Top 10 Movies Like Fatal Attraction That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 10/2021

Movies Like Fatal Attraction

The story of Dan, a married man with a child and a perfect wife, is told in Fatal Attraction. A brief, casual relationship between Dan and professional woman Alex leads to Dan becoming increasingly dependent on Dan. To get Dan’s attention again, an obsessive Alex resorts to stalking and violent acts. With his family in […]

13 Best Movies Like Half Baked That You Should Watching Update 10/2021

Movies Like Half Baked

1. Half Baked (1998) As a result of accidentally feeding munchie run food to a police officer’s diabetic horse, Kenny is arrested and bailed out for $1 million. Before Nasty Nate can get to Kenny, the rest of the group needs to step up and help. Thurgood, who works as a janitor at a pharmaceutical […]

Top 12 Movies Like Joy Ride That You Need Watching Update 10/2021

Movies Like Joy Ride

1. Joy Ride (2001) In order to see his friend Venna, college student Lewis decides to drive across the country to see her. Due to the fact that Lewis has to travel with his boisterous older brother, Fuller, the brothers and Venna find themselves in a nightmare when a psychotic truck driver takes offense to […]

Top 10 Movie Like Starship Troopers That You Need Watching Update 10/2021

Movie Like Starship Troopers

Since its initial release, Starship Troopers has amassed a cult following. But what other films can its die-hard fans look to for inspiration? Since its initial release, Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 intergalactic war film Starship Troopers, a satire on jingoistic nationalism, the military war machine, and fascism’s temptations has gained a devoted cult following among sci-fi […]

Top 13 Movies Like An American Crime That You Need Watching Update 10/2021

movies like an american crime

1. An American Crime (2007) According to the film, which is based on a true story that made headlines across the country in 1965, one of the most horrifying crimes against a single victim has been committed. Traveling carnival workers Sylvia and Jennie Fae Likens have to spend an extended period of time with Gertrude […]

10 Best Movie Similar To The Revenant That You Should Watching Update 10/2021

Movie Similar To The Revenant

The Revenant-like Survival Films to Watch Instead If you enjoyed The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio and want to see more movies about survival, take a look at this list of the 10 best survival movies. The Revenant, directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu and starring Leonardo DiCaprio in his most acclaimed role (and the only one […]

Top 15 Movies Like Lottery Ticket That You Should Watching Update 10/2021

Movies Like Lottery Ticket

1. Waking Ned Devine (1998) Ned Devine was the lucky winner of the national lottery. He was so overwhelmed by his good fortune that he died from the shock! In the picturesque Irish village of Tully More, word of the victory spread quickly, but not word of Ned’s death. Ned’s closest friends devise a scheme […]

Top 9 Movies Similar To The Proposal That You Should Watching Update 10/2021

Movies Similar To The Proposal

The quality of American romantic comedies is unsurpassed. Unless you count Koreans, of course, but that’s another topic altogether. This genre has given Hollywood some real gems over the years. With romcoms ranging from sweet and sentimental to downright offensive, their library has something for everyone. The Proposal is a classic example of this subgenre’s […]

Top 10 Shows Like Love Victor That You Need Watching Update 10/2021

Shows Like Love Victor

These other teen shows, like Love, Victor, have similar themes and styles and are just as great to stream for Love, Victor fans. Nearly a month has passed since the premiere of Hulu’s Love, Victor, which quickly rose to the top of the most-watched list. There is a story arc that follows Victor Salazar, a […]