6 Best Shows Like Date A Live That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 12/2023

Shows Like Date A Live

Date A Live is a harem anime with a healthy dose of magic. With Shidou as the protagonist, the task force treats the situation like a dating simulator. However, there are also some serious moments that involve the girls. In order to seal the girl’s powers, Shidou dates her to make her fall in love with him, and he then makes her fall in love with him.

The whole thing has the feel of a monster movie.

Where else can you find a show like Date A Live in the world of anime? Much less than you’d expect in light of the glut of harem animes currently available. Sure, there are animes with harems of superpowered women, but in most cases, the conflict or combat between the women is purely comedic. Since we had trouble scratching that itch, here are our picks for the best anime like Date A Live.

6. Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou (Campione!)

Campione! Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou

Campione: those who slay gods while clothed in human flesh. Campiones are human beings who have killed a heretic god who has descended to Earth through some incredible feat of skill and luck. To make amends, they are given superhuman bodies and enhanced abilities throughout. As a bonus, they gain “Authorities,” which are super special powers related to the gods they killed.. By pure chance, Kusanagi Godou has ended up as one of these Campiones. Despite the fact that he has no desire for the increased power and authority that come with his new title, he continues to face opposition. He is the weakest of the Campione brothers because he is the youngest, but he manages to outlast them all thanks to his tenacity and the mysterious harem he has amassed for some reason.

A lot of Campione is centered around Godou assembling a harem of superpowered women regardless of whether he wants to or not like Date A Live. His only chance of surviving as a god-slayer is to band together with his females and work together against the many forces that are now out to get him. While the anime is mostly lighthearted, it knows when to get emotional.

5. High School DxD

High School DxD

Hyoudou Issei was never the type to have high expectations. It was all he’d ever wanted: the freedom to sneak up on women and binge on the sexiest pornography he could find. However, when a fallen angel struck, everything changed. A mythical and biblical creature appears to ask him out on a date, but when he accepts, she shoots a light projectile through him. But even after he dies, Rias Gremory, a top-notch devil, brings him back to life in order to fulfill his perverse fantasies. Issei is inspired by the prospect of one day having his own harem, and he works hard to prepare for his new master’s supernatural battles.

This anime’s protagonist, unlike many others, actually wants to be in a harem. Issei is unrepentant in his pursuit of his goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Unfortunately, Issei has to deal with the usual harem-centric craziness. Like in Date A Live, the harem faces numerous threats, and Issei must do everything in his power to keep them safe. As a result, despite the fact that Issei is more capable than Shidou in self-defense, his harem is completely dependent on him. Female problems such as jealousy, angst, and insecurities are still very real, and the two protagonists could discuss them in a bar if they ever met.

4. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Is this a Zombie?)

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka (Is this a Zombie)

A serial killer assassinates Ayumu Aikawa as he makes his way home from the convenience store. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe saves the day and revives the dead man. When she resurrects him, he is no longer a human but a zombie, with superhuman strength and the ability to withstand crippling injuries. While he is bound to her, they meet some of the most bizarre characters from the supernatural world, including a magical girl with a chainsaw, a vampire leaf blade kunoichi, and a girl who fights with food. Ayumu is under attack from a horde of superhuman freaks. He may be able to, but he is unlikely to enjoy it.

It’s rare to come across a harem anime of this nature. While there is some slapstick and even imouto-style humor in the show, the majority of the jokes revolve around the protagonist’s masochistic tendencies. Now that he can’t die anymore, he can take any amount of abuse he wants and still be alive. To keep his sanity, he must make an effort to control all the strange women he meets. However, I believe he will fail. Unlike most harem anime, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? uses the women in its harem for both comic relief and actual real-life combat. As in Date A Live, our heroes face a real conflict with serious ramifications if they don’t succeed.

3. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

Ryuu Yamada enrolled in high school in an effort to put his troubled past behind him and become a better person. He intends to reinvent himself as well as become an excellent student. Yamada, unfortunately, is just like the rest of us: shy and clumsy. Before long, he’s a failing student with a history of misbehavior. He accidentally kisses Urara Shiraishi after running into her by chance. When they kiss, their bodies switch, which leads to some amusing results. The two are invited to join the Supernatural Studies Club after they reveal their abilities. They soon learn about the legend of the Seven Witches of Suzaku High School, a group of seven female students who each have unique superpowers that can be activated with a kiss.

Kissing the girls doesn’t seal the powers like it does in Date A Live, but it does cause an odd body swap to happen. This results in an overindulgence in fan service, so if that’s not your cup of tea, stay away. A harem of powerful females threatens to snap Yamada in half, as implied by the title. Yamada must deal with this harem head-on. A strange parallel can be drawn to Date A Live, in which the main character has a strange kissing power and must withstand the hormonal discharges of a large female harem that can cause widespread disasters from a tantrum.

2. Sekirei


A beautiful and busty babe named Musubi appears just as Minato Sahashi is contemplating the complete failure of his life due to failing the college entrance exams twice in a row. She turns out to be a Sekirei, an alien with extraordinary abilities who looks like a human. They discovered their full potential when they fused their superhuman abilities with that of a human male. There is no other way to achieve this than by sharing a kiss. However, Minato quickly learns that the bond has a cost. A blood sport has now been thrust upon him, and he and his Sekirei are dragged into it. A shadowy presence also watches over everything…

Rather than sealing their powers with a kiss, Minato Sahashi earns their allegiance or love instead, allowing them to use their full power against the other competitors. Slavery-themed anime at first glance, but the show is mostly lighthearted and humorous with a few action sequences for good measure. In order to keep his harem alive, Minato will have to do whatever it takes.

Minato has an advantage over Shidou when it comes to managing his harem because he has their loyalty. That said, the harem wars aren’t going away any time soon. A dozen girls have fallen in love with him as a result of his efforts to win their affection and loyalty, much like Shidou. When they are endowed with superhuman abilities, it is a thousand times worse.

1. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows)

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows)

Keima Katsuragi, aka the fabled “God of Conquest,” is well-known among gamers. As long as they’re playing a dating sim game, he can easily win over any girl’s heart. Throughout the years, he has made a name for himself by obsessing over galge games and finishing them as quickly as possible, even if it means ignoring reality. To prove his skill at dating sim games, Keima is given a challenge, which he accepts without thinking. A demon from hell assigned to capture fugitive spirits hiding in young girls’ hearts, Elsie, soon has him bound to her contract. Only by making them fall in love can you expel the spirits from their hearts. Keima will either be decapitated by a deadly collar if he does not use his 2D powers to conquer 3D women.

This is the closest thing to Date A Live you’ll find in an anime. To prevent a global catastrophe, they must entice the girls with superpowers to kiss them and seal the deal with a passionate kiss. TWGOK’s gaming mechanics are far more prominent, and Date A Live has a smaller, more concentrated cast of women. These are minor differences. However, if you’re looking for something very similar, this is your best option.