7 Best Movies About Freedom That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About Freedom

You’re seeking for a film to watch over the weekend that will help you think about what freedom means. Check out this list for all of your needs!

1. Alone Yet Not Alone 

Alone Yet Not Alone 

The film begins with a soothing tune and beautiful scenery. In the year 1755, America was seen as a safe sanctuary for families looking for religious liberty and economic opportunity. Her family recently relocated to Pennsylvania. Her father frequently reads from the family Bible at their remote cabin in the woods. He assures the family that no matter how difficult things get, God will never abandon them. Her mother and brother were on a trip away from the house when Indians broke in and caused a lot of damage. The Indians kidnap Barbara and Regina as they run into the woods. He witnesses to the Indian brave who wants to be her husband as she matures into a woman but maintains her trust in God.

2. Beyond the Mask 

Is a fast-paced and action-packed film about the people who helped us gain our independence. It concludes with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which is based on actual events, but there is a lot of action, battles, and even a little romance before that. In addition to Andrew Cheney as William Reynolds, Kara Killmer as Charlotte Holloway, and John Rhys-Davies as Charles Kemp, the cast is full of talented actors. Despite his violent past, Reynolds manages to land a job as a vicar at a church. After he was shot, Charlotte discovered him nearly drowning in the river. Charlotte is drawn to him when he is made vicar of the church, but she can sense he is more of a friend of God’s acquaintance than a true friend.

3. Freedom Writers 

Freedom Writers 

In this narrative, a twenty-three-year-old English instructor at a gang-infested Long Beach, California, high school is assigned the unpleasant chore of teaching freshman English. Hilary Swank stars in Richard LaGravenese’s film adaptation of Erin Gruwell’s best-seller The Freedom Writer’s Diaries, which uses innovative methods to break through to her resistant students. This is the story of how a teacher and 150 teens used writing to transform themselves and the world around them. As her students were written off and her chances of success were dismissed, Gruwell refused to give up. Gruwell’s use of Anne Frank’s and Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo’s writings allowed her students to learn more than just the fundamentals of the English language.

4. The Patriot 

The film illustrates our ancestors’ valor in the face of the tyrant King George and his well-trained army. In addition, there are emotional ties that bind characters together throughout the plot. This is shown in the example of a white farmer who had previously assumed that African-Americans could not be as courageous and selfless as he was. When our hero battles with a French officer from the army he fought in the French and Indian War, another example comes to mind. Film viewers see a God-fearing people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their friends and neighbors, as represented in the film. To put it another way, these are people who have good morals. In two instances, we see the main character kneel before God and plead for his pardon.

5. Selma


based on a Civil Rights march on a bridge in Selma, Alabama, is the name of the film and the town where the events occurred. They intended to attract attention to their right to vote and the Civil Rights struggle as a whole. As a result, police officers used clubs and tear gas to assault and gas civilians. It wasn’t until later that Dr. King himself joined a peaceful protest march of his own. In the second group, one-third of the whites were present.

6. To End All Wars 

this documentary depicts how a Japanese prisoner of war camp became a struggle during World War II for the souls and lives of its Allied detainees. Since it’s an actual story, “To End All Wars” revolves around the characters of Ernest Gordon, an up-and-coming soldier who wants to open an educational institution in the midst of a war zone but is opposed by his superior officer Ian Campbell, and Jim Reardon, the sole American operating a black market. The only way soldiers can survive under the camp’s continuous violence is to find a purpose for their life.

7. Unbroken 


depicts the actual story of Louis Zamperini, a rebellious young man who tried drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes as a teenager. Although his parents were faithful and strict, he was nurtured by a loving and dedicated family that cared for him. When Louis saw his mother pray for him, she didn’t know he was watching. His brother Pete saw that Louis had a natural talent for sprinting. As a result, Louis was able to beat the record for the fastest time in his high school’s track and field team. Then he finds himself in the middle of World War II, where he is captured by the Japanese and held as a POW. After attending a Billy Graham crusade, his life was forever transformed.