Top 10 Romantic Comedy Movies Like The Ugly Truth Update 11/2021

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Movies like The Ugly Truth often feature a sex conflict, but in the end, both men and women come out on top. Butler and Katherine Heigl star in Robert Luketic’s romantic comedy as the mismatched lovers. Her neurotic producer is the sexist host of a men’s relationship talk show. Is there any hope that they’ll […]

24 Best Movies Like Maid In Manhattan Update 11/2021

The Nanny Diaries 2007

The same applies if you enjoyed Maid in Manhattan. Please see our recommended alternatives to Maid in Manhattan listed below. 1. License To Wed 2007 Ben and Sadie, who recently got engaged, are ecstatic about the prospect of starting a family and having a happily ever after. It’s a pity that Reverend Frank, of Sadie’s […]

The Best Movies Like My Sisters Keeper Update 11/2021

Now Is Good

Movies like this one make you cry, think, and reflect on your own relationships and life. Grab a bag of popcorn and a box of tissues, and prepare yourself for more film-induced suffering. Let the tears flow! 1. Perks Of Being A Wallflower the Stephen Chbosky novel of the same name. Perks of Being a […]

10 Best Movies Like 13 Hours Update 11/2021

Zero Dark Thirty

With Alien and Blade Runner, director Ridley Scott is most closely associated with the sci-fi genre, but Scott is one of the most versatile filmmakers, having attempted everything from horror to fantasy to romantic comedy. The biographical war film Black Hawk Down, from 2001, may be his most underappreciated work. The film adaptation of Mark […]

12 The Best TV Shows Like The Mentalist Update 11/2021

Luther (2010 – Present)

I understand the feeling you’re going through if you just binge-watched the entire season of ‘The Mentalist.’ As far as crime-solving shows go, this is the best of the best. Come-on! can you read people’s minds? Yes, yes, I know that Patrick Jane does not have the ability to read the minds of others, but […]

12 Best Movies Like Sky High Update 11/2021

They Live (1988)

Please help spread the word by using the buttons below. Normal years would see a lot of big-budget summer blockbusters to try and draw people to the multiplexes. All kinds of films would be revived and remade in the future, with comic book characters and other pop culture icons starring in them. Due to the […]

12 Movies Like Vampire Academy You Must Watch Update 11/2021

 Fright Night (2011)

‘Vampire Academy (2014)’ had a rocky start as a critically panned, commercial failure. With all due respect to Richelle Mead’s best-selling novel series, the film adaptation somehow failed miserably because of its convoluted plot, which straddled teen college drama with vampire fiction while also lacking much coherence, as well as the various clichés about vampires […]

Top 15 Best Movies Like Transformers Update 11/2021


 Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow Sky Captain is tasked with saving the city from impending doom as a result of an unprecedented attack by giant robots and drones. Dr. Totenkopf is threatening the city, and he must be stopped. In order to stop Dr. Totenkopf from using the “World of Tomorrow” to rebuild […]

Top 13 Romantic Movies Like Midnight In Paris Update 11/2021

movies like midnight in paris

Perhaps Allen’s longest-lasting work is Annie Hall, but the director recently made some movies that were attractive and interesting. One of his latest films, Midnight in Paris, is a nostalgic Parisian screenwriter. However, a late night of “magic” takes our hero back in time to a table of luminary authors such as Ernest Hemmingway. Woody […]