6 Best Anime Similar To Aho Girl That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Anime Similar To Aho Girl

Many people who have been watching this Summer’s anime season 2017 have come to the conclusion that Comedy is the most popular genre. This is from Keppeki Danshi. There’s a comedy anime for everyone, from Aoyama-kun to Hajimete no Gal. It’s Aho Girl, on the other hand, that elevates the comedic stakes this season. This […]

14 Best Anime Girl Sick In Bed That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Anime Girl Sick In Bed

1. Your Lie In April The focus of Your Lie in April is on young musical prodigies who are thrust into maturity as a result of childhood trauma and chronic sickness. Violinist Kaori Miyazono, who appears healthy and vibrant, actually suffers from a fatal condition. Fans suggest that the illness may be Friedreich’s ataxia or […]

15 Best Snarky Anime Girl That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Snarky Anime Girl

We’re inspired by the wit, bravery, and humor of these incredible female protagonists. Don’t you think that anime’s female protagonists are more than just bobble-headed visual candy? You’re wrong! There is clearly progress being made in the empowerment of female characters in anime and animation in general, but there is still a long way to […]

20 Best Half Elf Warrior Anime Girl That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Half Elf Warrior Anime Girl

The presence of elves in anime is a given, as if it were a given. Particularly in light of the recent popularity of series like Isekai and other fantasy fare. Upon closer examination, I discovered the following: There aren’t as many well-known elves in anime as I’d anticipated. If you’re a fan of the above-mentioned […]

Why Are Anime Girl Voices So High While Regular Japanese Girls Sound Normal? Update 11/2021

Tamako Market

The high-pitched tones of some of the characters are there to serve the story. They are there to emphasize the childlike qualities and innocence (or, in some cases, contrast the innocent sound with evil intent) of the characters. No, most Japanese people in real life do not have high, squeaky voices. Again, this is simply […]

Wolf Girl And Black Prince Anime Season 2 That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

wolf girl and black prince anime season 2

We all have a deep-seated yearning to be accepted. Most of us can recall instances in which we went a little too far in order to achieve that sensation. ‘Wolf Girl and Black Prince’ is similar to other Shoujo anime episodes, however the characters aren’t as nice as they appear. One is a liar and […]

18 Best Anime Girl With Gangsters That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Anime Girl With Gangsters

Anime with criminal characters, whether they’re good or bad, or even a mix of the two, is always a hit with us. Even more so when they work together as a team. In addition to the machinations of the lower ranks, the gang’s operations are also affected by bureaucratic processes. Anime has it all. In […]

15 Best Anime Girl Kid Friendly That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Anime Girl Kid Friendly

There’s nothing worse than having your parents show up out of nowhere in an anime, but that’s not a problem with these. In front of your parents, anime might be risky. Everything is fine one minute, and then a shocking scene generates shame for everyone involved, including the child and their carers. This might be […]

15 Best Edgy Anime Girl Names That You Should Watching Update 11/2021

Edgy Anime Girl Names

It’s rare for there to be any middle ground when it comes to edgy characters. I, for one, am a big fan of edgelords since they’re exactly what I aspired to be when I was younger. For those who enjoy unleashing their inner edgelord through anime, this list is for you. I’m taking a look […]

30 Best Anime Girl With Really Short Hair Update 11/2021

Anime Girl With Really Short Hair

You might prefer a cute tomboy who is also mature and up-to-date. So let’s talk about anime heroines with short hair today. Anime viewers have a fondness for anime girls with short hair, but why, and is it really that important? Cute and entertaining, these short-haired anime gals. This list of anime girls with short […]