10 Best Movies Like Blue Is The Warmest Color Update 12/2023

Movies Like Blue Is The Warmest Color

If you enjoyed Blue is the Warmest Color and want to see more films about LGBTQ+ love, check out these suggestions.

Adbellatif Kechiche’s 2013 romance film, based on the graphic novel, depicts the romance between Adèle and Emma (Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos), two young women. Blue is the Warmest Color was a huge success with critics and audiences alike, earning a place in the annals of LGBTQ+ cinematic history as one of the best and most well-known films ever made.

Though historically movies haven’t had a lot of (or any) LGBTQ+ representation, there are a few films that will remind viewers what it’s like to fall in and out of love while treating the experience with the utmost realism and romance.

10. Keep The Lights On

Keep The Lights On

Erik, a documentary filmmaker living in Manhattan, meets Paul, a lawyer and a drug addict in the film Keep The Lights On.

It’s a painful journey that spans the couple’s nearly decade-long relationship, marked by their flaws and abusive behaviors in contrast to the catharsis of falling in love. It’s an important piece because it discusses the science of attraction, deception, and how loneliness and ego can drive people to be completely dedicated to someone.

9. Brokeback Mountain

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal star in Ang Lee’s romantic drama about two cowboys who fall in love. The actors help to bring the relationship’s pain and desire to life.

When Brokeback Mountain was released, mainstream Hollywood had not often depicted LGBTQ+ relationships on the big screen, making it a huge leap for film and media. Many people were moved to tears by this film’s universal themes of loss as a result of society’s unfair standards.

8. Personal Best

Personal Best

Mariel Hemmingway, then a teenager in Woody Allen’s Manhattan, stars in this 1982 sports drama. In this coming-of-age story, a young track star struggles to rise to the top of her profession. She makes mistakes and is naive along the way, but when approached by another gifted athlete, she discovers love and sexuality.

When tensions are high in the intensely competitive environment, their relationship is both realistic and heartbreaking. Their relationship is both sweet and down-to-earth at times. Even though the story revolves around Chris and Tory’s relationship as two people who respect one another, it is much more than just a sports tale.

7. Weekend

Weekend is a fantastic drama about two men who have a fling after meeting in a club and plays as close to reality as it does to the heart. An artist named Glen asks Russell personal questions about their meeting and subsequent sexual relationship, and the two become helplessly entangled in each other’s lives despite their expectations of just a one-night stand because of it.

When Glen announces his plans to leave the UK and move to Oregon after their wedding weekend, the couples are devastated. They suddenly realize what a wonderful opportunity they have and just how short the time is to enjoy it. There’s nothing forced about the filmmaking or performances; they’re all genuine and endearing.

6. Duck Butter

Duck Butter

With Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa in the lead roles, Duck Butter is directed by Miguel Arteta and stars Laia Costa as the cautious Naima and the reckless free-spirited Sergio. The two women meet, have a fling, and agree to have sex every hour for 24 hours as a romantic experiment to get to know each other better.

While traveling, you’ll experience all of these emotions and more. When two very different people meet for the first time, they learn everything there is to know about each other in a short period of time. Its romance and dysfunction are fascinating to watch and a reminder of what it takes to be in a relationship, first bordering on fantasy and then delving into the psychology of relationships.

5. Cicada

Featuring Matthew Fifer and Sheldon D. Brown as Ben and Sam, a couple who meet by chance and fall in love, Matthew Fifer and Kieran Mulcare’s debut film is a smash hit. Insecurities, lust, and humor abound in their relationship and performances, making the viewer fall in love with the couple all over again.

One of the themes explored in this film is how past trauma affects a blossoming romance, making it not only swoon-worthy, but also contemplative and possibly cathartic.

4. First Girl I Loved

First Girl I Loved

First Girl I Loved, another film about adolescence, features outstanding performances and tackles a wide range of issues, including the absence of sex education in American schools, sexual abuse, gaslighting, and the many relatable adolescent dysfunctions.

You can’t help but laugh as you watch two teenage girls navigate their first sexual encounters and relationships as they grapple with their sexuality, communication, and being openly gay in a society and system that rejects and punishes them on a regular basis.

3. Moonlight

Moonlight, the Academy Award-winning film directed by Barry Jenkins, depicts the life of a young Black American man growing up in Miami as he deals with trauma, independence, masculinity, and sexuality.

Beautifully shot, this film also has a memorable emotional core about love, desire, and depth that is one of the best representations of the LGBTQ+ Black American experience in cinema.

2. The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is an intelligent period romance-drama directed by Chan-wook Park, the director of Oldboy. It features excellent acting and a plot so intricately structured that it surprises viewers even after just one viewing.

It’s beautifully shot and written, and the twists and turns only serve to heighten the satisfaction of the payoffs. The central romance between Lady Hideko and Sook-Hee is fascinating to watch, with some of the most intense “will-they-won’t-they” moments ever experienced by viewers.

1. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

As one of the best lesbian romance movies ever made, this period piece takes the time to look at the characters and their courtship from a psychological point of view, which is then communicated through the art of the lead character.

The chemistry between the two strong female leads is a joy to watch develop. Empathy and communication are critical in all kinds of partnerships, short or long term. Many people who watch this film will have a visceral reaction to it, especially those who understand the long-term consequences of falling in love and how it can haunt those who are involved.