10 Best Jeff Bridges Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Jeff Bridges Movies

Rotten Tomatoes assesses the career of Jeff Bridges, an actor who has appeared in a wide variety of genres, including science fiction and fantasy.

Jeff Bridges is one of the most likable and versatile actors in film history. Even though he hails from a well-known acting family, Bridges has built himself a remarkable career of his own, packed with memorable roles that demonstrate his incredible abilities. When it comes to his acting abilities, Bridges is still one of the best in the business.

Bridges has won an Oscar and been nominated for six others, so he’s no stranger to accolades. Bridges’ films range from comedies to dramas to superhero adventures, and he seems to have a knack for spotting amazing opportunities. According to Rotten Tomatoes, these are Jeff Bridges’ greatest films.

1. Crazy Heart (90%)

Crazy Heart

‘Bad’ Blake in Crazy Heart earned Bridges his first Academy Award nomination. Bridges stars as an alcoholic country music star in the film. He has a second chance at atonement when he meets a young music journalist (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Bridges’ performance was lauded by critics as a key factor in the film’s success. As he fights his issues, he is both seductive and destructive. Music and a heartfelt romance also give this film an edge over other comparable tales of salvation.

2.  Cutter’s Way (91%)

Early in his career, Bridges had not yet established himself as a leading man but had starred in some critically lauded minor roles. A military veteran (John Heard) and a friend (Bridges) work together to solve the murder of a young woman they’re both connected to.

Acclaimed for its gripping narrative and compelling characters, the film has been described as a neo-noir masterpiece. There are terrific performances by both characters, as well as a grim attitude that seems to fit the time period, making it a compelling character piece.

3.  Bad Company (92%)

Bad Company

Bridges stars in a Western-themed picture from his early years in the industry. Bridges plays a young guy who is trying to avoid getting enlisted into the American Civil War in Bad Company. He joins a gang of youthful outlaws as a fugitive.

Critics were impressed by the film’s unconventional approach to the genre and its depiction of life as a solitary runaway. For its heart-wrenching central message and unexpected humorous tone, it was also praised.

4. The Little Prince (93%)

It is one of the few animated films that Bridges has contributed his voice talents to. Following a little girl’s quest to find a way out of her dreary existence, the film is inspired by the renowned children’s novel of the same name (Bridges).

In addition to the film’s realistic retelling of the original material, critics lauded the film’s stunning aesthetics, which were created by combining various animation styles. “A gorgeous family-friendly jewel, with a compelling narrative,” it has been hailed by critics.

5. Iron Man (94%)

Iron Man

Bridges had the distinct privilege of being a part of the very first Marvel Cinematic Universe picture, which was Iron Man in 2008. Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a billionaire weapons maker who is abducted by terrorists and constructs a super-suit to escape and become a new hero for the world in the movie.

Critics and spectators alike were enthralled by the film’s exciting action sequences and vibrant tone. The film’s strongest point, according to most reviewers, was Downey Jr.’s humorous and likable performance as the title character.

6. True Grit (96%)

Bridges managed to outdo John Wayne in one of his most recognizable performances, and he did so with aplomb. Joel and Ethan Coen’s True Grit stars Jeff Bridges as a U.S. Marshal hired by a little girl to find the person responsible for the murder of her father.

An action-packed, comical adventure, the film is sure to please aficionados of the genre. Bridges, Damon, and Steinfeld all put in strong performances, and Hailee Steinfeld makes her feature film debut.

7. The Fabulous Baker Boys (96%)

The Fabulous Baker Boys

His real-life brother Bean Bridges starred alongside him in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Bridges brothers perform a two-piano act in clubs and bars in the film. A new female singer is brought into the group, and their friendship is put to the test (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Acting by all three prominent actors was praised by critics for bringing new life to a familiar tale. At its core, it is a lighthearted and witty drama with a unique twist.

8. Hell Or High Water (97%)

Bridges was nominated for a second Oscar for his supporting part in Hell or High Water, a neo-Western. Ben Foster and Chris Pine star as two brothers on a robbery rampage across their home state. When they’re on the run, Bridges is their go-to cop.

Additionally, the film is an exhilarating and thought-provoking genre piece. The robbery sequences are exciting, and the fundamental message is about the despair in middle America. They are a central theme of the film.

9. The Last Picture Show (100%)

The Last Picture Show

Bridges was nominated for his first Academy Award for his role in The Last Picture Show, a film that he appeared in as a child. The stunning black-and-white picture follows a group of high school students trying to find a route out of a fading small town. Bridges portrays a star athlete at the school who is facing an unclear future in the film.

The film’s grounded approach to the coming-of-age plot and good utilization of the period setting were both lauded by critics. They also praised the youthful cast’s many heartfelt performances, which helped sell the plot.

10. Fat City (100%)

Bridges’ next film after The Last Picture Show was the boxing drama Fat City, in which he excelled once again. Stacy Keach portrays a former boxer who mentors a talented youngster (Bridges).

Fat City isn’t interested in inspirational stories of redemption, unlike many films that convey similar scenarios. Even veteran actors like Bridges can’t save this grim tale, which is anchored by some of the best acting in recent memory.