10 Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies

Diana adores everything Korean. She enjoys watching Korean films, which are some of her favorites.

How much do you enjoy Korean love stories? Top 10 Korean Romantic Comedy Movies You’ve Never Seen Before! In addition to making you laugh, these characters have a lot of depth and a lot of tenderness! You may check out the trailers and cast your vote here!

10. My Tutor Friend

My Tutor Friend

This is the story of Su Wan, a college student who works as a tutor to help pay for her studies. With her students, she’s had a rough time. That is, until she was recruited by one of the most noxious students in the school. Getting through him is a tremendous pain in the neck! The tutor almost leaves her job because of this rich troublemaker’s antics. Despite his reputation as one of the most dangerous men in the college, he is repeating his senior year of high school. Because she doesn’t want to let her mother down, Su Wan can’t quit her profession as a tutor.

Interesting fact about this Korean romantic film: the screenplay was inspired by a series of stories published on the internet by a real English literature major who writes about her tutoring experiences! It’s a fun blend of romance, violence, and comedy in this romantic comedy!

9. Whatcha Wearin’?

A hilarious and heartfelt love story, Whatcha Wearin’? will have you giggling from beginning to end! In the film, an unexpected phone call leads to the formation of a new romance. She tries to spice things up in her long-term relationship by having phone sex with her lover, but ends up dialing a stranger instead of her partner.. They begin to open up about their relationship issues over time, and eventually fall in love with each other!

First and foremost, be aware that the content is sexy. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this rom-com because it’s so refreshing! There are no unrealistic feelings in this K-drama; on the contrary, you’ll observe a lot of real-life talks. Although the humor and gags are a bit more sophisticated than in your typical romantic Korean movie, they don’t feel out of place in the context of the story.

8. 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

It was initially popular on the Internet as a story. Later, a book series was published and converted into a motion picture. Eventually. Even though certain sequences had to be added and others had to be deleted, the first release was a huge success.

Immediately after breaking up with her partner, Ha Young is involved in an accident, leading Lexus to be damaged as a result. The guy who owns this car is demanding that she hand up a large sum of money right now! As a high school student, she can’t afford that, so she flees. For 100 days, he demands she clean his house, run his errands, and help him with his studies in order to repay the loan. A few twists and turns are in store for them as they begin to fall in love.

7. Penny Pinchers

Laughing at Penny Pinchers is guaranteed! In a low-rent apartment, two strangers find themselves living next to each other. To make ends meet, Chun Ji Woong phones his mother for money and spends it on women, whereas Gu Hong Sil is an exceedingly frugal girl who sells collected recyclables, steals as much sugar as possible from coffee shops, and walks instead of using the bus. What’s the point? It’s a waste of time and money. Gu Hong believes so, at least. Even though she doesn’t sure what to do with her funds, depositing them at the bank is her favorite pastime. As a result, she will require a separate account in the name of someone else. When Chun Ji’s mother abruptly cuts him off, she meets him for the first time. After two months of following her instructions, the girl involves him in her plan. That’s where the connection between their housemates began!

6. Love 911

Love 911

Two people, one a male and the other lady, get together against all odds and work together to cure each other’s emotional wounds in Love 911. An overworked and emotionally distraught firefighter, his thoughts are consumed by the loss of his wife. In her current position as a doctor, she just cares about her work.

5. Windstruck

Female cop Kyung Jin is on the trail of a purse-snatcher when the movie begins. Despite the fact that she is on leave, she decides to pursue him. Is it possible that she has arrested a passerby because she mistook him for the culprit? In reality, he’s out to get the thief! A large number of students under the age of 18 are to be escorted by the two of them.

My Sassy Girl is the sequel to Windstruck (see further in this list). However, if you haven’t seen My Sassy Girl, you may not be able to completely appreciate this film. It features a wide range of genres, including humor. An action-packed story with a dash of melodrama/drama thrown in. When it comes to Windstruck, you won’t grow weary of viewing it repeatedly.

4. Spellbound


A horror romantic comedy, Spellbound (formerly known as My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts) is a must-see for fans of the genre! The plot revolves around Yeo Ri, a young girl who has been haunted since she was a child. Strange things are happening to others around her as a result of what’s going on with her. So she resolves to cut herself off from the rest of society. In the crowd of a street magician, he observes her and something about her catches his eye. He accompanies her and asks her to participate in his program. Their affections for each other grow over time.

Again, this is a film that spans multiple genres: humor, romance and horror are all there in this one! So it’s unlikely to appeal to everyone, as there are people who don’t like horror scenes, for example. For those of us who don’t get terrified easily and enjoy charming romantic comedies, you should definitely check out this movie!

3. My Little Bride

My Little Bride is all about arranged marriage. Basically, it focuses on a high school girl and a college student. This guy is forced to marry a girl due of a Korean War agreement between their parents! Because she has no other option, she must make this happen. Interestingly enough, the story reveals later on that the guy is in love with his bride! Those looking for a lighthearted, if not a touch cliché, romantic comedy should check out this Korean production.

2. 200 Pounds Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty

Weight: 200 Pounds It’s the only musical romantic comedy to make it onto the list! The film is based on Yumiko Suzuki’s manga Kanna’s Big Success! There is no connection between the manga and the movie, which follows the story of an overweight ghost singer who has plastic surgery in order to become popular in the industry. In addition, it’s also about a big female with an incredible voice. Because of her appearance, she is unable to gain the same level of fame as the popular singer for whom she supplies the voice. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also has a crush on the pop star’s music producer! But it’s a one-way street. For a year, the girl is unable to communicate with anyone. Her transformation into a stunning pop diva in just a year is nothing short of amazing.

As a matter of fact, don’t be fooled into thinking that the film is just about one character receiving plastic surgery in order to become popular and attract a guy. A lot more goes into it than that. What makes this film unique is its focus on inner beauty and happiness. Watch it if you’re lacking in self-assurance! It may not be a new topic, but it’s refreshing, heartfelt, and inspiring!

1. My Sassy Girl

As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, My Sassy Girl is the story based on a series of blog postings! As a result, it was later reworked into a fictional novel and published. One of the most popular movies of the year (not only in Asia, by the way) was released.

Romantic comedies are common, but this one stands out from the rest. He is a typical college student who just cares about hanging out with his friends and flirting with women. While riding the train, he bumps into an inebriated female passenger. Everyone assumes she’s his girlfriend after a few amusing moments, and she’s almost ignorant of it. The boy discovers that he’s in a relationship with someone he doesn’t even know about. He’ll soon be unable to picture a single day without this spunky girl in his life.