10 Best Movies About Bridesmaids That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Bridesmaids


Becoming a bridesmaid is truly a privilege. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand next to one of your closest friends and witness them take the next step in their life.

It’s also a huge hassle. From the budget to the dress to the preparation to the nagging emails to the shower to the bachelorette party itself, the bachelorette experience can be stressful from start to finish. After months of planning and Pinteresting, you’re delighted to be there for your friend; we’re just saying it can be a lot.

Ten of the best movies for bridesmaids to watch if you’re feeling the pressure right now have been selected for your viewing pleasure (it’s in the title). These rom-coms understand precisely what you’re going through, from the lighthearted to the heartbreaking. They understand! And they have the ability to see the silver lining…or to put things into perspective when it comes to your own predicament. How big is your collection of bridesmaid dresses? No, I wasn’t intoxicated enough to cause a plane to make an emergency landing on the way to the bachelorette party. Do you have feelings for the bride and/or groom in secret? Those bridesmaid chores don’t seem so bad after all…

1. Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids is credited with launching a new wave of female comedies because of its massive box office success and critical acclaim. In addition, the film perfectly captures what it’s like to be a bridesmaid. After watching this movie, we’ll never forget how Kristen Wiig punched her way through a cookie at the bridal shower, and we’ll never forget how this movie captured the moments and the sensations that we’ve all experienced. However, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not food poisoning.

2. 27 Dresses

Heigl’s best work to date is Jane, an honest, reliable woman who must wear yet another bridesmaid dress, this time for her younger sister’s wedding to the guy she’s always wanted. No way, Jose. You can learn a lot about what NOT to do from this film, such as not standing up for yourself or saying too much that you ruin the entire wedding……… (which was a sham to begin with, but still). Be on the lookout for a sexy wedding journalist!

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding

Even if it’s a pain to give up months of your life to help another couple plan their wedding, you said yes. And it’s likely that this is a person you take for granted. Think about being asked to be a maid of honor just a few days before the wedding for someone you don’t know, like, or even want to see with the groom because you’re kind of in love with him yourself? She does her hardest, but being maid of honor and trying to break up a relationship is too much for Julia Roberts at once.

4. Bride Wars

If anything, being the bridesmaid is a lot less stressful than being the bride herself. No doubt about it, it’s her big day and she’s a princess and all that. Her spouse, his family, her own family, and maybe even a plethora of Facebook pals all contributed to her year of stress. There’s a lot going on in this scene, as Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway show. To be a bridesmaid, all you have to do is show up and look good until the reception.

5. Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

Because we’ve already talked about wedding shite, let’s move on to the fun stuff with a little help from Wedding Crashers. Being a bridesmaid brings up a whole new world of opportunities, particularly for the male visitors. Even though there is a lot of preparation leading up to the big day, don’t lose sight of the fact that it IS a big party. Let loose on the dance floor with a pair of those flats that can fit in your handbag. Whether you’re invited or not, you never know who you’ll run into.

6. Bachelorette

The moral of the story is to avoid touching the wedding gown at all costs. Make sure you don’t destroy it with your own fluids or anything else. The bachelorette party could also be a good time to rein it in. There is nothing wrong with a good time, but these women take it to a whole new level.

7. Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Revenge of the Bridesmaids

As with My Best Friend’s Wedding, Revenge of the Bridesmaids is a lighthearted comedy with a few familiar themes. A delightful reminder of how much fun it can be to work together with your girlfriends to accomplish a common goal is provided by this film.

8. Rachel Getting Married

In this film, you’ll see the darker side of family reunions, so there’s a good chance your own wedding won’t be as as awkward as this one. To avoid unnecessary conflict, be a kind friend or sister to the bride on her special day. She’ll repay you one day.

9. Made of Honor

Made of Honor

The wedding process should be very simple if no one in the wedding party harbors deep feelings of love for either of the people being married. In Made of Honor, you’ll find an excellent example of why you should limit your bridal party’s size to a small, uncomplicated group that won’t want to take over your relationship, no matter how justifiable it may be. Dempsey, you could’ve spoken up sooner.

10. The Wedding Date

Being a bridesmaid keeps you occupied, which is a great perk. If you don’t already have a date, you don’t have time to bring one and make him feel at ease all night with your pals. You don’t have to pay for a date, either. Your bridesmaid duties include assisting the bride get ready for her big day, as well as being the life of the party at the reception later. Everyone should be envious of that. It would be best if we all stayed out of Debra Messing’s personal life.