9 Best Hulk Comics That You Should Reading Update 07/2024

Best Hulk Comics

During an explosion, Bruce Banner was hit with gamma rays and became the Hulk. Since then, Hulk has been a bad guy, a hero, been wanted by the police, and been an Avenger.

A few bad guys have tried to push the Hulk, but he has limitless strength, and those aren’t the best stories about him. It turns out that when it comes to his storylines, the Hulk is often at his best when he is fighting both his inner monster and the people who don’t like and fear him.

1. Always On My Mind

Always On My Mind

There is only one person who can push Hulk as far as he can go. That person is the Abomination. This is another creature that has been gamma rayed. It has a lot in common with the Hulk, but with one big difference: It has kept its brainpower for most of its life.

He taught a class as Emil Blonsky in the Incredible Hulk #24-25 by Paul Jenkins and John Romita Jr. in 2001. General Ross told Hulk where he was and sent him to one of their best fights to get back at Abomination. Betty Ross had been killed by Abomination.

2. Hulk: Gray

When the Mr. Fixit stories were on TV, most people saw a big gray Hulk. Hulk: Gray was written by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale in 2003 and 2004. It was the best gray Hulk story at the time, though. For this series, Bruce Banner and Doc Sampson met with Hulk to talk about his untold stories, while Banner and Sampson met with Bruce in the present day. A good story for people who wanted to see what Hulk was like before he became an icon.

3. Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks

Hulk fans love it when he fights Ben Grimm, The Thing. Hulk always thinks he’s the strongest person in the world, and Ben will never give up in a fight. During this time, Hulk still had his mind and just wanted to be left alone.

Bruce Banner was punched by the Thing, which made the Hulk come out so they could talk. Both of them got into a fight, talked, and then got into a fight some more. When Bruce Jones and Jae Lee did this miniseries, it was the best fight these two had ever had.

4. Return Of The Monster

In 1999, Bruce Jones and John Romita did Incredible Hulk #34-39. This storyline was called “The Return of the Monster.” At the time, the storyline ran for six issues. It was a return to form for Hulk at the time. It looked like Bruce Banner was walking from town to town as the military looked for him to bring him in.

While he tried to find peace and keep his head down, the monster kept coming back. This is how close the comics came to the classic 1978 Hulk TV show.

5. Hulk: The End

Hulk The End

They did a great job with Hulk: The End by Peter David and Dale Keown. This is the best ending for Hulk! The world has been destroyed, and Hulk realized that he couldn’t stop it and didn’t want to save anyone anymore, so he didn’t want to help anymore.

Instead, he went into a cave and stayed there until the storm passed. Until he came out, everyone else had died. A robot from outer space came to Earth to tell us when the last person on Earth died. Bruce Banner wanted to end it all, but Hulk was there to fight him every step of the way, so they had a lot of fun.

6. Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect

“Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect” was a title for a different world Hulk, like “Days of Future Past” for the X-Men. Maestro first appeared in The Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #401, when this world’s Hulk was sent to an alternate future where he took over the world after an apocalyptic event. This world’s Hulk was then sent back to this world.

When The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect came out in two issues, Maestro was a ruthless tyrant, and the main story happened there, where the Hulk had to save the world from his own evil self. After a long time away, Maestro came back to Marvel in 2020 with his origin story all done.

7. World War Hulks

World War Hulks

“Fall of the Hulks” led right into “World War Hulks,” which had the plural version of the original “World War Hulk” title. Doc Sampson betrayed everyone. An evil group called The Intelligencia planned to take over the world with an army of Hulks, and Doc Sampson betrayed everyone, as well. People learned that Ross was Red Hulk and Betty was Red She-Hulk in this series. It ended with Banner’s return as the Hulk, and everyone knew that Ross was Red Hulk. Played out on Hulk Vol. 2 #22-24 and the Incredible Hulk #609-611.

8. Fall Of The Hulks

People who read Marvel Comics can find a lot of Hulks there, so In the beginning, Bruce Banner made She-Hulk with the help of his cousin, who gave him blood. Skaar, Rick Jones, General Ross, Betty Ross, and even Amadeus Cho were all Hulks at one point.

During “Fall of the hulks,” the “death” of General Ross leads to a war between two groups of Hulks, one led by The Leader and the other by Bruce Banner and Red Hulk. The Leader wants to kill all the smartest people on Earth. It was a story that was told in many different ways.

9. Immortal Hulk

Immortal Hulk

Hulk might have just had the best run. Immortal Hulk has taken the idea that Hulk fights his inner demons to the next level.

There was a twist: Bruce Banner was going to die and come back as the Hulk when the sun set. These two places are where the dead people who were gamma mutated when they died went. The Green Door and the Below-Place led there. As time went on, it brought Joe Fixit back, as well as many other characters. It has been the most fantastical and creative Hulk story ever written.