6 Best Anime Like 91 Days That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like 91 Days

The question is, what do you do when your family is murdered in front of your eyes and you’re forced to flee? You’d go on a vengeance-seeking mission to find out who murdered your family, just like Avilio did. The plot revolves around Avilio, who joins the Vanetti family in an attempt to learn more about the group responsible for the horrific executions. To better understand Avilio’s criminal lifestyle, we’ll look at six anime that resemble it, and the corruption that each character faces in a gang-related environment.

1. Baccano!


Main characters Issac and Miria learn the hard way that being a gangster is no walk in the park.

It gets worse in the mafia war, while the desperate search for the lost bottles of immortality elixir continues.

At first, the events in Baccano! don’t seem related because they occur in different times or places, but they all contribute to a larger narrative about alchemy, corruption, and the struggle to survive while seeking immortality.

If you liked 91 Days, you’ll like Baccano! because it takes place in a corrupt town where mafia groups are constantly fighting for control of territory. As a result, both films are set during the era of prohibition, when the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages was outlawed and people would go to great lengths to obtain what they needed. While the plot of 91 Days is more gritty, both films center on characters who must rise through the ranks while making pacts with various mafia families in order to survive.

2. Joker Game

Joker Game

During World War II, Japan forms an eight-man spies team to gather information that will be crucial in their battle. This is the setting of Joker Game, a spy thriller. In order to get the information they need to win the war, these highly trained men have been tasked with reporting on any developments in it. They must therefore use extreme tactics such as manipulation to gather the information they need.

The premise of both Joker Game and 91 Days is that characters must work together to gather enough information to defeat the opposition. As a way to get closer to the mafia bosses responsible for his family’s murder, Avilio employs cunning and deception while remaining completely unnoticed. He puts on a brave face and acts like he cares about the family, but in reality, he only wants revenge. Like Yuuki, you’ll need a team of well-trained individuals to dig up any information you can on your adversary so you can eliminate them if the time comes. Although they presented themselves as working with the opposition, their real goal was to create a distraction while they looked for answers.

3. Gangsta


As Nicholas and Worwick team up to take down the corrupted factions plaguing Ergastalum, Gangsta is a tale of revenge and redemption. The two mercenaries, dubbed the “Handymen,” set out on a bloody mission for powerful mob syndicates as mercenaries hired to eliminate the enemy. There is a lot of violence directed at the Twilights, and as a result, the town is forced to deal with an evil underground organization that wants to exterminate everything in its path. They must do whatever it takes to keep the Twilights safe and secure.

Both anime depict the grim reality of gang life and how it can change people’s perceptions of it. Each of Avilio and Nicholas has a personal vendetta against an organization that has threatened their family, and they must now use every weapon at their disposal to find closure in their vengeful hearts. In every confrontation, the protagonist is forced to kill corrupt mafia groups in order to find the truth. As the suspects’ limbs fly and bullets ricochet off their skulls, Avilio and Nicholas fight to stay alive.

4. Gankutsuou


It’s a bleak story about a young man named Albert Morcerf who makes friends with a wealthy nobleman by the name of The Count of Monte Cristo. Strange events bring the two together, and they end up working closely together as a result of their encounter. Interested in the Count’s charm, Albert offers to introduce him to his friends and family, who are well-connected in Parisian society. Unfortunately, Albert has no idea that the Count’s intentions are nefarious and will forever alter his life.

It’s as if Avilio and Albert have no idea what’s about to happen in their lives, and they’re both taken aback when they face the harsh reality. They’ve both been betrayed and are now on a vengeance spree to exact their vengeance on the people who ruined their lives. As a result, the two are thrust into a dangerous situation where every move they make could have dire consequences, and as a result, they exercise extreme caution when approaching their foe. While 91 Days has a more gory story, Gankutsuou really drives home the point that family is everything and you’ll do anything to protect them in Gankutsuou.

5. Gungrave


In Gungrave, based on the video game of the same name, two friends’ lives are turned upside-down by a tragic event that changed everything. In no time at all, they learned how cruel the world is, how fleeting happiness is, and how unreversible change is. When they join Millennion, a large-scale mafia organization, their curiosity is piqued. What separates Brandon from the rest of the pack is his desire to reclaim the woman he loves above all else.

Both Gungrave and 91 Days tell a fantastic story about a man who is crippled by his past and must now find all of the answers to restore peace to his tortured soul. They are both excellent reads. To become gang leaders in a society riddled with murder and corruption, Brandon and his best friend Harry decide to team up with Millennion.

Brandon, on the other hand, has discovered the shocking truth about the syndicate and is racing against time to save the woman he loves. They, like Avilio, join the organization that started their violent descent into darkness in order to learn more about the ring leader. For them, it’s all about taking care of the leader with their own hands, and no one will be forgiven for that.

6. Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest

After a series of strange events, the life of Yoshino, a seemingly normal teenager, takes an unexpected turn. When Mahiro’s younger sister Aiko suddenly dies, Yoshino and Mahiro are left scrambling to find out what happened. Mahiro sets out in search of the person responsible for his sister’s death, while Yoshino tries to go about his daily routine as usual.

Yoshino’s life is turned upside down when he is threatened with a gun by a girl, and Mahiro appears out of nowhere to save the day. He also learns about the existence of the Tree of Exodus, after realizing that Mahiro had learned about his sister’s death from a witch named Hakaze. After Aiko’s death, the two friends are tasked with uncovering the truth about her death while also helping Hakaze save the world and staying alive themselves.

For two characters, death has befallen the family and they must now seek vengeance on those who started it all in both shows, the story telling is extremely cold. Yoshino and Mahiro, the two main characters in Zetsuen no Tempest, have personalities that are strikingly similar to those of Avilio and his childhood pal Corteo. Corteo is the more reserved and thoughtful half of the duo, and he later serves as Avilio’s sounding board when making important decisions. They both have the same traits: one is enraged and ready to take out anyone who gets in his way, while the other tries to offer explanations for everything they do or say.