24 Best Movies Like Maid In Manhattan Update 12/2023

The Nanny Diaries 2007

The same applies if you enjoyed Maid in Manhattan. Please see our recommended alternatives to Maid in Manhattan listed below.

1. License To Wed 2007

License To Wed 2007


Ben and Sadie, who recently got engaged, are ecstatic about the prospect of starting a family and having a happily ever after. It’s a pity that Reverend Frank, of Sadie’s family church, won’t bless their union before they pass his unique marriage prep course that includes outrageous classes and homework assignments as well as some outright invasions of privacy.

2. Made Of Honor 2008

Made Of Honor 2008


It’s been ten years since Tom and Hannah became more than just friends. When it comes to relationships, he’s a one-night stand kind of guy, whereas when it comes to marriage, she’s still looking. At the exact moment Tom begins to doubt his single status, Hannah gets engaged. As a’maid of honor,’ she asks Tom to stop the wedding and woo her. He reluctantly agrees.

3. Failure To Launch 2006

Failure To Launch 2006


Tripp, a handsome thirty-year-old man, is still living with his parents, Al and Sue, in the same house they grew up in. Demo and Ace, two of Tripp’s closest friends, are also still living at home with their parents, and they seem content with that. It doesn’t make Al and Sue happy either. They’re fascinated when friends whose adult son recently moved away from home reveal they hired an expert to arrange the matter and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

4. Monster-In-Law 2005

When office temp Charlotte Cantilini starts dating handsome surgeon Dr. Kevin Fields, she thinks she’s found Mr. Right. One obstacle stands in Kevin’s way of eternal happiness: his overbearing mother Viola. Viola worries that she will lose her son’s love forever if she becomes the world’s worst mother-in-law.

5. Guess Who 2005

Guess Who 2005


He’s the fiancé of an African-American woman, but when she introduces him to her family, her father is skeptical and suspicious. Now that the wedding is just around the corner, Dad is going to have to face some difficult decisions about his future son-in-law.

6. Chasing Liberty 2004

As a result of not being able to live her normal 18-year-old life, the President’s daughter flees from the Secret Service agents who have been assigned to protect her. Meanwhile, she develops feelings for a dashing British stranger—who just so happens to be working undercover for her father’s organization.

7. The Nanny Diaries 2007

The Nanny Diaries 2007


A recent college grad accepts a position as nanny for a well-to-do family in New York City. Once she’s settled in, she’ll have to deal with the dysfunction of her new family, a new romance, and a spoiled brat.

8. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! 2004

A contest results in a date for a small-town girl with a Hollywood star. The girl, the celebrity, and the girl’s best friend form a love triangle after their date goes better than expected.

9. Raising Helen 2004

When Helen Harris isn’t working for one of New York’s hottest modeling agencies, she’s living the high life in the big city. When she’s forced to choose between the life she’s always loved and her new loves, her free-spirited world is turned upside down.

10. The Wedding Planner 2001

After being rescued from an accident by the man of her dreams, paediatrician Steve Edison, wedding planner Mary Fiore discovers that he is also her latest client’s future fiancé. Throughout the wedding planning process, Mary and Steve find themselves in a series of awkward situations that force them to confront their chemistry.

11. It’s A Boy Girl Thing 2006

When an ancient Aztec statue casts a spell on two high school rivals, an overachiever and a jock, a trip to a natural history museum turns disastrous, they find out what it’s like to walk in the other’s shoes.

12. Just My Luck 2006

Ashley, a New Yorker, is well-known for being one of the luckiest people around. As it turns out, her fortune has been exchanged for his after a chance meeting with a down-and-out young man.

13. Because I Said So 2007

Meddlesome mother Daphne Wilder tries to match her youngest daughter Milly with Mr. Right in order to prevent family history from repeating itself. Other daughters, on the other hand, try to rein in mom’s good intentions.

14. The Prince And Me 2004

“Eddie,” a Danish Prince who refused to follow his parents’ traditions and came to the United States to quench his rebellious thirst, is a fairy tale love story about pre-medical student Paige who falls in love with him. The chemistry between Paige and Edward is undeniable despite their worlds being so different.

15. No Reservations 2007

Kate Armstrong, the world-renowned chef, manages both her personal life and her business with an intimidating level of rigor. In the meantime, she’ll have to deal with her brazen new sous-chef, who’s just joined her team, and that could spell disaster. Kate needs to look outside the kitchen to find true happiness, despite the fact that romance blossoms amid rivalry.

16. Two Weeks Notice 2002

To keep a community center open, environmental lawyer Lucy Kelson accepts a job with billionaire George Wade. Undecisive George becomes increasingly reliant on Lucy for advice on a wide range of topics, from legal issues to what to wear. Lucy is fed up and decides to resign, so she hires Harvard grad June Carter to take her place. Lucia is growing resentful of June and reconsidering leaving George as her time at the firm comes to an end.

17. Sweet Home Alabama 2002

Melanie Carmichael, a New York fashion designer, is engaged to the city’s most eligible bachelor, all of a sudden. But she’s hiding a lot of secrets from her present and past, including the fact that she married a redneck in high school and he won’t let her divorce him. Melanie sneaks back to Alabama to confront her troubled past in order to put an end to their tumultuous relationship for good.

18. The Wedding Date 2005

As Kat Ellis’ younger sister’s wedding draws near, she must face the unwelcome prospect of attending the ceremony alone in London. The fact that her ex-lover Jeffrey will be the groom’s best man makes things even worse. Kat hires a charming male escort to serve as her date in order to prove to everyone, especially Jeffrey, that her love life is as full and exciting as ever.

19. Little Black Book 2004

So, Stacy, a talk-show host, becomes a real-life snoop to learn about her boyfriend’s previous relationships. Stacy interviews Derek’s former lovers for an upcoming show with the help of her colleague Barb. It only makes things more confusing for her, and when she befriends one of the women, her plans start to fall apart.

20. Georgia Rule 2007

Georgia Rule tells the story of a disobedient adolescent who is sent to live with her grandmother for the summer by her dysfunctional mother. In the course of her quest, she will reveal long-buried family secrets to the three women, and they will come to understand that no matter what happens, the ties that bind will remain forever.

21. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004

As of this writing, Mia Thermopolis has just earned her bachelor’s degree and is en route to Genovia to assume her new role as princess. Lilly, her best friend, will be spending the summer with her as well. Mia keeps up with her ‘princess lessons,’ which include horseback riding, archery, and other activities. Then, when she learns that she will be crowned queen sooner than expected, her already-complicated life is turned upside down once more.

22. Uptown Girls 2003

When Molly Gunn’s manager embezzles money from her, she’s forced to get a job to pay the bills. She learns how to be an adult while teaching how to be a child as the nanny to the precocious Ray, the often overlooked daughter of a music executive.

23. The Perfect Man 2005

Holly has had it with having to move every time her mother Jean has a new fling. To keep her mother’s attention off of her latest blunder, Holly devises a brilliant scheme involving a fictitious secret admirer who will woo Jean and increase her self-esteem.

24. What A Girl Wants 2003

Daphne, a young American woman, embarks on a journey to Europe in search of her long-lost father. Instead of finding a British counterpart to her free-spirited mother, she discovers that her mother’s true love was an overbearing politician. Everything has been fine up until now, except for Daphne’s long-lost father, who has fallen in love and proposed to her long-lost mother.