15 Best Shows Like Sex Education On Netflix Update 07/2024

Shows Like Sex Education On Netflix

If you enjoyed Sex Education, check out these other great shows like Wanderlust and The End Of The F***ing World as well.

Sex Education, a new Netflix series, takes a brilliant and hilarious look at what it’s like to be a young person dealing with the realities of their developing sexuality. As Otis and Maeve try to create a safe space for their peers to talk about the complexities of relationships and answer any questions they may have, we see how their efforts fall short.

The show is both educational and entertaining, so it’s understandable why someone would want more of the same after the eighth and final episode of the first season. This list of shows will help you fill in the blanks in your Netflix queue.

Hayley Mullen’s latest update was made on October 12th, 2020. Sex Education’s third season is still a ways off, but in the meantime, there are plenty of fantastic shows to watch on a nightly basis or all at once while you wait. There’s something for every Sex Education fan on this list, whether it’s the nuanced relationships between teenagers and young adults or the perfectly timed comedic moments that don’t distract from the story. During the break, fans can catch up on their favorite shows from our growing library.

1. Special


‘Special’ follows the life of Ryan, a cerebral palsy-afflicted gay man who is ready to face adulthood after a decade of internships, text-based relationships, and blogging in bed. For the sake of anonymity, Ryan lies about having cerebral palsy to his coworkers at the well-known website Eggwoke. He also claims to have been injured in a car accident.

Adapted from Ryan O’Connoll’s bookI’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, the show’s first season premiered on Netflix in 2019. Ryan, the show’s protagonist, is played by O’Connell, who also serves as the show’s executive producer. In addition to being entertaining and funny, the show also depicts the complexities of disability and how it influences relationships in all areas, including love and sex.

2. Please Like Me

It’s an excellent Australian dramedy about a man in his twenties who comes to terms with the fact that he is gay after his girlfriend dumps him. Please Like Me After a failed suicide attempt, Josh returns to his childhood home to care for his mother. He then moves out with his best friend Tom and attempts to navigate the dating scene in his own, clumsy way. The cast is diverse and interesting, and there are many moments in the show to which even the most socially awkward viewers can relate.

3. Trinkets


Trinkets, a Netflix teen drama starring Brianna Hildebrand, Quintessa Swindell, and Liana Madeira, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. The plot revolves around three teenagers who become friends after attending Shoplifters Anonymous meetings together. They don’t want their identities discovered or friendships formed, but their common addiction to shoplifting brings them together, especially by competing to steal the most expensive items from a store. But will their risky antics catch up with them, or will they pull off a successful heist for a group of teenagers?

4. Awkward

For five seasons, Awkward, an American teen dramedy, aired on MTV. Because of the “care-frontation” letter Jenna Hamilton received, which included harsh criticism and advice on how to be less of a “loser,” her freak accident is mistaken for a suicide attempt, drawing unwanted attention from her classmates.

Afraid of being isolated, Jenna decides to follow the letter’s advice and become more assertive. This causes friction among her circle of friends. Jenna has to navigate the minefield of high school, albeit with a fresh take on the subject, through dating drama, therapeutic blogging, and constant peer pressure.

5. Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks

In the 90s, there were no smartphones or the internet to complicate things. Want a teen dramedy set then? A good example of this would be Everything Sucks, a film about AV and Drama club outcasts in 1990s Oregon who are fed up with their plight of being teased and never taken seriously. They decide to put their skills to good use and make a movie that no one will be able to ignore in order to get the attention and platform they desire. Coupled with the typical high school struggles, it makes for an engrossing look back at high school life in the 1990s in the small, dead township.

6. End Of The F—ing World (Netflix)

Netflix’s The End Of The F—-ing World may be the perfect show for you if you’re looking for a show about British teens and developing sexuality with a twist. When it comes to murderous tendencies, teenage James is just as likely to develop them as he is to develop his sexuality. The series follows him as well as his girlfriend Alyssa, who is also a troubled teen and James’ first possible victim. After robbing James’ father and holding up a gas station, they decide to go on a road trip across the country. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a rough ride.

7. Big Mouth (Netflix)

Big Mouth

It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what to watch while waiting for Sex Education season two, but John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s twisted animated tale is sure to satisfy anyone looking to laugh about puberty, disgusting and horrifying sexual mishaps, or just something to laugh at while letting go of the shame of your own pubescent misadventures.. The comedy in Big Mouth may lack some of the more somber undertones found in Sex Education, but beneath the crude, raunchy humor lies an honest portrayal of the awkwardness of adolescence.

