10 Best Sea Movies That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Best Sea Movies

While most people associate the sea with the movie Titanic, there are a slew of other sea-themed classics available for streaming right now!

This is not always a happy place to be. Horror films set in or near water frequently serve to remind audiences of this (or under it). While some of the most popular films of all time have faded from the public eye, there are many more that have remained popular for decades.

To moviegoers, Jack and Rose from Titanic are a universally recognized romantic duo who could have survived in the Atlantic had they been given one last opportunity. Even if you don’t like romance, action, or horror movies, you’ll find a slew of others that will keep you engrossed all the way through.

1. Adrift (Netflix)


Actress Shailene Woodley portrays Tami Oldham, who set sail from Tahiti to San Diego with her fiancee, based on the true incident.

Adrift stars Woodley and Clafin as two sailors who develop feelings for each other. The beginning of the film is filled with excitement and risk-taking, but when the two characters find themselves lost at sea, the fantasy turns into a devastating reality. This film is presently available to stream on Netflix.

2. Captain Phillips (FuboTV)

Barkhad Abdi’s iconic phrase, “Look at me, I’m the captain now,” shows how Captain Phillips illustrates the panic that comes when a whole ship is taken over by pirates in Captain Phillips.

Similarly to any other part, Hanks portrayed the captain honestly, displaying both his manner under pressure and the impact of the terrifying event he experiences. FuboTV is presently offering this film.

3. The Triangle (Youtube)

The Triangle

Although there are many stories about what happens in the Bermuda Triangle, they all revolve on the disturbing and baffling situations in which people find themselves. This cliché is used in a 2001 television movie starring Luke Perry, who passed away in 2007.

A group of friends travels to Bermuda for a night on the town at the Bermuda Triangle. They had no notion that (spoiler alert) the triangle is a wormhole and that they had been absent for a long time as they entered deeper into the sea. If you’re looking for a free movie to watch right now, you can do it on YouTube (no subscription required).

4. The Shallows (FX)

Another shark movie, but Blake Lively does a great job as the lone survivor trying to avoid a shark attack.

It’s hard to imagine a more distinctive story than one that takes place almost entirely on a single, isolated rock out in open water. The main character’s life at sea isn’t going to be ideal for a long, unfortunately. If you have an FX subscription, you may see the film The Shallows right now.

5. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (Amazon Prime)

47 Meters Down Uncaged

A subscription to Amazon Prime allows you to see the second 47 Meters Down video for free, while the first film is available for purchase on other platforms.

Aside from the film’s incredibly tough-as-nails conclusion, there are some really amazing underwater views throughout. The adolescent ladies who find themselves in this kind of perilous predicament are outfitted with the latest in dive gear as they attempt to navigate their way out of the murky depths. The danger posed by sharks isn’t their only source of anxiety during their harrowing journey.

6.  All Pirates of the Caribbean Films (Disney Plus & Starz)

As far as sword and sorcery movies go, many consider Pirates of the Caribbean to be the best. The location, clothes, and people in each film are meticulously portrayed. Each film has a distinct ending because of the combination of romance and action.

With waves crashing and pirates fighting as they come closer to Jack Sparrow’s cherished horizon, there is a lot to take in for the spectator. In each film, there are a few funny moments to break the monotony of a life on the high seas. On Stranger Tides is available on Starz, while four of the five films are available on Disney Plus!

7. Cast Away (HBO)

Cast Away

Although this is one of Tom Hanks’ early films, it’s a role that helped him become a star in the first place. Because of the film’s unique blend of love, intelligence, and sheer will to live on an island for so long, it’s widely hailed as a work of art.

Loneliness is a terrifying idea for many to experience.

However, it’s precisely that which keeps viewers hooked as they see the protagonist adapt to a new life at sea. It’s now available to view on HBO!

8. Finding Dory (Disney Plus)

Finding Nemo is regarded as one of Pixar’s greatest works. But what about the sequel to Dory? Possibly since some viewers are still attached to Nemo, this pleasant movie isn’t getting the attention it once did.

Fun is had by everybody in Finding Dory’s undersea adventures. Viewers of all ages can’t help but be charmed by Dory’s antics as they take a refreshing dip in the ocean. Because it’s a Disney movie, it’s available to watch on Disney Plus.

9. Aquaman (HBO Max)


The fierce aquatic superhero Jason Momoa does not disappoint. Awe-inspiring to see as he effortlessly shifts between land and aquatic life.

Though his aggressiveness may make him appear questionable at times, Arthur’s motives are undeniably good because his mother is a part of this personal mission. The movie’s end is a pleasant surprise due of its lighthearted and funny tone. On HBO Max, Aquaman is presently available to stream.

10. Nim’s Island (Available To Rent Amazon Prime)

It’s possible that many people have forgotten one of Abigail Breslin’s most memorable roles to date. On an island with her brilliant father, Nim’s Island follows a young girl. The fact that Nim is left alone for a while when he goes on a scientific assignment generates concern.

An encounter with Jodie Foster’s character, an author, but Nim believes she is an explorer is the result of the little girl’s inspiration with Alex Rover. A child’s daily existence at sea on an island is depicted in the family-friendly film, which is an inspiring sight for young viewers to watch. Amazon Prime members can rent this film.