17 Best Conspiracy Theories About Disney Movies Update 07/2024

Conspiracy Theories About Disney Movies

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets sucked into the rabbit hole of Disney sabotage theories and ends up loosing hours of their day. These stories initially appear to be outlandish, but as you read on, they all begin to make sense! They have to be genuine, don’t they? In the end, it’s Disney. There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of time delving into the rabbit hole of Disney conspiracy theories, and I won’t judge you if you do!

1. Boo is the Witch from Brave

Boo is the Witch from Brave

Because of its absurd nature, this deserves to be discussed in its own right, despite being a component of the “Pixar Theory.” Disney conspiracy theories are notoriously difficult to comprehend. As in Monsters, Inc., Boo, the witch from Brave, disappears whenever she enters a door. To bolster this hypothesis, there is a picture of Sulley on the walls of the witch’s house. While the narrative of the witch is interesting, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

2. The Pixar Theory

To put it simply, the Pixar Theory asserts that all Pixar films take place in the same universe. Brave’s power enabled all animals and other creatures to communicate with the witch. To completely comprehend this notion, one must have a thorough knowledge of Pixar films.

3. The Beauty and the Beast/ Tarzan Theory

Because it implies that two of my fave Disney characters are connected, I’m stoked! Jane from Tarzan may be Belle and Beast’s granddaughter, according to this hypothesis. As far as I can tell, no one else would have been able to get their hands on that famous tea set. In addition, Jane was a natural at conversing with a man who resembled a beast. Does this sound familiar to you?

4. The Emily Theory

The Emily Theory

This is one of my greatest movie theories to date, in my opinion. Despite its simplicity, the Emily theory is utterly insane. Jessie’s previous owner, Emily, is Andy’s mother, according to rumor. When you get down to the nitty gritty, it all makes sense. After three films, we still don’t know Andy’s mother’s identity. In Jessie’s flashback, Emily wears a hat that is very identical to Andy’s. To top it all off, the style of Emily’s room is reminiscent of the one her mother, Andy’s mother, would have had in her own childhood. In every Toy Story movie, Woody’s rarity and value are frequently mentioned. If Andy’s mother had found the boy version of the toy she cherished so much as a child, wouldn’t it make sense?

5. The Frozen and Tangled Theory

There is a picture of Rapunzel and Eugene at the coronation of Elsa spreading around the Internet. There’s a strong possibility that Elsa and Anna are related to Rapunzel in some way. Some people, however, go a step further and go even more than that…

6. Frozen, Tangled, and the Little Mermaid

This idea is nearly as convoluted as Pixar Theory. Rapunzel may have been getting married to a relative when her parents’ ship sunk, as some people believe Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel’s sisters. The wreck Ariel sees in The Little Mermaid may or may not be the shipwreck of the King and Queen of Arrendelle, as some have speculated. Isn’t the scene in The Little Mermaid much more depressing if that’s the case??

7. Tangled and Snow White Theory

Tangled and Snow White Theory

Isn’t the typical Disney princess narrative about a lovely princess, a handsome prince, and an awful stepmother? Let’s take a closer look at that final element. The lovely princesses in both Tangled and Snow White were brought up by a spiteful, beauty-obsessed woman who wasn’t their own mother. A deception disguised as love is used as a weapon by both antagonists at the end of the film. Snow White’s nasty stepmother and Tangled’s mother share a striking resemblance.

8. Frozen and Tarzan

These Frozen explanations may be plausible, but there is another notion that appears to be almost validated by the filmmakers. According to Reddit, they speculated in a Reddit AMA that the King and Queen didn’t die, but washed up on an island, gave birth to a newborn boy, and were eaten by leopards. As far as Disney conspiracy theories are concerned, is anything ever a joke when it comes to Frozen?

9. Aladdin is a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

What’s going on? That’s right, you’ve got it all straight. According to certain Disney conspirators, Aladdin actually takes place in the present day! Ten thousand years in the future, the genie claims, placing the story in the distant past. It’s also possible that Genie was confined in the lamp in the 20th century because he impersonates actors from our day. When it comes to “magic” technology like flying carpets and talking monkeys, this future is actually quite advanced!

10. Carl is Dead

Carl is Dead

Some believe that Carl commits suicide after learning that he must relocate to a retirement home in Up. Throughout the rest of the film, Russell assists him on his journey to the afterlife. That’s as dismal as it sounds, but it’s not impossible.

11. Frozen: It’s All Political

According to one theory, Frozen is all about climate change’s harmful implications. Prince Hans is a spokesman for the world’s small island nations, which are being endangered by rising tides caused by glacier melt. Queen Elsa symbolizes our collective fear of a climate change that is too severe to control.

12. Alice is Tripping

There is, of course, this ridiculous conspiracy theory out there! Alice in Wonderland has nothing to do with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, despite the opinion of most people who have actually read Lewis Carroll’s writings. As Alice’s body is distorted by “magic mushrooms,” the novel is replete with references to illegal substances such as hookah.

13. Lion King: Hamlet with Animals

Lion King Hamlet with Animals

Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s greatest works, is revered by everyone. Lion King, one of Disney’s greatest animated pictures, is definitely a few notches down from that. This could be the reason why so many people enjoy these stories so much! When a prince’s father is slain by his uncle, the facts of his death are kept a secret, just like in Hamlet. He has two close pals, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, whose ridiculous but important roles in the play make them an integral part of the story. Timon and Pumbaa aren’t you the same way? Striking fans of The Lion King believe that the film is modeled on Shakespeare’s Hamlet because of the many similarities between the two works.

14. Was Belle Describing Aladdin?

During her visit to the bookstore, Belle describes her favorite narrative as a tale of far-flung kingdoms, mystical spells, and the disguises of princes. I think it would be great if she were!

15. Sexy Words in the Lion King

According to legend, the Lion King’s special effects team added the word “sex” to dust when Simba flopped down on the edge of a cliff in the film. Many individuals believe they can see it, despite the fact that it has never been proved.

16. Aladdin Never Happened

Aladdin Never Happened

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know whether the salesman we first meet in the film, trying to get us to buy a lamp, concocted the entire narrative of Aladdin? It’s possible it was just a piece of trash!

17. Ariel’s Mother Was Killed in Peter Pan!

Peter Pan’s red-headed mermaid is a memorable character. Many Disney fans believe it’s Athena, Ariel’s mother, who appears in the story. Pirates killed her, and there are a lot of pirates in Neverland, as we know.