8. A.P. Bio (Hulu & NBC)

As opposed to Sex Education, which places a young student in a position of knowledge and power over his peers, A.P. Bio encourages students to learn and grow as healthy young adults. A.P. Bio follows Jack Griffin, a former Harvard philosophy professor who lost his job and is now teaching A.P. Bio at his old high school.

When Jack is in a position of authority over these young students, the lessons he teaches them usually revolve around catfishing Miles, the head of Harvard’s Philosophy department and a nemesis and former coworker of Jack’s. Hence, if you’re looking for a show that features a rude and hilarious teacher ruining a class of bright young students, you should see A.P. Bio.

9. Skins (Netflix)


Skins is a series that’s difficult to categorize. It’s a heartbreaking drama at times. Other times, it’s one of the most hilarious things you’ll ever see. Skins follows a number of groups of teenagers as they navigate adolescence, with alcohol, drugs, and sex all playing significant roles in their daily lives.

To experience the highs and lows of what it’s like to be young, to party, and to live in an age where the consequences of your actions seem a long way off, watch Skins. You won’t regret it.

10. Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around The World

To better understand how sexual relationships are changing in our ever-changing society, distinguished journalist Christiane Amanpour embarks on a globe-trotting series of investigations. This is for fans of Otis’ mother Jean, who generously shares her knowledge throughout the series while also helping her son, his friends, and her clients.

With Christiane Amanpour as your guide, Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around The World is sure to leave you both educated and entertained as you delve into some complicated sexual discussions. Whether you want to learn more about sexual relationships or just see how they’re evolving around the world, this series is sure to interest you.

11. Wanderlust (Netflix)

Instead of focusing on young people coming into their sexual awakening, Sex Education does a much better job exploring what happens when this sexual awakening occurs much later in life. What do you do if the partner you chose to dedicate your life to and have a family with leaves you sexually unsatisfied? Are there any issues that arise when a married couple with multiple children decides to date while also trying to keep their marriage intact? In its first season, the show tries to answer just a few of these questions. If Sex Education’s thorny sexual dilemmas resonated with you, you’ll probably enjoy Wanderlust as much if not more.

12. Fresh Meat (Netflix)

Fresh Meat (Netflix)

There are numerous British comedies that center on a group of young people as they experience true independence for the first time, along with the booze, drugs, and sex that come with it. Fresh Meat is another one of these comedies. As a group of young people move into a shared off-campus residence, the series follows their antics.

The members of the group quickly become friends with one another and are frequently seen having a good time, whether it be at parties or just laughing. The relationships between the main characters occasionally get tense, but Fresh Meat is mostly a hilarious comedy that fans of Sex Education will appreciate.

13. She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix)

This film, despite not taking place in a foreign country, portrays a young woman who has come to terms with her sexuality and is unwilling to compromise in order to lead the life she chooses to lead.. The show follows Nola Darling as she navigates the murky waters of polyamory with the three men and one woman she dates over the course of the series, much like the Spike Lee film on which it was based. For the modern age, Spike Lee has done an outstanding job updating his tale of feminine sexuality and independence. An excellent touch for the Sex Education crowd.

14. Lovesick (Netflix)

Lovesick (Netflix)

In Lovesick, or as it was formerly known as Scrotal Recall (definitely a change for the better), we follow a young man as he visits all of his previous girlfriends after learning he has chlamydia and needs to get rid of it. At the very least, that’s how the show begins.

Lovesick develops into a poignant story about how to find love in today’s complicated and confusing age, from its rather ridiculous beginnings. Fans of Sex Education will adore Dylan’s and his friends’ hilarious mishaps while looking for love in this comedy-drama. Also, a good set of genitalia.

15. Easy (Netflix)

Netflix’s Easy is a brilliant and (mostly) comedic look at different kinds of relationships. There are several stories following various characters in each season of this anthology series. In other words, whether you’re following a married couple who want to spice up their relationship with some roleplaying, or a young woman who is trying to figure out how to be in a relationship without becoming the relationship herself, there are plenty of stories (whether interwoven or not) that fans of Sex Education can look forward to continuing through the two seasons currently available. With all the different types of relationships and issues explored in this series, it’s likely to cover everything else on this list put together.

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