It is because of the brothers’ destructive brand of hockey that the Chiefs have come to learn that even if they can’t win games on the scoreboard, they can still humiliate their opponents on ice.

If you’re expecting political correctness from Newman’s quips in Slap Shot, you’re in for a rude awakening.

7. Indian Horse (2017) – 7.3

Indian Horse (2017)

Other hockey films have shied away from exploring the more unpleasant aspects of the sport, but Indian Horse has become a fan favorite at festivals around the country. While growing up in Canada’s corrupt and racist Indian residential schools, indigenous Canadian youngster Saul was subjected to a life of abuse and neglect.

Saul has endured a lifetime of heartbreaking racism and exploitation. In spite of his life-threatening alcoholism, Saul manages to become a great hockey player and find meaning and pleasure in spite of his dire circumstances and the challenges he faces.

8. Miracle (2004) – 7.5

An American college hockey team made up entirely of amateurs took on the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War in what is considered the most crucial game in American hockey history. Miracle depicts the true story of this team.

Kurt Russell’s portrayal as team coach Herb Brooks (whom you’ll be quoting for weeks) will serve as motivation for everyone who has ever been rejected. – Even though Brooks was the last surviving member of the first American Olympic team to win gold in 1960, he clung to his goal of serving as head coach for more than two decades before he ultimately realized his ambition. The narrative has been transformed into one of the best HBO sports documentaries and has been covered numerous times.

9. Legend No. 17 (2013) – 7.5

Legend No. 17 (2013)

Legend No. 17 is a Russian film that was never released in the United States, thus most of you haven’t heard of it or seen it.

The life and career of Soviet hockey legend Valeri Kharlamov (Danila Kozlovsky) are chronicled in this award-winning film, which has received numerous important Russian film accolades.

In spite of his little stature,Kharlamov was an excellent hockey player who won two Soviet League MVP honors and two titles with CSKA Moscow because of his exceptional speed, intellect, ingenuity, and stick skills. Kharlamov was a member of the Soviet Union’s Olympic teams in 1972 and 1976 and again in 1980.

10. The Rocket (2005) – 7.6

Maurice “The Rocket” Richard’s life is depicted in this biography, which depicts the hardships he had to overcome in order to achieve the success he accomplished. Many French Canadian hockey players, including Richard, felt that they were not treated equally to their English Canadian counterparts while playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

There was a long-running feud between the NHL’s president and the player. In the film, one of the most famous hockey players in history and the impact he made on the sport are examined in great detail.